Leach's Top-10 returns

1. LSU. No comment needed here, right? These guys are ridiculous.

2. Cal. I don’t know that they’re better than tOSU, but their resume is better, with wins over Tennessee and at Oregon.

3. Ohio State. Not sold on Purdue, so I’m not sold on that win. Still, no doubt this is a good squad, and the schedule means they have a better chance to go 12-0 than Cal does.

4. South Florida. 4-5 are much like 2-3 for me. I think I’d pick BC to beat USF on a neutral field, but USF definitely has a better ledger thus far thanks to the wins at Auburn and over WVU.

5. Boston College. I like this team a lot. They’re very complete. But they really don’t have a win to hang their hat on. Get back to me after they go to Blacksburg.

6. Missouri. Undefeated, and some good wins. The Illinois win looks better every week, and winning in Oxford is worth something. If they win at Norman (and I do not expect they will), they’re a title contender.

7. South Carolina. The best resume of any one-loss team, with their only loss at Baton Rouge and wins at Georgia and over Kentucky.

8. Oklahoma. I still think on a given day this team might be the second-best in the country.

9. Oregon. If Cal is my No. 2, then I can’t dock them too much for their only loss coming against Cal.

10. Illinois. PSU and Wisconsin were probably both overrated, but they’re both good wins, and their only loss is to an undefeated club.

Teams to watch: ASU, VaTech, Tennessee, Kansas, FSU.

Game of the week: I’ll go with the obvious one, OU-Mizzou. I do think LSU will have a tough time in Lexington, but this will probably be the most telling game. If MU even hangs close in Norman, it indicates that they’re legit. If they win, look out. If OU destroys them, that says a good bit too. Plus it makes for a rare week where I’m glad to be a CFB fan in Big XII country.

-M, with iTunes shuffling.


Wow. You dropped USC all the way out of your top 10? I like your attitude (as I despise USC), but realistically, I’d expect them to beat at least three or four of the teams on your list.

WOW!!! Big props to the I-L-L
I-N-I… A little suprised (although plesantly) to see Illini at 10. That game against Mizzou might turn out to be bigger than I had thought. We’ll see what happens this wekend vs the Buckeyes. CHIEEEEF!!!

I meant Iowa not Ohio State. Forgive me. Ohio St. isnt until next month.

I think you’re right, John, SC is one of the 10 best teams in the country. But if I had a vote, I’d vote based on resume — what have you actually accomplished, how good are your wins and how good are your losses. By that measure, SC doesn’t crack the list. Their loss is a bad loss, and their best win (over Nebraska) looks less impressive every day.


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