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(BTW, first of all thanks to the truly awesome Big Lebowski Quote Generator for many of my recent subject headers. Though if you click on the link, be warned that it includes some decidedly R-rated language. Anyway.)

I called Matt Holliday’s homer in the fourth tonight. Knew Micah Owings was going to make a mistake to him, and knew Holliday would pounce. And there’s a reason I was able to call it — because there’s absolutely no way Owings should still have been in the ballgame. He was clearly flagging. He’d thrown 29 pitches in the inning — twenty-nine! He’d taken a pretty good tumble on Torrealba’s ball earlier in the inning.

Oh, and it was Matt Bloody Holliday coming to the plate, only the best hitter in the stadium.

So it’s Game 4. Win or your season is done. You’ve got a very good, very deep bullpen with guys who can go more than an inning. Your starter is clearly fading and has worked extremely hard. The best hitter on either team is at the plate. It’s a two-run game and your team is still in it, but one big hit and the lead is probably too big to overcome. Why, exactly, is Owings still in the game?

(Note — Holliday is 5-for-8 against Juan Cruz, the reliever who eventually came in. So there’s that. But still.)

I like how Melvin has managed for much of the postseason. For the most part, he seems to have a grasp of the single most crucial element of postseason tactical managing — you MUST win today’s game, never mind anything after today. But I really think he dropped the ball tonight. It’s a no-tomorrow game and he didn’t seize on a chance to keep it winnable.



I didn’t really know how AZ could have had the best record in the NL this year. They have no real on base guy at the top of their lineup, one great starter, the rest are ok at best (even you Livan), and a good bullpen. I think all of their energy just ran out in this series.

It’s at least partly due to the bullpen that Melvin waited too long to use last night…


I dont know about all that…Im just really excited that the Rockies won. I home the AL series goes 7. I want to the see the WS played in snow!

Just FWIW, the World Series starts on the same date no matter what. Whether the ALCS ends on Thursday, or it goes all the way to Sunday, the World Series starts on Wednesday, 10/24.


It’s true. You actually literally called it.

–Mrs. Dude.

The bride was there, ’tis true. Sitting half-awake in a haze, probably wondering what exactly I was babbling about. And then I woke her up to make sure she knew I had called the HR.

She’s a wonderful, wonderful sport.


I called two homers in that wild Phillies game at Busch last month. The crowd started calling me Criss Angel. Always fun.

And shut the **** up, Donnie. You’re out of your ****ing element.

Hey M, I know it may be a little late to ask, but that interference call in game one, what was your take on that? Agree/Disagree with the call?

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