Let's play two? — FINAL UPDATE

10:06 pm CT update — Obviously the game has been called. No doubleheader tomorrow. Makeup date TBA, will be either 8/27, 9/10 or 10/1. No change in the rotation.

6:56 pm CT update — The tarp is off, and they recently announced that the game is scheduled to start on time. -M.

Folks, you may be in for some World Series of Poker reruns on TV tonight. Because ESPN may not have a ballgame to broadcast.

This does not look good at all. And neither does the view outside my hotel room window. It’s raining steadily and heavily here in Chicago. Frankly, it doesn’t look a lot better tomorrow, either. That would seem to indicate to me that if we are rained out tonight, they may not try to scheduled a doubleheader for tomorrow, because you’d hate to lose the same game twice.

Keep your fingers crossed, but the situation doesn’t seem to suggest there will be baseball at Wrigley tonight.

-M, with some delicious Intelligentsia coffee by my side.


Says here there’s a 20 percent chance of NO rain at game time. Come on. Rub some dirt on it, throw some Diamond Dry on the infield and give me something to watch on TV tonight.
– Beck

One thing sure: if the field isn’t playable, DON’T PLAY. A wet, sloppy outfield is a good place for guys to get hurt in. Since both teams have post-season aspirations, here’s hoping they won’t be coerced into playing and getting somebody hurt that they may need in October.

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