Back on the beat

I’ve returned from Phoenix and Chicago, and am home for two weeks to cover the team I’m assigned to cover. World Series after that, but that’s a bit of a ways off. I’m going to try to blog a lot more often this winter, and consider yourself warned — it’ll cover a lot of stuff that’s not only baseball (hopefully a CFB top-10 coming later today).

Anyway, mostly just wanted to wave hello to everybody, thank you all for being active and also civil in the comments section, and let you know that I haven’t forgotten the Cardinals.


(currently playing on the computer speakers: Kanye West, Graduation)


What were your thoughts on the NLDS that you covered Matt? Was it enjoyable at all?

Absolutely enjoyable — playoff ball is ALWAYS enjoyable for me.

They were pretty good games for the most part. I love watching Livan Hernandez pitch, and the Webb-Zambrano duel in Game 1 was fantastic.

I think the Cubs just had a bad few days. They have a lot to like there — quality in their rotation, big arms in the bullpen, and a decent offense. They DESPERATELY need some people who can get on base, though. If that team had a legitimate on-base threat or two, getting on in front of Lee, Ramirez and ideally Soriano, they’d look different.

AZ’s a fun team to watch. I’m looking forward to the NLCS.


Who’s your pick for the WS, Matt? I don’t see the Indians having enough pop to get through the Red Sox, and I don’t take the best team to win it, so I’ll take the NL pennant winner–likely the D’backs. I want the Rox to win, but who is the lone pitcher to beat them in 3 weeks? Brandon Webb. One loss won’t slow them down, but two will, and the D’backs will get 2 wins out of Webb.

Watching the Rockies and D Backs, does this seem to go right along with an approach of developing from within. I mean, why not do that anyway?

Well, I’ll watch the playoffs. As you said, Matthew, it is always fun.

Webb got beat up by the Rox this season, especially at home, where he will be for game 1. 4 of the 12 HRs he gave up this season came off of the Rox bats. Anything can happen in October, but from the stats, it looks like the Rox have the upperhand in game 1.

Then again, Webb is the only guy to beat Colorado in the last three weeks…


As far as we know, that start could have been a blip. But the beauty of baseball is that the unexpected will happen.

Yankees where what, 9-0 against the tribe this regular season? Cant give that to much wieght.

6-0, and yeah the tribe played well in all 4 games of the series. I picked cleveland for the AL pennant, and at this point I would say them as the WS winners. They had to beat the tougher team i think than anyone else.

Guess that was sort of my point — you can break it down a lot of ways. I’m really looking forward to it, two interesting teams that nobody’s tired of.


No doubt. Another NYY/Bos series would have just about done me in. If nothing else, this postseason is giving us some freshness.

Hello, fellow Glimmer and former Seattlite. Laura H. kept telling me I should drop you a line and tell you I was now writing about baseball… and somehow it took me an entire season to get around to it.

Google me, I’m easy to find. Or hit up the address on my profile.

Caryn R.

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