Rotation tweaked

Just announced:

Wells Monday, Pineiro Tuesday, Mulder Wednesday, Maroth Thursday. Reyes out of rotation for time being, headed to bullpen. Those four, plus WW and Looper, comprise the current rotation.



WW is wainwright i take it? Is this supposed to be a one time just to test out Mulder thing or a permanent 6-man type rotation?

My understanding is that for now, it’s a six-man rotation.


Not too surprising, all things considered.

Reyes got the hook early last outing so it seemed the writing was on the wall for a demotion — temporary or otherwise. Granted, the bullpen stepped up big time and so did the offense, but facing only 9 batters says a lot about how closely Reyes was being monitored. The only Cardinal starter that has been pulled sooner this year was Maroth in his last start before heading to the DL.

From here on out, the pitching staff needs to hold every lead or at least keep the offense within striking distance. Hopefully, Wells will fare better not having to face the likes of a perennial staff ace like Roy Oswalt. Greater margin for error can only help.

What do you expect out of Mulder?

Reyes can write it off as a bad year. He is still young, able to come back and it looks like the club wants to keep him. Maroth starting??? Let’s hope he looked good to someone! He got beat up the other day in the minors.

What I don’t hear is anyone mentioning Wellemeyer. He has been outstanding in only two outings since coming off the DL. Looks like the team no longer sees him as a starter (this year at least). If Wells/Maroth fail again, I would hope that Wellemeyer gets another chance to start and soon.

Points well-taken, enola, with respect to Wells/Maroth. Wells is off to another forehead-smacking start today, which makes his future prospects more than a bit dodgy. If neither Wells nor Maroth can pull it together before season’s end, how does the organization justify keeping them?

The risk with Wellemeyer is that he’s probably someone who fits the Brad Thompson mold — middle relief and spot starter. He’s not old, but at 29 has had time to make his way in the bigs, and doesn’t have much to show for it.

I’m not sure that Reyes is just having a bad year. He may have needed more development time, and we’re seeing the payback for rushing him to a key starter’s role so quickly.

My hope is that Mulder is rejuvenated by the surgery, rehab and extended rest, and that he finds some of the success he once had. Having another solid starter in place before the season ends would help Jockety (and management) decide what their winter shopping list will look like.

For God’s sake, what does Kip Wells have to do to be booted from the roster? Let’s face it TLR, Dunc, and Jocketty, he’s terrible! I say DFA him, if that’s an option, and use whoever else we have. I don’t care who, as long as it’s not Kip Stinkin Wells.

Dunc can be one proud pop again tonight! Clutch hit!!
Good pitching by Pineiro and good relief.. Maybe Russell Branyan’s stock went up some.

Can Ryan not play there also?

Statement Wells could be out of rotation should read Wells should be out of the rotation. Let’s face it. Tony and Dave are the most patient men in baseball, but enough is enough. Maybe not have to face a Roy Oswalt? Dang, it’s those umpteen hits and runs that our opponents are getting…not what an Oswalt can do. Kip needs to come out of the pen. Reyes needs to stay in the pen. They both must improve their control. Besides, it’s getting late in the season. Don’t have time for anymore experimental stuff. And “Fat Albert”? Needs to focus, but relax! Quit pressing. I love ole Kip. He’s a fellow Texan, but it’s crunch time. Men, we are in this darn thing again! Loved the picture of Red and Tony together. Two great ones. Did you guys see Bobby Knight give the run-down on Texas Tech’s football team Monday? Did a great jog, plus he supports those guys! Whip the Bucs again!!! Rolen is out. Where is Ken Boyer when we need him?

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