Lucky Seven, back home and sweating edition

1. Give me a prediction for Mark Mulder for when he returns this year.

2. For strength and accuracy, where does Rick Ankiel’s throwing arm rank among current Major League outfielders?

3. Which is a truer measure of the quality of this year’s Cardinals team — their record (a fairly respectable two games under .500) or their run differential (a fairly brutal minus-67, fifth-worst in the NL)? Why do you feel the way you do?

4. What player not in the Hall of Fame most deserves to be there?

5. What song did you vote for in Mrs. Dude’s song of the summer poll?

6. What’s the defining summer drink for you, be it non-alcoholic or an adult beverage?

7. Van Halen reuniting: Thrilled, intrigued, don’t care, prefer Van Hagar…….?


1. ERA around 4.50, #3 or #4 starter material. He’ll have good stuff but will struggle with command. He’ll be better next year, enough so as to justify sticking with him post-surgery but still not a #1.
2. Strength: near the top. Accuracy: too early to tell, but every reason to believe it’ll be excellent. Remember: this guy is a big-time all-around athlete.

3. Most interesting question you’ve posed in a long time, Matthew, and that’s saying something. I think you have to look at both stats to get a sense of what this team is like: profoundly contradictory and hard to figure out. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a major-league team look so good and so bad in the same season, and I have been a baseball fan (and a Cards fan) for a VERY long time. But the record is probably more indicative of, maybe even pessimistic about, the guys they’re running out there at this stage of the season. This is a year when run differential has been weird for lots of teams (see: Arizona).

4. I assume you mean “eligible for, but not in.” Bert Blyleven by an eyelash over Ron Santo; honorable mention to Ted Simmons.

5. No opinion.

6. Ice tea for the kids, bedtime wine cooler for my wife and myself.

7. Don’t care.

1.Six starts, 2-1, 5.23 era, 9 k, 7 bb, promising, but not great.
2.Top five.

3.Somehow, I don’t think that either stat truely measures this years’ squad. Maybe I should have skipped this one.

4.Ferguson Jenkins.


6.Sangria, mojitos, and really cold beer.

7.It makes me sad. There’s no real way they can be the group they were in the early 80’s…

1. Better than Reyes.
2. Great arm strength..great athlete and competitor. Just hope he can keep hitting.

3. A very strange season to say the least. injuries, nagging pains, inconsistent pitching on a staff that isn’t very good. Hitting? Inconsistent also. Are some guys pressing too much? Three games behind first..don’t think being “ho-hum” would be a problem.

4. Ted Simmons…and even Pete Rose..a Great player, but poor gambler! (Was Pete ever in the rooster fighting or pit bulldog fighting business?)

5. No comment.

6. A good cold Bud Select, Bud Light, or a Pennsylvanian


7. I’d be more impressed if Van Johnson and Van Heflin were united in a movie.

1.2-1 4.00 ERA I think next year will be promising. He is a competitor will something to prove.
2. top 5

3.Run differential, when your throwing relievers out there as starters can you expect anything else?

4.Ted Simmons, Shoeless Joe Jackson, Pete Rose (allthough I cant stand him, he was a helluva player)


6.Ice cold beer and ice tea Sammy, cant stand Van Halen(Hagar)

1. Game 7 of the World Series against the Indians. He goes 2 1/3 gives up 8 runs. Indians win the Series.

2. Top 10. Around top 5.

3. Record. Doesn’t matter how you win or lose, just whether you win or lose.

4. Ron Santo

6. Beer. I like beer.

7. Slightly intrigues, mostly don’t care.

1) Mulder comes back a little bit after the rosters expand. I think about September 5th.

2) Definitely one of the strongest I’ve seen this season. Probably going to be as good as Vlad and Ichiro are in the field one day.

3) I can’t determine between the two. I think you need both equally.

4) The most? I’d have to say Jim Kaat. Of course that ranks up there with Blyleven, Santo, Munson and McGwire. And to the guy that said Fergie Jenkins, he IS in the Hall of Fame.

