Matchups and whatnot

Curious lineup decision by TLR tonight.

David Eckstein is out, thanks largely to his 3-for-19 mark against Ted Lilly as well as the day game tomorrow. Brendan Ryan is at SS, and Aaron Miles is at 2B. Miles makes sense in this lineup. He’s 7-for-21 against Zambrano, and Big Z has an absolutely massive platoon split (188/256/313 vs RHH, 282/388/451 vs LHH). But why Ryan tonight, rather than Eckstein tonight and Ryan tomorrow morning?

Eckstein has an even worse line against Monday starter Ted Lilly (4-for-29, .138), while Ryan has hits in both his at-bats against the lefty. And Miles should definitely be in there tomorrow, since he’s been a very good OBP man against LHP.

If it were up to me, it’d be Eckstein at SS and Miles at 2B tonight, then Ryan at SS and Miles at 2B tomorrow. Instead, it’s Ryan and Miles tonight, and quite possibly Eckstein and Ryan tomorrow. There may be more considerations that I don’t know about. It’s certainly possible. But to my eye, it looks like that’d be the better way to go.


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