Rolen done for the year

The specific details remain to be worked out, but it’s been decided that Scott Rolen will, in fact, have surgery before the year is out. He’s done for the season.



I guess the question is whether we’ll notice an appreciable difference between the team with the Rolen we’ve seen this year, and how the team will perform in his absence.

In short, will it significantly impact the number games won or lost directly at the hands of his replacement? It’s pure speculation, I know, but more than a rhetorical question as Rolen’s performance has been spotty at best in ’07.

Too bad about Rolen. But for god’s sake, how much longer must we endure the “efforts” of Kip Wells and Anthony Reyes. These guys couldn’t win in a high school game. The stink.

I’ve said it a hundred times…Rolen’s value is not just in his bat. He’s saved more games than I can remember by his defense alone. Plus, as a veteran, it’s situations like this year’s pennant race that guys like Rolen are underappreciated. They can hit .150 with no home runs in 50 games, but in that fifty-first game, with the game and season on the line, and Rolen comes up – I’ll take that match up any day. I like Brendan Ryan, but that kind of situation is too much to ask of him. It’s what guys like Rolen are hard-wired for from birth. He’s nails. His loss is really going to hurt.

Kevin…I really want to agree with you, but I’m struggling with a few things. Part of it may have been me not being clear in my comments.

As much as I appreciate what Rolen does defensively and, with timely hitting, he wasn’t playing at 100%. And while it can be argued that Rolen’s 80% is better than most guy’s full-throttle, I don’t think we were even seeing him at 80% the last half dozen games he played in — 4 errors and 4/21 at the plate. THAT’S who’s being replaced — not the guy we’ve come to count on (like we did in the post-season last year).

All this said, I agree that we will miss him. He’s a team leader. He’s one of my personal favorites to watch play in the field, and being that he’s been gutting it out through the pain most of the season, he’s shown a lot of grit as well – yet another reason to appreciate him as a veteran willing to sacrifice for the team.

As for Ryan being asked to do too much, you’re spot on there. He may not be up to the task – only time will tell. Then again, even Scott Rolen had to start somewhere. Maybe this is Ryan’s first step toward greatness.

Oh, I completely agree with you, mathdude. If Rolen isn’t at least 80%, he won’t have the ability to do what he needs to do defensively (they said it was even starting to affect his throwing arm) and he won’t have the ability to get around on a fastball in those clutch situations, even if we assume he won’t have the power. He won’t even be able to make contact.

I agree, best thing for us and Rolen is to shut him down…just wanted to make sure the others don’t forget Rolen’s value even when he’s not hitting well.

Well, I think that put him on the DL so that he could be 100% next year, so he can help our team all year round instead of just 1 game.

LaRussa lost the last couple of Cardinal games. Mulder, Maroth, Stinnet and Branyon all started instead of the guys who got them close.

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