I mean, hasn't that ever occurred to you?

OK, so you’re the Milwaukee Brewers. You have a very nice ballclub, lotta power on offense, some good starting pitching, but bullpen problems all year. Sixteen times blowing a lead of at least three runs. Some might say your bullpen has poured gas on the fire all year long. Right? Right.


So reliever Seth McClung enters the game in the 8th inning tonight. And what’s his entrance music? The Prodigy, "Firestarter."

Yes. "I’m a firestarter! Twisted firestarter!"

Then the next pitcher, Derrick Turnbow enters the game. And what’s his entrance music? Metallica, "Fuel."

"Give me fuel! Give me fire!"

Look. Good songs. But in the words of Alanis Morrissette, "Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think? A little toooo ironic?"



You’re kidding, right?

–The Mrs.

Would that I were.

As one of my press box colleagues pointed out, perhaps a much more appropriate choice would have been “Gimme Shelter.”


So to stay on the theme, what should introduce Thompson? Being of an older generation and remembering more 1970s and 1980s rock, I can’t decide whether it’s “Werewolves of London” or “Right Between the Eyes.”

That guy MUST get a grip on himself and stop throwing at people before one of his teammates gets seriously hurt in revenge, which could easily have happened to Pujols tonight. According to the stats at baseball-reference.com, Thompson hits roughly one out of every 50 batters he faces. Major-league average is something less than half that. As notorious a headhunter as Pedro Martinez only nails about one in 80. Even Jeff freakin’ Weaver, who has started more than one brawl by throwing at hitters, only hits about one in 65. I have been unable to find any current major leaguer with as high a HBP frequency as Thompson. And this guy was a big-time CONTROL pitcher, at least in the minors.

Sweet mercy, I love this blog.

Wonder what the theme is for their closer, Fransisco Cordero.

Okay…putting aside the fact that you actually quoted Alanis Morrissette…your musical observation is in line with something I mentioned at length on my own blog…

Did anyone else get the sense of “Bad Karma” the night the Brewers celebrated the players from the 1982 World Series??? I mean…come on…let’s think about this…

1982 World Series…Cardinals down 3 games to 1 against the Brewers…our beloved Cards post a WS historic comeback win by winning 3 straight. Flash forward to 2007…the Brewers were about 5 games up on the Cards at the time of the eerie walk down memory lane…what do they decide to do???? They actually INVOKE the curse of the ’82 Series against the very team that beat them then and was chasing them here in ’07. We wore the same uniforms and everything.

Appropriately, the Cards slaughtered the self-cursed Brewers during that series and the Brewers go on to a borderline meltdown to lose first place to the Cubs. Geez…you would think someone in the Brewers organization would have seen this one coming…

As I said on my blog before that series began…I call JINX!!!

Oh…and fyi…if the Brewers EVER let Turnbow pitch again, they should be discharged from the National League forever. How many times does a man have to completely lose a game for you before they get the hint???

oh, by the way…just Googled it…apparently Cordero’s music is “Click Click Boom” by Saliva

I just watched probably the best game the Cards have played in a very long time. TLR let everyone play and things were great because Joel Pinero pitched a real beaut. Someone tell me, at this late date, when pride is the only thing the Cards have to play for, why did LaRussa pull Pinero after 8 innings. Izzy is a Saver but this game didn’t need saving and Pinero didn’t look that thrilled. Would Carpenter have been left in? I am guessing that a complete game would have felt very good to Pinero.

Pinero hasn’t gone 9 innings since 2003, so I don’t mind this decision as much as most people do. I would have liked to see him come out for the shutout, but the win is the more important thing.

Actually, I disagree…I think we are playing for moments more than wins right now, and I think Piniero with a low pitch count being able to pull off a complete game shutout of the best hitting lineup in the National League could have been a heckuva moment…but, I’m not upset about it…well-played game all around…good to see that, too.

okay…just heard that Piniero said he was getting tired before the 8th inning…nevermind everything I said…🙂

I’d much rather help knock the Mets out of the playoffs than give Joel a moment, but that’s just me, personally (a Met hater).😉

Also don’t forget with Izzy, he is at his best when he has a lot of work in a long stretch of time. That might have factored in here too.

It’s like a pop fly….in your chardonnay…..a bullpen pardon….a little too late……It’s like 10,000 fielders….when all you need is a pitcher…..and when the Cards crashed down he thought…….well, isn’t this nice?

I’m bored. Work is dumb.

Or howzabout Burning Down the House……of Cards? See what I did there?

Have a great off-season everybody and thanks for what you do, Matt.

Oh my…the Phillies are in first…the Red Sox won the division…and the Cubs – Lord Almighty – the Cubs win the division…I’m looking, I’m REALLY looking…but for some stinkin’ reason, I just can’t make out the pigs flying just outside my living room window…

They’re there…I know it…stinkin’ pigs…stinkin’ Cubs…

So who’s everybody rooting for in the post-season? I’m looking to the west . . . How many times will we see Steve Bartman footage in the upcoming days? It will bring a smile to my face every time.

Cards are going out with a bang. The win over the Mets was fantastic. Lookin’ forward to March 31 and a healthy team.

I can’t help but root for the Phillies (Ryan Howard went to a university near me)…I just like the grit and energy

I’m with you Kevinreyn. I would like to see the Phillies take it. A buddy of mine is good friends with Werth. That would be really cool to send him a congrats text.

” (sigh), she kidnapped herself, man”

-good blogging matthew

I was messing around with my guitar at the time…Did Tony just say you get to pick the starter tomorrow?😀

Heh, sort of. When we were in the pregame briefing yesterday, we were trying to get Tony to figure out who would start today.

I threw Percival’s name out there, noting the record (638 relief appearances before his first start). I’m sure they had thought of him anyway. But it did kind of get legs over the last day or so.


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