Your lineup and weather on the 8s!

It’s 12:10 CT, and there’s even a smidge of sunshine peeking through the overcast. The tarp is off, and guys from both teams are warming up on the field. I have cautious optimism. The rumor seems to be that they won’t wait all night to try to get this in, since the Cubs go to the West Coast after the game.

The updated weather can be found here, and though the forecast looks forbidding, the radar map appears to give reason for optimism. So we’ll see.

Brendan Ryan is leading off and playing second base, with Eckstein at short in the 9 hole. As mentioned last night, Eckstein is 4-for-29 against Lilly. The full lineup: 1.Ryan 2B – 2.Ankiel LF – 3.Pujols 1B – 4.Encarnacion RF – 5.Rolen 3B – 6.Edmonds CF – 7.Molina C – 8.Pineiro P – 9.Eckstein SS



I think I like trying Ryan out at the leadoff spot…especially with his ability to draw a walk. Seems like pitchers have a difficult time figuring out his strike zone. Plus, with his surprise power in front of Ankiel and Pujols – and later behind Eck – this could work out well…and, he’s just young enough and “peppy” enough to not realize the caliber of pitcher he’s facing (or not care). I like Ank against the lefty, but I’m surprised Ludwick isn’t in the lineup.

I’m so glad our Cardinals are leading now, but I must comment on the officiating throughout this series. The umpires have been very inconsistent in calling strikes. It seems more “strikes” (not over the plate) are being called against the Cards than the Cubs. Does this umpiring crew have a history against the Cards, or is this a “coincidence”? Go, Cards, swing at everything that is thrown at you because the umpire will call it a strike anyway!

i’m going to be really upset if they restart this game and then one of our players gets injured on that soaked field…

The field doesn’t really look TOO bad from up here, though I can’t tell for sure. Warning track definitely looks dicey, but aside from that it appears playable. But again, it’s hard to be sure from up here.


in regards to today’s lineup choice with Juan in the lineup…Matt, I’m now going to make an attempt to give Juan the benefit of the doubt…we’ll see how far it goes. Guess why…go on…guess…no guess? Okay, i’ll tell you…because his last at bat of the game, he got visually ticked off. I know, I know…sounds stupid…but that’s how it goes. Juan was running hard towards the wall in foul territory more than once today…and when they pitched around Pujols to get to Juan and he popped up, he was visually upset…angry even…I didn’t know Juan had it in him. So…Matt…next time you talk to Juan, please tell him a Cardinals fan is pulling for him because I saw him hustling and displaying emotion. Yeah, I know…stupid…but that’s how i roll…

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