Friday TLR update

Chatted with TLR briefly this afternoon, and while my official take will go up on the site shortly, here’s my read:

To my ear, he sounded very much like he would like to be back. My guess is, for example, that if they hire Mozeliak, and Mo calls TLR and says, ‘We’d like you to be our manager,’ it would get done pretty quickly.

He said he hasn’t talked with any other teams, which is only a mild surprise. I would expect that CIN would have called. Would be pretty inappropriate for the Yankees to make official contact while they still haven’t made a decision on Torre. I very much got the feeling that he expects to be managing somewhere next year.

Anyway. Just FWIW.

-M, shuffling songs again.


Thanks a ton!!! I’ve been starving for TLR news.

Thanks, again, Matt!

This is great news. I think they’d be smart to resign the best skip out there.

I sometimes think it would be interesting to see how new blood would do as mgr. But I will chime in and say I am glad to hear he leans toward staying.

Mo seems firm but mellow, decisive but flexible, and young but experienced. I kind of hope he gets the GM job, but I understand the need for a search.

One more thing, what about the TV schedules for the playoffs? I look for the game and for news about broadcast plans for last night’s game.

Truthfully, I’m not sure how to take any of this. Right now so much of the team’s future is tied up in one man — his initials, of course, are A.P. — that unless you could get inside that one guy’s head and get a sense of how *he* is reading developments, I don’t see how an informed opinion about TLR or a GM is possible.

To first approximation, I think the right thing for the top office to do in this situation is find out what Pujols wants, and then do it. Period. Very unusual situation where an employee, in effect, dictates terms to the big boss, but this isn’t an ordinary employee we’re talking about here!

TNTNT- All ALCS and WS games this season will be shown on Fox, while TBS will cover all NLCS games. Check for the actual times.

Dynoooomite!!! I really hope to see TLR back in the saddle again.

Thanks, Matt, for the article.

It’s good to get some news vs none at all. I’m pleasantly surprised and now at least a little optimistic. This Cardinal fan family loves Tony, and we would very much like to see him return.

In many respects, I saw the 2007 season as one of (if not the best) that Tony had as a manager, because he did an absolutely yeoman job of holding a team together through all kinds of adversity. He is a true gentleman, very astute and thoughtful in his approach to handling the duties of a manager, and a true professional.

No matter where Tony manages, he will do a great job. I just hope it will be in St. Louis.

I was wondering, as far as the interim tag is concerned, how long do we have to pull that off of Mo if we wanted to make him the GM permanently?

Um…so…Joel Pin. 2 years and 13 million…wow…they weren’t kidding when they said they were going to be fast, aggressive, and be willing to pay more this year…so…what do we think of this deal, Matt?

I’ll have something on Pineiro later today…

To answer the previous question, there’s no set term on “interim.” You could have an interim GM for months if you wanted. But I think they want to have this done, one way or another, relatively soon. If not before the World Series, then shortly thereafter.


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