Leach's Top-10, Miami Week edition

It is Miami Week, which means six days of excitement followed by one day of absolutely excruciating agony. Losing to Miami is much more painful than beating Miami is good. Then again, this year FSU-Miami is probably relegated to ESPN8, The Ocho, anyway…

1. South Florida. Easily the best resume of any undefeated team, with wins at Auburn and over W.Virginia. Those are two wins better than anything that either BC or tOSU has.

2. Ohio State. More a power vote than a resume vote. I just can’t really distinguish what they’ve accomplished from what BC and ASU have accomplished. Since I think they’re the better team, they get the spot.

3. Boston College. I remain really high on this team. We’ll see how they fare in eight days when they go to Blacksburg. Win that, and they’re legitimate contenders.

4. Arizona State. Like BC, a week off and then the schedule gets grueling. Like BC, if they win out, they have every argument for playing in the title game.

5. LSU. Easily the best resume of the one-loss teams, having beaten South Carolina and VaTech, two teams that are otherwise undefeated, as well as a UF team that is far better than its two losses indicate. If everybody ends up with one loss, LSU should play in the title game. And in fact, if LSU wins out from here, with Auburn, at-Alabama and the SEC title game still to come, they might deserve to be there anyway.

6. Oklahoma. I believe LSU and OU are the two best teams in the country, but OU doesn’t quite have the number of good wins that LSU has, and OU’s loss is a little worse.

7. Cal. Two good wins, one not-good-but-not-inexcusable loss.

8. South Carolina. They beat…

9. Kentucky.

10. Missouri. Hanging with OU in Norman is not a bad loss at all.

Teams to watch: Florida, Auburn (getting better and better), Texas Tech (one dropped pass from being undefeated), Michigan.

Game of the Week: For me it’s FSU-Miami. For everybody else, how about TT-Mizzou, which should be extremely entertaining and will tell a good bit about just how good TT is.

-M, with Radiohead’s In Rainbows playing on the speakers.


Interesting weekend in College Football last weekend. Sure makes for good debates on the validity of the BCS system… Game of the week for me is Ilinois and Michigan. I am really hoping that the Wisconsin and Penn State wins were not flukes. Heck ABC/ESPN thinks enough of it to host Gameday from Champaign. I would also like to see Mizzou make a run at the national title as well, that would be a new face in the mix as well.

Wow. The Jayhawks don’t even get a mention. I know Baylor should be in the FCS, but 58-10?

Your former associate is hurt.

How come our ‘Cats at #9 were the only team that ddin’t have a snappy comment after their ranking ?😉

Maybe after we dismantle the Gators we’ll get a little Dangerfieldian respect.

Just kiddin… we’ve only had a few good games after some really bad years, but this little dab of success is very intoxicating to us who aren’t accustomed to such high rankings.

Thanks for noticing us !

KU is prolly top-15 if I had a top-25. Beat somebody, buddy. Anybody. Boulder would be a very good start. Also, I see you’ve given in to the PC “FCS” and “FBS,” eh?

Mike — my intent was to roll them and South Carolina into a single comment. Seemed clever in my mind, guess it didn’t work. Not the first time. I’ll be amazed and impressed if they have anything left for UF this week after laying it all out against LSU.


Noooowwwwww I get it.

And they didn’t have enough punkin’ left to beat dem Gators.

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