Encarnacion out of exile

Juan Encarnacion is back in the lineup today, batting fourth and playing RF. He said he’s feeling better, thanks to the rest. Ludwick is in left, Edmonds in center. Aside from Edmonds, there are no LHH in the lineup.

-M, from breezy, sunny, beautiful Wrigley. This should be a fun four days.


I’m surprised Ankiel is not in there today after being off yesterday and the fact that we start this series with 2 righties and finish with 2 lefties…I know Ankiel had a slightly higher average against lefties in triple A, but that’s the minors. Big league lefties can be a ‘bit’ more difficult.

Good luck to Juan! All trade wishes aside, he’s still a Cardinal…hope things go well for him.

I don’t care what numbers say, I don’t want a gimped player in the outfield. Playing through pain is admirable, but not if it hurts your team. Granted I’d rather have a guy like Encarnacion playing through inkuries than a JD Drew whining about a sore toe, but still I’d like to see the healthiest player out there. In this case its Ankiel.

hehe…oops on the leftie…my bad…i was hungry, not thinking straight

I’d feel a lot better about this little news item if he’d actually accomplished something today. If Encarnacion’s role now is to be the lefty-bashing part of a platoon with Ankiel — and make no mistake, I consider this an honorable role to play — then at least he’d better bash lefties like Rich Hill. Marshall’s another lefty, correct? I assume that Encarnacion will get the start against him as well. It’s probably unfair to judge too much of a guy’s future based on two games, but if he also gets the collar in this game, it may be time to look around for a box of rocks to trade him for.

I’m not a big Juan fan, as you can tell by most of my posts on here, but let’s be fair. No one (except Pujols) was bashin’ anything yesterday. Juan actually hit the ball well (that last drive of his could have ended with us winning the game) but just right at people. Good, bad, or great player – there’s just no accounting for luck.

Okay…now it’s THAT kind of at bat that upsets me about Juan. Matt, I don’t know for sure…I haven’t seen a stat…but it sure FEELS like Juan hits into more double-plays than the average player – especially inning-ending DPs. Until you tell me otherwise, I’m going to start referring to Juan as the Inning Ender, or maybe the Inning Kiler…

Two things:

1, That was only Encarnacion’s 10th GIDP this year — HALF as many as Pujols and fewer than Rolen and Molina.

2, Encarnacion actually hit the ball hard yesterday in both the 2nd and 9th. I’d say only Pujols and Ryan hit as well as he did. He just hit two liners that were at people.


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