Guess who's back? Back again — UPDATES

Two updates: 1, the corresponding move on the 40-man roster is that Troy Cate has been designated for assignment. 2, Spiezio is now in the starting lineup, batting sixth and playing third base. David Eckstein has been scratched with back trouble.

Scott Spiezio is back with the team and eligible to play. He’s listed as an available sub on the lineup card. He talked pretty extensively to reporters this afternoon, so we’ll have more on all of that as the day goes on.

Putting everything else baseball-wise aside, it was good to see Scott, and he seemed to be in good spirits.

-M, with a lot of blogging ahead of me in the coming days, to go along with regular coverage of the team.


Thanks for the repot, Matt. I’m really glad Scott is back. This year has been one heckuva’ reminder that the cliche is true…there are bigger things than baseball out there…even for baseball players.

Welcome back, Scott!!!!

Um…who’s the odd man out on the 40 man roster? Does this mean Branyan is out?

welcome back scotty! and a question for matt: bernie miklasz said something about there being rumors another cardinal was going to be implicated in a scandal involving performance enhancers, have you heard anything about this?

It’s great to have some good news this month, and I definitely qualifies as good news any day. Maybe he’s the boost everyone needs.

Wonderful news about Spiezio’s return! I wish him the best, and I believe he will give the Cards and us fans a boost. (We sorely need one!) Best of luck tonight, guys!

Why Cate? Was he not impressive in the minors or did the Cards not like the baggage he has with steroid suspensions?

This *****.

sorry…should have said stinks

We many havee not won that game. And the division may have just been put out of reach for us. Im looking forward to watching Wainwright vs Zambrano for years to come.

Yes it is very nice to see Scott back in St Louis and I hope it gives the team a big lift. Sorry, not to change the threads or anything Matt, but man the media has really thrown a wrench in the post season hopes with all that HGH ****. Eight losses! Yes, this has disrupted the club. They should have left Ankiel alone unless proven guilty. Once again sorry Matt. I’m just frustrated on how we’ve been losing.

In all seriousness, I absolutely do not buy the notion that one story in the New York Daily News did anything to this team’s chances.

The starting pitchers had a string of 11 games where they averaged fewer than FOUR innings per start, and more earned runs allowed than innings pitched.

That’s why this team went in a tailspin, not the Daily News. I believe that strongly.


Hi Matthew,
sorry to use the thread for this but I am not sure how else to ask–Are you awarding the DVD sets to the winners of the contest issued back in the spring?

thanks for all you do. Conor and I spoke often about his time with you covering the Cards. You were always praised as a gentleman.


Yep — we have two winners, and the third I am administratively awarding to a reader who has been a huge friend of the site and the blog. Thanks for the reminder.


2008 preview – The Cards were great pretenders in August but after our rotation was picked clean this was always a transition year. Hope springs eternal for 2008:
1b Pujols (who else)

2b Kennedy (Miles has no glove)(Cairo?)

ss Ryan (so long Eckstein?)

3b Rolen

lf Duncan

cf Edmonds/Rasmus

rf Ankiel (five tools?)

SP Wainwright, Mulder, Carpenter, Looper, Reyes?

Rasmus isn’t and won’t be ready next year – I say keep ludwick and move him around the outfield…miles has a fine glove and a better bat of late than Kennedy…Carp won’t be ready until Late in the season…who until then?

I also say make an attempt to keep Eckstein…who else are you going to get? SS’s that have a high slugging percentage are too pricey. If Ankiel can be a 25 – 35 homer guy next year, then I think he can be an impact bat that allows you to keep an “on-base” type of hitter at short stop. Move Ryan around second and short…personally, I’m more in favor of trying to move Kennedy in the offseason to make room for starting pitching. Between Ryan, Miles, Eckstein, Spezio, and Rolen – we’re not going to be hurting on the infield.

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