Playoff blogging from Phoenix

Greetings, all…

Although the Cardenales are done for the year, your faithful correspondent is not. After the utterly awesome Mrs. got up early and procured us a delicious breakfast (I’m usually a yogurt-and-a-banana kind of guy), I got on a plane this morning and headed west for the Valley of the Sun. It’s hot and sunny and beautiful here, though I’ve heard we could have some dicey weather over the weekend in Chicago.

Anyway. I plan to do some Cardinals season-wrapup blogging at some point in the coming days, but I also wanted to let y’all know that I’ll be checking in from the division series. I’ll also be gaining weight, as Phoenix is the only city in America with the nation’s two greatest burger chains: In-N-Out (though not the one on Camrose) and Whataburger.

Hope y’all are well. Talk at you later this week — and thanks again for the greetings.



Man…I love playoff baseball. I watched that “regular season” Rockies game last night…every inning…how fun was that??!! I love the concept of 1 game tiebreakers in baseball…baseball is utterly designed as a “series” sport instead of a 1 and done sport…it makes the tension level that much higher when teams are forced to hang their fate on 1 game…especially a game that allows them very little (if any) time to line up an ideal pitcher. Although, didn’t help San Diego with Peavy on the mound…

Have fun, Matt!!!

Kinda what almost happened to us last year. Just glad that the Braves beat the Astros before the Brewers beat us. I still think we would have made the playoffs at that point.

I REALLY need to try an In-N-Out burger sometime when I’m on the west coast.

In-N-Out burgers are love. I think that the thing I am saddest about with M. gone is that he will get to have an In-N-Out burger and I will not.

It’s probably better that way…

–The Mrs.

I must confess that I’m puzzled (and amused) at the notion of going to Phoenix and eagerly anticipating eating burgers rather than Mexican food — but to each his own.

I got to watch Webb pitch at the Bob a couple of years ago, and I have never seen a catcher dive to block so many pitches in the dirt — that the batter had swung at. That guy throws a sinker unlike anyone else in the game. You’ll have fun.

If I may begin the Cardinals season wrap-up, then I will repeat what I said in April. The Cardinals should not have let Jeff Suppan, Jason Marqis, and Jeff Weaver – all three good inning eaters – leave over money. It was pay now or pay later, and now…, they are going to pay much more later, because the fans here will not stick long with high ticket prices and a noncontender.

1. I was saying the same thing about Weaver and Suppan (not Marquis) earlier this year…but the fact is, we need younger (Supp is not) more dependable (Weaver is not) pitching prospects. We’ve traded our prospects away for quite a while to win now. I didn’t like spending money on both of those guys for the short term. Maybe Supp. but not both. Also, the fact is, I would say Looper has done an admirable job filling in for Supp. and Weaver didn’t exactly have a stellar year in Seattle. Plus, we offered Weaver a contract longer than Seattle did, but he wanted a 1-year deal so he could be free to cash in after ’07. Assuming we kept him and he had a better season with us than he did in Seattle, we would be paying out the nose for him now regardless. It’s what he was looking for…a big payday after ’07.

2. Ticket prices are what they are…and they aren’t going to change. If you think our fans will leave over ticket prices (especially after record-setting attendance years)or a losing season here or there, then you don’t know St. Louis Cardinal fans very well.

We’ve had our last place years and subpar finishes over the years…not too far back, actually…but we’ve gotten used to winning over the last 7 years, so this season stings a bit.

The fans aren’t going anywhere…we might get disgruntled, but we’ll still be here.

happy belated b-day!

Thank you, kevin! I am a baseball fan more than a Cardinals fan per se. The Cardinals pushed Anthony Reyes to #3, Looper to #2, and Wainwright to #1! Throw in the guys like Wells and Wellmeyer, Maroth, and Pineiro and this rotation is almost a joke compared to almost any team other than Kansas City. Sorry about that.

Hey Matt, I was looking at the photo albums, your a lucky man! Do you think Pineiro will be back? He really did a pretty good job I think. What are the odds the Cards can get D-train or Johann Santana or both? Any rumors of big names or big arms they are pursuing?

Happy belated birthday. That would be so awesome to be able to eat In-N-Out and Whataburger in the same day. Even better if you get to see the Cubs lose on that same day.
(Bebpjohn and others who might be perplexed by the food choice… PHX is not the place for Mexican food, SA TX is my choice.)

ML, where do you think you will you be next season?

Far as I know, I’ll be in Jupiter in February and at Busch Stadium on Opening Day.

I’m not familiar with In-N-Out. Whataburger started out in 1950 (so did I) in Corpus Christi. I didn’t realize they’ve gotten so far afield.

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