Lucky Seven, everything's-unsettled edition

1. Who do you want as GM?

2. Who do you predict gets the GM job?

3. Do you want TLR back as the manager?

4. Who do you think will be the manager?

5. Who will play in the World Series? Who wins it all?

6. Seen any new TV shows this fall that have caught your eye?

7. Seen any good movies lately? Any bad movies?

-M, with iTunes shuffling.


1. chris antonetti

2. tony lacava

3. all respect to tony for what he’s done and all, but a thousand times no.

4. terry pendleton (?)

5. Dbax v. Tribe. Indians win it all.

6. I watched the Caveman…I liked it better when it was just a commercial.

7. Best movie I’ve most recently seen isn’t all that new, but it was Inside Man with Denzel and Clive Owen. Great movie. Another Clive Owen movie I recently saw that was just awful was Children of Men.

1 & 2) Our interim GM has been doing well so far. He’s already showing that he wants to keep key players and is willing to work quickly with returning FA’s.

3) Yes

4) If not TLR, I’ll wait to see what the Yanks do with Torre. If neither of them, then either Oquendo or Girardi.

5) Hoping- Rox v Tribe, tribe in 7

actual- DBacks v BoSox, Sox in 7

6) I don’t watch much TV anymore, but from how much i wanted to burn my set when i saw commercials with the cavemen, I;d say anything but that or big bang theory.

7) Last new movie i saw was Simpsons movie. Everyone knows how great that movie was.

1. I truly don’t know enough about GMs that are available to have an educated answer here. Mo has had a great teacher. I wouldn’t mind continuing with him.

2. Probably someone from within.

3. 100% YES.

4. Probably Girardi or the secret weapon.

5. I think I would guess boston and the rockies. I think the red sox are fairly unstoppable.

6. That Kid Nation show is really cute. Kelsey Grammars new show is ok… I think it’ll get better and could possibly be very funny in a couple years.

7. I saw 3:10 to Yuma. It was a really good movie, and you learn to love Russel Crowe. Terrible ending though… Truly lousy.

1. Not sure, but I would like to have someone with a sabermetric mindset and young enough to be flexible about things. The associate GM from the D-Backs might be a good start.

2. Someone besides Mozileck. Not sure if there really is a front-runner.

3. It wouldn’t bother me, as long as he was OK with the new focus of the organization.

4. Someone like Pendleton or Oquendo.

5. Though I’m rooting for Cleveland, I think Boston wins the Series over Colorado.

6. No. Just now getting to watching Heroes on DVD, so you can see how far back I am on TV. (Can’t wait for Lost and 24, though.)

7. Haven’t been to the movies in a couple of years, I don’t think. And rarely watch any on DVD.

1) I have no clue as to which GM’s are available, I personally like to mix things up and try out new things, so heck, why not Larry Walker as GM and making decisions.

2) Probably the guy who’s the interim GM, he’s already done two good things to try and make this team a competitor for next year.

3) 2 World Series titles: 1 in the American League, 1 in the National League. He’s like what, 3rd on the list on all time wins and number 1 on the list in wins as the Cardinals Manager. Heck, why not, he’s done good? It’s up to him.

4) Well if Tony doesn’t return, of course I’d like to see Girardi, just has a nice ring to it, Manager of the Saint Louis Cardinals, Joe Girardi, doesn’t that have a ring to it? And in his first year as a manager he was manager of the year.

5) I can’t predict the future, so honestly I have no clue, who I want to see in the World Series is the Indians and the Diamondbacks and I want the Indians to be World Series Champs.

6) Dr. Steve-O.

&) Good Movies: Next, Bad Movies: Bug

I can’t wait to see Transformers

That’s supposed to be a 7 there by the way, not a & sign.

1. No great pref. but Mozeliak seems well thought of
2. Mo’

3. Yes, I do very much want Tony back

4. I think he will return. If not, someone with real MLB experience would be preferable, but aside from Torre, I haven’t heard anyone worthy mentioned

5. Rockies vs Indians. Indians win in 6

1. I’d like to see this position filled from inside, there being nothing wrong with the franchise that a better farm system and better luck with injuries won’t fix. Since John Mozeliak has already helped the farm teams a lot, let him be GM. If they absolutely must hire from outside, maybe Antonetti — PLEASE not some retread stuck in the past.
2. Mozeliak. I think DeWitt and Lamping will get this one right.

3. Yes, if and only if he will commit to doing whatever it takes to work with the new front office. He’s still a terrific strategist and tactician if he’s fully engaged, but I’d rather have an enthusiastic Oquendo than a grumpy or withdrawn TLR.

4. I don’t expect him back. Oquendo is my prediction; Girardi is the only guy out there who seems astute enough to replace him, but I don’t think DeWitt and Lamping would tolerate his notorious (and, in the case of his Florida gig, fully justified…) insubordination.

5. What I’d like to see: Rookies over Indians, although I could also live with an Arizona win. What I expect: Bosox over D’backs. I’ve become convinced that use of the DH half of the time makes it all but impossible for an NL team to be considered the favorite, and it’s particularly true this year.

6 and 7: No, no, no.

it isn’t really a change in the front office, as Mizzy was Walt’s student, so they’d have mostly the same mindset I’d think. If they went out and got someone randomly, then I think TLR’s chance of returning would drop to -50.

