The Dude abides

Mrs. Dude here…

Today is M.’s birthday. Go to the comments section and wish him a happy day.

He works hard for the money….so hard for it honey…and I know he’d enjoy getting some birthday wishes from his loyal readers.

Thanks in advance, y’all!

–Mrs. Dude


Happy Birthday, Matthew! You did a great job this season–I especially liked the current wrap-up story. You always write with the intelligence and literary style that is often lacking in modern sports journalism. I hope you’ll be back next season. Enjoy your day and upcoming year!–Elena

Happy Birthday, Matthew. I enjoy your work as the Cards writer very much. You strike a nice balance – telling it like it is without going overboard on the negative side (and that was a quite a feat in this season filled with adversity). Have a great day!

Happy Birthday to the best writer out there.

Happy Birthday, Matt! Thanks for being so accessible to Cardinals fans who just can’t seem to get enough. You really make us all feel like a part of the game.


Dude, Matt, I believe I wished you a happy birthday last year as well. Have a good one. I enjoy reading your blog all year long. Look forward to many future blogs. Take care.

Happy, happy birthday!
–The Mrs.

Have a great birthday, Matt!

Happy Birthday, M.! 🙂
-Cynthia (you met me at Denny’s with Mrs. Dude)

Happy Birthday!

Matthew, Happy Birthday, and thanks for your hard work this year. And please pass along to Mr LaRussa, Mr Duncan and all the Cardinals you may see this fan’s thanks for perservering through a really tough season.

Happy birthday from your Mom. I’m sure glad you were born!

Happy Birthday and a slobbery kiss plus vigorous tail wag from Klondike.

Happy birthday, Dude! Go to Hodak’s to get your free chicken dinner.

Happy Birthday!! Thanks for all the great Cardinals reporting you do here. I am a better fan because of your hard work.

Thanks and have a great birthday!

Happy Birthday from sunny California! Hope it’s a good one.

Happy Birthday!!!

jen–friend of Mrs. Dude’s

Many thanks, everybody. I really do appreciate it. And I swear it was the Mrs., and not me, who posted the message in the first place.🙂


happy birthday matthew! enjoy the day and the playoffs..i appreciate your blogs and read them as often as i can

best wishes!

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