5) I don’t listen to music

6) Soda.

7) see answer to number 5.

1. Tues, Sept. 11th

2. Does it get any better?

3. I think the record is a fair reflection of the team. The record reflects the lack of production and bad starters. When we get those things together, as we can now see, we win.

4. Not too sure. Curt Flood? History not really my bag to the extent that I can speak broadly and definitively on the subject.

5. Justin, I guess. But, really I’m an “other” this summer. There’s no “Crazy” or “Hey Ya” for me this summer.

6. Corona or margarita on the rocks.

7. VH is nothing without Dave. They are a disgrace without Dave. That said, it may be too late for a reunion that’s not sad. And now that Anthony’s not playing, it seems like even less of a good thing. All I REALLY want is for Sammy to put on his grass skirt and colorful shirt and walk quietly off into his boozy, island sunset.

1. I think he makes a couple more rehab starts, then, I think he comes back to start the Sept. 2nd game against the Reds or the Sept. 3rd game against the Pirates. Gives him an at home start against an – at best – average team after the roster expansion and after plenty of rest. He comes back with an 85 pitch count limit, takes Reyes’ spot, and gets 1 chance. If he doesn’t do well in that start, he is shut down for the year. We don’t have time to monkey around with him this year.

2. Oh man…definately one of the best I’ve seen this year, but I don’t get to see the American League much…I do think he is the strongest AND most accurate arm (the combination) i’ve seen in a long time. Mark Whitten had a very strong arm, and Jimmy’s arm is incredibly accurate…but I’ve never seen a combination in one arm like this, before.

3. Well, I feel like it is the record…the run differential is severely lop-sided due to some horrible pitching performances. I think the big difference this year is that we just are older, etc. and have a smaller margin for error…difference between walking a balance beam a foot off the ground and a tight rope 50 feet in the air. One has much worse consequences and a smaller margin for error, but both the rope and the beam are strong and straight.

4. Deserves? or Should? Pete Rose doesn’t deserve it, but should be…McGwire should be, but who knows if he deserves it? Munson…seriously…Ted Simmons ISN’T???

5. Ummm…I don’t know songs…

6. Not my favorite beer, but Bud Light – in a can – just screams float trips and golf

7. Liked Van Halen in the day…don’t care now…

1. I think he’ll pitch in 3 or 4 games and do ok. Tony isn’t going to put him out to slaughter, so he’ll probably play against teams like the Pirates and Reds. His ERA should sit around 4. As “ikeozark” says, “better than Reyes”

2. Strength: he’s in the top percentile. Accuracy, it’s ok. There are many who are more accurate. He’s not even the most accurate on his team.

3. The record is closer. The team (mostly) isn’t responsible for those games in which Reyes or Wells gives up 12 runs. The run differential is a result of the pitching staff that struggled for 3 months.

4. Gosh I don’t know… Pete Rose or McGwire.

5. I don’t think I voted…

6. Gotta be Coke. I don’t know why, but when I’m at ballgames I love to drink Dark Colas. None of the sprite or Dew stuff.

7. politely interested.

1. Predict Mulder will be ineffective, team may risk pennant trying to use him in critical race. Also a chance he will push himself too far, reinjure arm.

2. In the top 10 of MLB.

3. Somewhere in the middle of this bracket. “Fairly respectable” is not how you address a team that is under 500. Maybe “somewhat”. Even the Rockies are above 500.

4. That’s a crowded field….Sal Maglie??? 119 wins, 0.99 ERA, had career shortened by getting in doghouse of BB Commish in the 1940’s.

5. I don’t have a radio.

6. SWEEEET Iced Tea.

7. I have worn Van Heusen over the years, always enjoyed them.

Ron Santo not being in the Hall of Fame is criminal.

One of the most shocking turn of events in the history of civilization is Mexico’s ascenscion to the top as far as best beer. The Germans can yap all they want but the best beer comes from Mexico with Corona leading the way.

