I know that I don't know what I know

Here’s a roundup of what we actually know at this point:

* Russell Branyan has been acquired. He is expected to be added to the roster, but he hasn’t arrived yet. He’s driving from Nashville, expected to arrive around game time. It seems obvious that the corresponding move is to DL Rolen — and, in fact, according to the lineup sheet in the press box, they’ve done that. But TLR told us they haven’t heard about Rolen’s exam in Cincy today, and so it’s not a guarantee that Rolen will be the move. But Rolen, I’m very confident, will in fact be the move.

* Miguel Cairo is present. But not on the roster. He was brought up today to be protection at 3B, but then they pulled the trigger on the Branyan thing, and they didn’t need to add Cairo. Miguel is already in the organization, so he doesn’t actually have to be added to the 25 today. Branyan, however, has to be added today in order to be postseason-eligible.

* No pitching moves today.



I don’t know about this Branyan move. I was just looking at his stats and I have to say that they’re unimpressive. Although, I understand that we need to have someone fill Rolen’s shoes.
He does have some pop and he’s a lefty, I suppose he’s got that going for him.

I guess there are different ways to look at it, but when I see a career SLG of .481, that’s impressive. Heck, the dude is slugging .458 this year, even when he’s hitting .198.

Power is good.🙂


your right, that’s a big percentage. I’m just worried about him killing rallies, but I must say that he is a better option than Cairo. Feast or famine… let’s hope he fattens up.

The saga continues with Reyes and Wells. These guys are little more than batting practice pitchers. I cringe every time I see one of them is going to start.

What about trying to go get Hank Blaylock from the rangers…. I am sure he’d clear wavers since he’s played 5 or so games since returning from the DL. He can hit and his defense is solid. I don’t think we would have to give up much to get him.

Cardinals, do you remember the 51-1 butt kicking that Armas and the Kid Bucs put on our rears August 1? I know you aen’t high school football players getting ready to avenge a big lose, but focus, have fun, and put Armas back in his road-game pit!!

Above, that was 15-1, not 51-1! Armas did it again. Cards bounced back bigtime. Now for the real subject. Rick Ankiel. Provided that HGH hasn’t been used by Rick Ankiel, if he did, since before the rule was changed, why all the writer’s ink? Does Rick look like McGwire, Consenco, Sosa, or the other buffed up players that have caught the steroid label? Looks like a wirey,young, star to me. Leave it up to the media and they’ll pick at him like a bunch of crazed chickens in a barnyard with a sore-headed pullet! Pick until it bleeds to death.

Hi Matthew;
I’m always impressed with your knowledge and insight into the Cardinals’ situation. My question to you is as follows:

Why isn’t there a metric that calculates how much a team has been affected by the loss of players due to injuries, rehab, etc.? It seems like something that would be hard to calculate, but would give some perspective on how much each team has been affected by losses to their normal lineup.

Take care – Steven H. (Peoria, IL)

From what I can see with the pitchers they acquired this year they are not even good batting practice material. They are sad-sad-sad.

Yes, fire-cracker the pitching is sad. Wonder if Danny Haren would like to come back? He’s having some troubles now.
Pitching isn’t the only thing we’re having trouble with. We aren’t exactly tearing the cover off the ball either. and what did I say about poor Rick Ankiel? Don’t think he has a hit since the news release. Think that kind of bull won’t get into a person’s head? Don’t matter weither it is true, happened 3-4 yrs. before the stuff was considered illegal, or what.

With both the other Central guys winning tonight, it doesn’t look very good. Like the old saying goes,”From the Penthouse to the Outhouse,” in one year. Something has to fire this group up!

Where is the cardinal farm system as they don’t have any good looking prospects in the chute. Who do they have that can help them in the next two years. They need to re-vamp their scouting system. Look how many in teir starting line up that came up through the system. I can only count about three.

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