Yadi out for the year; Pujols in

Yadier Molina underwent surgery today to repair a medial meniscus tear in his right knee. He’s out for the remainder of the year, but apparently it’s not expected to have any effect on his 2008 Spring Training or season.

Update, 6:45 pm — Pujols has been inserted in the lineup after originally being a scratch.



Great to see AP back in the lineup. IS it just a one AB type thing or is he going most of the game?

He may not go 9 innings but the plan is to keep him in as long as he can go. He’s definitely restricted on the bases and in the field, though.


Truth be told, I’d as soon have seen El Hombre sit this one out. There comes a time when you just concentrate on healing, which is a reason why the Molina surgery makes sense sooner rather than later. I suspect, however, that the Flubs (or more accurately, some of their more ignorant fans who’ve never tried to play ball in September with an entire season of nicks and dings behind them — by no means do all Cubs fans fit this description, but some do) would have accused TLR of giving Milwaukee a mulligan to improve the chances of them squeaking ahead of Chicago for the division title…

Yeah, I have to agree. It’s better to have Molina get his knee fixed rather than him doing any further damage to it. I do have a question Matt. We’re all talking about all of our outfield options for next year but I haven’t really heard much about Preston Wilson. Do the cards keep him for 2008 or would he make another good trade option?

Wilson had a 1 year deal. It’s doubtful that the Cards resign him in the offseason, with all of our younger options.

I agree that Yadi’s surgery is better to have now so that he can begin the healing process sooner rather than later. I also agree that AP might benifit from the time off… but 1 more RBI… and the streak continues. And i almost thought he had it against Lidge on Sunday.

is this the year yadi gets the gg?

I doubt that Yadi gets the GG this year. He spent some time on the DL and now is shelved again. Had he played the whole year, then yes he would probably be the front runner for it.

Has anyone commented, or noticed even, Albert’s tossing of the bat when he hits a home run or walks? I have always been impressed with the class that Mr. Pujols shows each and every game. When he hits a home run, he simply tosses the bat aside and runs the bases as if that is what he does every time at the plate. But, over the past year, it seems that some of that is disappearing. Granted, much of this could be due to the increased stress of the game, the season, the fact that we left the weight on his shoulders alone. But, I would hope that this is merely my own perception and far from the truth.

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