Leach's Top-10

Let’s tee it up! Tonight is a night for burgers, beer (OK, gardenburgers and Bud Select, because I’m dieting, but still) and college football! Color me extremely excited. I’m still not a BlogPoll member, so in the meantime, I’ll be trying to provide weekly top-10s.

The reminders: 1, this is not a prediction. I don’t factor schedule in on my preseason poll. 2, I don’t believe in inertia. Just because SC is No. 1 this week, doesn’t mean they will still be in 3 weeks even if they keep winning. If somebody else is more impressive, they get bumped up.

1. USC. Unbeatable? Of course not. Best team in the country? Absolutely, to my eye.

2. Michigan. Deep, talented, experienced. I believe they’ll be reloading on defense; lot of bodies gone but a lot of talent returning. This is a very good team.

3. LSU. Very, very good. And probably a betterbet to make the title game than the team I have ahead of them,
because they only have one daunting road game (Alabama). If Flynn is good, these
guys are awesome.

4. Virginia Tech. The more I look at this team, the more I like them. Experience in all the right places (lines, QB) and deep at the skill positions. This is a scary team.

5. Oklahoma. The QB situation is the only thing that keeps me from putting this team as high as No. 3. So much talent coming back, a big-time D, and they were better last year than anyone realized — thanks to the Oregon loss. If Bradford is even pretty good, this team is a serious title contender. I’ll take Stoops over Brown any day.

6. Texas. People love this team, but some things about them really scare me. Lots of turnover on O-line and in the secondary, and those are two places where learning on the job can be tough. A&M is the only scary road game, plus of course the OU game in Dallas, but the sked is pretty friendly.

7. Wisconsin. Not sure what to make of this team, but I expect that Donovan will be another in the line of steady, "game-managing" Wisconsin QBs, so they won’t see much dropoff from Stocco.

8. West Virginia. I’m not sold on them, even at
this position. They’ll score a lot of points, but I think they’ll give
up a lot too.

9. Florida. By the end of the year, I think they’ll be extremely good. At the start of the year, all the turnover makes me nervous. As exciting as Tebow is, we still don’t know whether he can actually run an offense. Maybe the hardest top team for me to figure.

10. FSU. Yeah, I’m a fan. But hey — SMQ had them higher than this at one point this month, and Phil Steele has them No. 8. They’ll stop the run, they should run better, they have their best secondary in ages, and, well, the QB play HAS to be better with actual coaching, right?

Just missed: Louisville, Penn State, Alabama, Cal, Oregon

Sleepers and/or much improved teams (ie, the football version of M’s I-Have-A-Feeling teams): UCLA, Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia Tech, Miami

Deep, deep sleeper: Vanderbilt. Really interesting team with tons of experience. It’s now or never.

Game of the week: Cal-Tennessee. I really like the Pac-10 this year, and I expect Cal to handle them. But we shall see…

-M, with Ryan Shaw playing on the speakers. Lucky Seven still to come today.


Didn’t you just hijack your own thread? I have come to respect your Cardinals jusdgement and views. I depend on you for inside info and good entertainment along with Cardinals converstation. No childish threats. I am going to keep reading your blog, but I like it better when you stick to what you are really good at.

I know it is your blog and you do a great job…. you can do what you want…. but no one commented on your picks. Not trying to be rude, just want your expertise on the cardinals. Must be some other good baseball stuff going on on August 30th.

Keep up the good Cardinals work.

I can’t believe I still have to address this.

This is my blog. I write about auto racing, college football, travel, food, music AND baseball on it.

I write about the Cardinals ALL OVER this website. On the same day that this post went up, I also posted a Lucky Seven that included plenty of baseball. Over the following two days, I filed ELEVEN different stories about the Cardinals.

If you just commented to gloat on there being no comments here, well, I guess however people get their jollies is fine. But I’m going to continue to use my blog for my interests. If people want to read it, that’s fantastic. I appreciate it a great deal. If this topic doesn’t interest you or someone else, well, move on to the next one.

Thanks for reading, thanks for taking the time to comment, but my blog is going to stay the way it is. It’s for fun, not for work.


I agree with you M. This is your space, and your whole life obviously isn’t about the cardinals and relaying the info that you get to the fans. Youve got other intrests and should be allowed to express them in here without getting bashed. I think you should gain the ability to delete other people’s posts, especially if they bash you.

How’s that michigan pick working out for ya? Typical overrated big televen team…play a bunch of patsies then the weak sister conference members, get blown out in a bowl game.

Heh, yeah, no kidding, I read them pretty badly. I liked that team a lot.

Still not sold on the consensus No. 2, though — I think LSU is beatable, maybe as soon as this week. I like Oklahoma for a title game candidate maybe more than anybody but USC. But we’ll see…


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