1. I think I’d like to see what Mo could do with the full-time tag, at least for a year. Although they’ve been no-brainers, the first two moves he’s made (Izzy and Springer) have been good ones. Also, who else is out there? If you could get a guy like Terry Ryan or Schuerholz, that would be one thing, but it seems like the guys out there are just as unproven as Mo.

2. I think Mo gets the shot, mostly because in my eyes, that’s the best chance for a TLR return.

3. Although it’s always exciting when a new guy comes in, I think TLR is the best fit for this team. When your superstar (AP) swears by a guy, you should probably do anything he wants.

4. If TLR walks away, I think Oquendo gets a chance. If not Oquendo, then Riggelman. (Just based on the insight by our wonderful beat writer here at

5. I like Bo Sox vs. Rox, with the Bo Sox winning it all. (Although nothing has gone according to plan this offseason).

6.Never been a Jimmy Smits guy, but I really, really like Cane on CBS. Quality stuff. Also, it’s not new, but nobody watches Friday Night Lights, and that’s one of my favorites on TV these days. Someone please watch!

7. Haven’t seen anything lately, but can’t wait to see We Own The Night with Wahlberg, Phoenix, Mendes and Duvall. Looks awesome.

(With Galatic on the computer speakers, and FSU ball on the TV)

1. Who do you want as GM? Mozeliak.

2. Who do you predict gets the GM job? ???

3. Do you want TLR back as the manager? Yes

4. Who do you think will be the manager? ???

5. Who will play in the World Series? Who wins it all? Rocks and Sox, winner? Uh.

6. Seen any new TV shows this fall that have caught your eye? I don’t watch regular shows on TV.

7. Seen any good movies lately? Any bad movies? Good: 3:10 to Yuma. Bad: Halloween.

No. Good ending to 3:10.

TNT–You liked that ending? He’s being chased the entire time. He finally gets to the train, and he stands there. YOU KNOW THEY’RE BEHIND YOU!🙂 I was just so annoyed by it.

Derrick, TNT liiked the ending, you know what this means right? Just because someone doesn’t like something, doesn’t mean right away that everyone’s going to agree with that person and not like it. I heard so many people say that Spiderman 3 ****** and I thought it was pretty cool.

Hey, derrick, you have a point. He should have know they would shoot. It just didn’t bother me. Sometimes people do not think, especially.

I like Spidey 3 too. It was not perfect, but fun. This is what makes us human, different outlooks and tastes.

Now, let’s see how we all will react regarding the gm, mgr, and new players the Cards may get. Cheers.

1 & 2: Mo. He seems to be about winning, and as long as he’ll keep us contending, I’ll be content.

3: I wouldn’t say “want,” but I’d tolerate him at the helm again. Let’s face it, when he’s on he’s brilliant, when he’s off he looks like a fool. He’s looked brilliant a lot more than looking like a fool in his tenure with the club.

4: Hoping for Torre, Girardi, or the Secret Weapon.

5: Rockies beat Webb, therefore I’m going with the Rockies in 6, Indians in 6, Rockies in 7. Poor Cleveland.

6: I just discovered Flight of the Conchords. Absolutely brilliant. “All the ladies with the babies make your babies shake their booties, yeah.”

7: King of Kong was pretty fun, recommended. I stray from bad movies like the plague, in all honesty. No Comebacks or [insert Dane Cook movie here] for me anytime soon, no sir.

Daniel–Galactic is awesome! I saw them in concert once.

Zoop–Flight of the Conchords is fabulous. I just discovered it, too.

–Mrs. Dude

“Guess what’s behind my back!”
“Is it a biscuit?”

“What!? No!”

“Is it a different kind of biscuit?”

“No, no! It’s not a biscuit!”

“But what… what if it was a REALLY big biscuit?”

Can’t wait for the DVD.

1. Moz will be just fine
2. Moz has it

3. I’m not too sure I want him back. If we get some free agents, yes. Otherwise, no.

4. Joe Torre

5. Rockies-Indians, Colorado in 6

6. Bionic Woman

7. No.

1. Walt Jocketty.

2. The guy that they talked with from the Indians.

3. Yes

4. La Russa

5. Colorado and Cleveland. Madison Avenue weeps. Cleveland takes it (The Rockies have to run out of juice sometime), starting another wave of national analysts calling the NL AAAA ball.

6. Chuck and Reaper. I’ve also been watching Bionic Woman. If it ever hits it stride, it may become good.

7. 1408.

Of course, I typed that before I saw that Dusty Baker took the job with the Reds. That seems like it would be another reason for La Russa to leave. With both Lou and Dusty in the division, seems like he might want to go elsewhere, to keep his friends.

In light of that development, I change my answers for 3 and 4 to Girardi and Oquendo (with Matheney in a year as pitching coach), respectively.

I don’t think Matheney is able to do a whole lot if he is still suffering side effects from post-concusion syndrome.

1. Honestly, I don’t know enough about it to put together an educated answer. I would like for them to bring in some fresh blood; if they were going to stay with the same old situation, why not keep Jocketty?

2. I have no clue.

3. I am in support of LaRussa coming back, but if they bring in an outside GM I think it’s time for TLR to go.

4. I think it will be LaRussa.

5. Rockies, cause they’re up 3-0 and the Indians. And what I think is a great WS. Indians win in 6.

6. I really only watch sports on TV.

7. Just watched Knocked Up about a week ago. It’s excellent.

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