Not that the St. Louis microbrewery is bad

1. Mid-September at a home game, but don’t push him beyond five innings.
2. One of the best in throwing strength and accuracy.

3. Record–With only occasional lapses (such as Thurs., Aug 23rd), the team is improving now that the players are healthier and inspired by the “yutes” of Ankiel, Ludwick, and Ryan. Getting behind early in a game is not an automatic “death sentence” now.

4. Mark McGwire

5. None

6. Iced Tea–the South’s national drink

7. Don’t care

1. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…
2. I think he’s actually average. I’d like to say better but just because he is a former pitcher does not mean that he should get better credit than he really is.

3. Their record will stand for it self, whether its good or bad.

4. McGwire, but he still has a chance. Pete Rose was a good enough player but he brought it upon himself.

Goose Gossage deserves to b in the HOF. He was a true fireman. Dominating adn intimidating. No coming in just to pitch the ninth with no runners on for Goose.

Dave Parker and Don Mattingly deserve better consideration as well.

Kbcal…um…I agree with you on Rick’s throwing arm…as far as the assumption of pitcher=strong arm being flawed…but that’s not what people are basing their evaluation of Ankiel’s throwing arm on at all…have you seen the throws he’s made since being called up??????? He is CLEARLY better than average…a runner at third for the Marlins the other night actually held at third on a fly ball into right because they had seen Rick’s arm. AND…it is also based on the numerous reports out of triple A from those who have watched him throw. Trust me…it’s not based on any assumption that a former pitcher equals strong arm…they just say that to say that could be one of the reasons after SEEING the arm…he’s much better than average.

although this is probably not the place to voice my concern, i don’t know where else to turn.
i was at the game last night, and because of the rain delay i was not able to get beer past the sixth inning,



Ouch, that was my first time anybody every got me for an answer but I knew it was coming.

I did not say anybody else was basing their opinion on that fact, just I. I have seen many of his throws and yes, he is very good. But where does he rank at the major league outfielder’s level? I can’t really say because I’m not a scout. That was just my opinion. I mean. what does a 13yo. kid know anyway?


K.B….don’t take the post the wrong way. Didn’t mean it aggressively at all…you’re right about the concept that being a former pitcher doesn’t necessarily mean strong arm. In fact, the pitching motion is actually quite different than a position player’s motion…so the throwing transition must be at least somewhat difficult.

Remember this, though…my post was responding to your opinion that his arm was average. I just don’t see how the throws he has already consistently made could be evidence of an average arm. The tone of my post was not intended to mock you in anyway…it was intended to convey the awe that I have at Ankiel’s arm. As in, “Did you see that play??!!!” Your response made a valid point but suggested you may not have had the opportunity to see Ankiel’s arm, yet (which is entirely possible).

FYI – Your posts are intelligent, but don’t fall back on being 13. You posted, you posted well, so keep it up…toe the line, “kid.” You post on an opinions page, expect to discuss the opinions. (At least you didn’t complain about not being able to buy beer)🙂

1. definitely better than Anthony Reyes, an ERA around 4.25 and improves as he goes
2. probably top 3. he’s right there w/ francouer and definitely a tool the cards haven’t had in a while

3. You have to go by the record. the run differential can be deceiving because certain games get out of hand and Tony doesn’t want to blow up his bullpen so he leaves a struggling pitcher in the game


5. Other: what i’ve done – linkin park

6. vitamin water-try it!

7. van hagar is better

I think the Cardinals should take a look at a kid in the Yankee system by the name of Mitch Hilligoss. He plays third and is from Cardinal territory, Windsor, IL.

I taught and coached his uncle and father who were both good athletes, great attitudes and a tremendous work ethic.

Here is the link to his team’s web site:

Len Thies

Tulsa, OK

Hey dude, Kevin, we’re cool.

I don’t doubt that the young man is a fine fellow and ballplayer — but what does it have to do with the topics of this thread?


