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First, a big thumbs up to the person I saw in traffic today who had a "Nice marmot" and a "This aggression will not stand, man" bumpersticker. When I honked at you, I was honking in approval, not annoyance.

And for the rest of y’all, this is pretty cool. Chris Tunno, who works at Roger Dean Stadium and occasionally blogs over at Around the Minors, shot some video of Mark Mulder’s rehab start against Vero Beach today. Here’s a link to Mulder facing the also-rehabbing Rocco Baldelli.

DISCLAIMERS: 1, this is a huge, huge file. It’s 58 MB, so be warned. 2, I don’t know how much traffic the good folks at MEGAUPLOAD (sounds like a Transformer, doesn’t it?) can handle, so I apologize if the mass exodus from OYNAG shuts the thing down. 3, I don’t know how many hoops you’ll want to jump through to make it happen.

But even so, it is video of Mulder pitching. So big thanks to Chris, who is truly a friend of StLCardinals.com and OYNAG.



You may have also noticed (while spying the bumper) the bungee chords. They really “tie the car together.”

Glad to see Mulder progressing. What’s happening with Wellmeyer? He has dropped off the radar altogether.

I need the Lebowski bumper sticker. Now.

You’re right. Megaupload takes forever. Why didn’t they just use YouTube? It’s better. No need to download the video to see it. And speaking of dropping off the radar…any word on Josh Kinney, Mike Maroth, or Todd Wellemeyer? And what’s up with Scott Spiezio? What’s the restricted list?

The link didn’t work for me.


It worked for me, but it wasn’t very good quality. The clarity was fine but the video was jumpy. It would play at 3 second increments, freezing in between.

Why on Earth are there no moves/trades/SOMETHING being done?! The Cubs are bolstering their roster, why are the Cards just sitting idle?

Who exactly are we going to get? We have a plethora of outfielders, enough infielders, one great/one good catcher, a good bullpen, a great closer, and…oh yes, our pitchers. But, here’s the thing…what the Cardinals have going right now…as a team and as a pitching staff…is not something you mess with. Right now, the starting pitching, for whatever reason, is working. You can’t just plug and play with our starting pitchers. They are pitching well as much on emotion and team unity as they are on talent. You pull someone and replace them with a rented player or an over-priced starter, you risk messing up the whole deal. Then, you gained one pitcher and lost 2 or 3.

I say, stand pat. We have a matter of weeks left in the season…any trade is going to have a minimal impact. You get a pitcher and he gets maybe 6 starts by the end of the season. Let’s say he wins 5 of those…and let’s say the pitcher he replaces…maybe Reyes?…would have won half of them…so we possibly risk upsetting our whole rotation just to get 2 high-priced wins at the possible expense of 6 or 7 losses in the rest of the rotation. And that doesn’t even include whatever we would have to give up to get that talent…

I’m not sure what you mean by “the Cubs are bolstering their roster.” No disrespect intended, zsasz, near as I can tell, all the Cubs have done is bought a little insurance (very little, if you ask me) with Craig Monroe (.264/.373/.222) just in case Soriano’s hammy isn’t healing properly or flares up again.

I agree with all points made by kevin, and would add that the Cards HAVE bolstered their line-up by getting healthy — Eckstein, Edmunds, Molina, and Johnson in the past few weeks, and Wellemeyer, Mulder and Maroth (possibly) to follow. Not to mention calling up key players from the farm system cogs Ankiel, and Ryan, and signing Pineiro.

Near as I can tell, most of the Card’s roster “moves” are working out, and nicely too. I , for another, don’t see value in further acquisitions at this time. It can only hurt the team in the long run, and will have limited impact (based on what’s available) in the meantime.

Given the recent trend lines of the Brewers and the Cubs, I like the Card’s chances.

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