Rotation adjustments

Multiple adjustments/announcements to the rotation:

* Still Reyes for today.

* Wainwright will no longer pitch tomorrow (Thursday). In his place will be Wells.

* That’s because Wainwright is being pushed back to Friday, the opener of the Cubs series.

* That leaves Looper for the opener of Saturday’s doubleheader, and Pineiro in the second game.

* Mulder on Sunday against the Cubs.

* Monday and Tuesday vs Philadelphia to be determined, depending at least partly on how Reyes and Wells pitch this series, then back on rotation with Wainwright Wednesday 9/19 vs PHI, then Looper, Pineiro and Mulder the first three games at home against Houston.

* Down the road: Wainwright and Looper will go every five days from here on out. So Wainwright will pitch 9/19 at home vs PHI, 9/24 in the opener in Milwaukee and 9/29 in Pittsburgh. Looper will go 9/20 at home vs HOU, 9/25 in Milwaukee and 9/30, the final day of the season, in Pittsburgh.

-M, back in the saddle.


I think my rotation adjustment will be complete in about one more week.

I figure that by the 20th, all baseball hopes will be completely dashed for the season. Then I can rotate between playing guitar, breaking in new flannel jammies, begin my autumn/winter bout with Dewars/J&B/Cutty Sark and start thinking about about pitchers and catchers.

Aloha, Mr. Hand.

I thought they made this rotation the way it is specifically to keep wainwright away from the cubs. Why has this been changed?

By now the goal should be to keep the competent starting pitchers (if any other than WW) healthy, more than to juggle things for a stretch run. The odds against the remaining games being meaningful are getting rather long. Accordingly I can see rotation juggles that serve to de-stress the pitchers, but it’s hard to tell whether these moves qualify.

I think I hear the fat lady singing. Time to root for the Brewers and look forward to Spring Training.

I to believe the season to be in trouble, dare I say over? I think now is the time that Tony should play his backup/bench/younger players more, see who should be part of the team next year, either from the bench or as an everyday starter. This offseason the Cardinals should really look forward to getting starting pitchers, obviously what we have now won’t cut it. Can anyone say Freddy Garcia? And what about another power bat like Andruw Jones? Or maybe a speedster, Luis Castillo? Or maybe, just maybe Tadahito Iguchi?

i completely agree with the move to move wainwright back. you want your best pitcher going against the contenders for the remainder games. without A.W are season is over two months ago.go for it all.

Start playing our young players more? Well…let’s see…Rolen’s out so Ryan has been the 3rd baseman more often than not…Kennedy’s out so Ryan has been spelling Eck and Miles…Duncan and Juan are out and Jimmy can’t go everyday and be productive anymore, so that means Ludwick and Ankiel have been getting almost everyday starts…We don’t have a young catcher or first baseman to play…We’ve needed every stinkin’ pitcher we have on staff just to make it through games as it is…just who the heck are we supposed to put in to “see if they can make the team next year”??? We’re in such disarray that the only guy we could even rest and make sense with it is Pujols. There’s no point in benching Edmonds to play Taguchi more because there’s only about 2 weeks left in the season, anyway. Eckstein may not even be with the team after this year, and we know Branyan most likely won’t…I mean, come on…who do we need to look at that isn’t already forced into regular playing time as it is?????

(don’t take this the wrong way…not frustrated with any posts here…frustrated with our situation…ugh)

What the heck? Is La Russa throwin’ in the towel today or something???? Ankiel out and Cairo is in the 2 spot…Yadi is out, which makes sense because of the night game last night, but Stinnett????? Seriously????? Bennett is 4 for 6 against Harang (I know that because of Matt’s preview article :))…geez…

Stinnett: 0 for 5 against Harang

Cairo: Never faced him (apparently)

Sorry, Matt…I’ll stop now…

See notes today on Bennett — they’re still worried about his back. Though Gary himself seems to have no such worries.

As for Anks, he HAS been in a bit of a funk, even with the hit last night, it’s a very early start after a night game and he had some sort of wrap on his knee after the game last night so they’re probably trying to take it easy with an area that has long been problematic for him. I’ve got no problem with the occasional start for Schumaker out there.


yeah…you’re right. And, I like Skip a lot with the way he’s been hitting the ball this season. La Russa said Bennett could play but his health comes first…I agree…but I would think a different day would be better considering his success (and Stinnett’s lack thereof) against this pitcher. Must be wanting Gary to be healthy for the Cubs if needed. Ah well…

Just frustration spilling over on my part…just got tickets for the game Sunday (WHOO HOO!!!) so I REALLY want that game to mean something.

Thanks for the response, Matt.

As long as they continue to put Wells on the bump, we have no chance to win those games. And the rest of the guys aren’t doing a lot better…outside of A.W. and Loop. On top of that the bats have been quieted ever since the Ankiel BS story broke. And on that note, I’d like to add that ALL of the media have shown their ignorance, irresponsibility, and selfish arrogance with the publishing of this story. ALL of them. From Tony Realli and Tony Cornheiser to Post-Dispatch writers and other scribes. PLEASE PEOPLE, TELL THE WHOLE STORY. Not just what you think will make national headlines!! NOBODY outside of your colleagues looks at the by-line, so STOP trying to make a name for yourself by smearing someone else’s good name…

By the way, dude, you are not included in this. I understand you are not an opinion writer, and beat writers give mostly facts not opinions.

Sigh…lost again…7 in a row…

Reyes, Wells…….again. These two clods are embarrassing

If we sweep this series vs the Cubs, we’re back in it. Drop a single game and I see us under the rug.

That said, I don’t see us winning all four, so GO CREW! KICK’EM WHERE IT HURTS AND WIN THE WORLD SERIES!

As a big Cards fan, I remember saying after last years world series that the Birds had a years “free pass” in my book. I never expected this. The fact that any Cardinal fan would be critisizing this team at this juncture is borderline absurd. The fact that the Cards are only 5 games back with less than a month to play, to me, is phenominal. With what this team has gone through, I believe LaRussa deserves consideration for Manager of the Year. Not that I am making a prediction, but after looking at our season so far…would it really suprise anyone to see the Cards sweep this weekend and be back to 1 or 2 games out? After all…it is the Cubs we are talking about. Go Cards…Win or Lose…Helluva Year.

hstansbury, I agree with you for the most part, but when you hear criticism from us, you have to remember, for fans like me it’s mostly big brother/little brother type of criticism. I can pick on them, but I’ll be the first one to defend them if anyone else outside the family (especially a cubs fan…)picks on them.

FYI – I also gave them a free pass on at least this year after last year🙂

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