Cairo's back

The Cardinals have signed old friend Miguel Cairo to a Triple-A contract, and he’ll report to Memphis on Wednesday. Kelly Stinnett is also back in the fold; he played at Memphis yesterday. He’s likely to be called up when rosters expand.

As of this moment, the weather looks OK. The tarp is still out on the field but there doesn’t seem to be much, if anything, falling from the sky. The forecast is still pretty grim; too bad we can’t just start this thing right now. FWIW, the Cards and Cubs both have an off day on Sept. 10, though for both teams it’s in the middle of a multicity road trip.



That’s good news. Seems like Cairo’s one of the players that TLR loves, a multi-use decent hitter, a lot like Spiezio minus the switch hitting ability.

All is good w/Cairo and Kelly but I am concerned w/ Reyes. Pitching is a must, all said and done his record shows he can not get the job done. He does his best to take the Cards out of every game. One or two good starts does not make him a quality pitcher. Send him Packing.
Jim Hoopeston,IL

And this is related to the topic above how, exactly?

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