Edmonds alive

Jim Edmonds is in today’s lineup, playing center and batting cleanup. He said he’s feeling much better today.

Ankiel gets a day off, with Dave Bush’s reverse platoon split — Ryan Ludwick is in RIGHT (error corrected). Miles is at second base, batting ninth.



do you mean Ludwick in right?

Yep. Fixing now, thanks for the catch.

Thank God Jimmy is playin’…man, when that guy gets on a hitting streak, it’s fun to watch. Thanks for the news, Matt!

After all I’ve said about Edmunds being effectively “done” as an impact player, if what we’re seeing now is more indicative of what he has left in the tank, then I’ll gladly acknowledge that “the rumors of Jim Edmund’s demise (as an impact player) are greatly exaggerated” — by yours truly, for one. Mea Culpa.

With that said, given the “streaky” hitter tendencies he seems to have, this all may be short-lived potency. At this point, though, I’ll take it. Props to you, Jimmy!!

And whether the Cards even approach a reprise of last year’s “rise of the Phoenix from the flames,” what we’re seeing out of them now is fun to watch.

Dude…as far as I’m concerned, Edmonds can hit .216 all year, as long as he does his patented hitting streak act at just the right time…like now. It makes me wonder if he unintentionally holds back a bit (little hesitant at times?)for fear of injuring his aged and fragile body most of the year, but then cuts loose when it’s on the line and it’s now or never time.

And I agree…this is some fun baseball to watch!!!

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