1. 1st start 4 innings. next 5 starts: 3-1 record. ERA under 4
2.Maybe the best in the league for both. Very exciting. A throwback to the days of Furillo, Clemente and Colavito.

3. Excluding a few SPs, this team has nerves of steel, thus the better W-L record than run differential.

4. Kaat, Santo, Simmons, Parker. Flood deserves his own wing, financed by today’s multi-millionaires. Rose in the Infamy wing, but only after Joe Jackson and Ed Cicotte are allowed in.

6. My first Mojito at Grant’s Farm was it.

7. David Lee was good, but “Take Me Back (Deja Vu)” with Sammy is VH’s best ever.

Sorry M., we all have a tendency of getting sidetracked. Please, continue answering the Lucky Seven questions and once again, sorry for any inconvenience.


1.)I expect to see a couple starts, 5-7 innings, with an ERA around 5.whatever.

2.) The throw he made the other night is one of the best I’ve ever seen in person (granted, i don’t make it to tons of live games), but I would say top five. Top spot, at least for the moment goes to Vlad.

3.) The record. I agree with the guy above that said that so many games have been out of hand that the bullpen gets overtime. Take away some the bad losses, and our run differential is a lot different.

4.) hmmmmmm…..I am torn about McGwire.

So, for the moment, I’ll go with Gossage.

5.) Oops, didn’t vote.

6.) Probably strawberry-lemonade.

7.) Dunno.


1) I have no clue, I think he’ll be good, not for certain though, only time will tell. I do like how everyone else is trying to be psychic and predict the exact amount of games and his exact record and era. Lol.

2) Well, I’m going to have to say it’s pretty good, a one hopper to third from the gate in right, not sure, but that sounds pretty strong to me, I’m not sure how to rank it though, how do you rank? Do I pick a number between 1 and 10, because if so, I give him an 8.

6) A nice cold Pepsi.

7) I love classic rock, so as long as some of the band from the 70’s or 80’s are going to bring back classic rock, I don’t care who it is, whehter it be Van Halen, Van Hager, etc.

1. Early Sep. 2-2 4.25 ERA. Inconsistent.
2. Ankiel will be considered one of the top. Folks will run on him for awhile yet. That will showoff his arm. Next year they won’t.

3. Both. When the starters pitch well and defense plays well, they’re pretty decent. When the above don’t click, they’re really bad. So “inconsistency” is the word for the season.

4. The HOF should be for guys that would either throw a scare in you or make you change the way you play the game. Not for ‘really good players’ or guys that played well for a long time. It seems to get diluted lately. The only one I can think of is Rose. Can’t stand him, though. No Blyleven, no Santo, no Concepcion, no Simmons.

5. –

6. Strawberry lemonade

7. –

Nah, no worries — you guys took the topic at hand and discussed it. That’s totally cool.

I was just puzzled about the note about the prospect in the Yankee system.

BTW, for all, in case I was too subtle — I provided the link in question 5 so that you can go vote!


Hey M, I’m curious. Who do you think should be in the Hall that isn’t? And do you think any current members of the Cardinals should make it to the hall of fame (those that already have the 10 year requirement)?

1. Bring him back next season. Let him wait it out.
2. One of the best.

3. They’re either real good or real bad, a lot like last year. Both matter.

4. Not real sure.

5. Didn’t.

6. Pepsi.

7. Don’t care.

Very long story very short, I’m a huge Gossage guy. He’s probably at the top of my list.

But to discuss the matter in depth is something for another day, when perhaps I’m struggling for material.🙂


Gossage gets in next year. No question. If you look at who is left on the ballot, he’s the best name, including first timers next year. 72.5% voted for him last year, it would be a crime if that didn’t go up this year.

1.) 3 Starts ERA between 4.00-5.00

2.) Great, obviously. Less accuracy than Ichiro perhaps, but more power.

3.) The run differential. The record is indicitive of the divison.


5.) Party Like A Rock Star

6.) Lemonade

7.) Enjoy your nostalgia.

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