Lucky Seven, Miami Week edition

1. What’s your take on the Pineiro signing? Loved it? Liked it? OK because it’s only two years? Reservations? Hated it?

2. A lot of people seem to be emailing me about second base, but the Cardinals have Adam Kennedy under contract. What do you think the plan should be? Let Kennedy show what he can do? Move Ryan? Sign Eckstein to play 2B (if he were willing, which is far from a guarantee)? Play Miles? If you say anything other than playing Kennedy, then you need to give a solution for Kennedy. Just bench him for the last two years of his deal? He pretty much can’t be traded at this point. Release him and eat the 7MM left on the contract?

3. What free agent pitcher interests you the most? Lohse? Silva? Schilling? Fogg? Jennings? Glavine?

4. What’s been your level of interest in this year’s playoffs?

5. ASIDE from Cubs-Cardinals, what’s your favorite rivalry in sports?

6. What’s the best or most memorable game or sports event you’ve seen in person?

7. What’s your favorite non-Cardinals blog?

-M, still trying to see if this new Radiohead album grabs me.


1. I really like what I saw from Pineiro. And, considering the price of pitching lately, I was hoping we would sign him. I DID flinch at the 13 million, but I like the 2 years…I want to see what he can do in a non-contract year. All things considered, less than 7 mil a season is a decent price in today’s market FOR A GOOD starting pitcher. So…if Joel works out, great deal. If not, bad deal, but that’s how they all go, right? Final thought on it…I liked how aggressive and quick the move was. We really seem to be gearing up to make a run at some players in the offseason.

2. Considering our backup plans are in place (Miles and Ryan), I don’t have a problem seeing what he can do. I was in favor of a trade for Kennedy, but you’re right…no value. I DON’T like eating the money and I DON’T like the idea of wasting money on 2B that we could spend on pitching. We have 2B options, let’s see how it plays out.

3. I have problems going for guys with very high ERAs or consistent losing records. I don’t like Schilling’s personality and Glavine, at this point, seems to be a Rent-a-Pitcher. I guess that leaves Silva.

4. I’ve had high interest but low opportunity. Grad school and contract writing work has kept me from watching games I’ve wanted to watch. I like the Rockies’ story, and I enjoy watching Boston regardless…some teams like Phillie coming out flat have hurt my interest level, though.

5. For me, I’m going to throw out Yankees/Red Sox (hard to seperate MY interest from the Media’s interest) and Chiefs/Raiders (I’m a Chiefs fan so I’m biased). For me, that leaves the Colts/Patriots. Wow…I love Manning vs. Brady and Manning vs. Belichick. The records of both teams for the past few years doesn’t hurt, either. Now, with the cheating allegations, think about this…How many times did you hear an announcer (during the Patriots/Colts games) say something like “It’s almost like Belichick KNOWS what Manning is going to do!!!”??? NOW how much would you pay???

6. The first game I took my ex-wife to was a Cardinals/Reds game in old Busch. She was not a baseball fan. The Reds hit a 2nd inning grand slam to go ahead 5 – 1 and she was depressed. I said “Just wait…lots of game left.” In the 3rd inning, Renteria hit a grand slam for the Cards and tied the game 5 – 5. We went on to win 11 – 5 with multiple home runs…she was hooked. I couldn’t believe I got to see 2 grand slams in ONE game!!!!

7.…although, it’s big enough now, maybe it doesn’t qualify…but funny stuff!!!

1. Dislike it. I feel like we’re overpaying for a sample size of what Joel can do.

2. I’m torn… I say let Kennedy try his stuff for a few months, and if nothing. release him and chew the $7m fat. Fact is, if he’s batting .210, it’s better to eat the $7m loss and play a younger guy (Ryan) with more potential batting .290 than an older guy at .200. In my opinion, wasting the young talent on the bench is more of a problem than the money issue. I think we all agree that the Kennedy deal was not wise. I’m big on both Miles and Ryan, so depending on the Eck sitch, I think they should both receive a lot of playing time.

3. Jennings, probably. I think Dunc could give him some pointers. I’d be good with Fogg, too, who might benefit from getting out of Coors (possibly, dunno the exact numbers on that so he might struggle more on the road). I’m a Schilling fan, but he’s broken parts at this point.

4. About a 7/10. I love October baseball, but all those sweeps damaged my interest slightly, despite the Rox making it (the team I’ve adopted as my Cards-less October team). These match-ups look so good on paper, but they’re not panning out as interesting as I’d hoped. Go Indians.

5. NOT Sox/Yanks. Get so sick of that. Hmm… Red Wings/Avs. I’m an Avs fan, and my gal’s family’s from Michigan. Gets heated.😉

6. World Series, Game 4. Had tickets to 5, but alas, the rain delays messed up my chance to see them clinch. Can’t complain, it was great. Beyond that, in ’99 there was a game against the Brewers that went into extra innings. They’d score a few, we’d tie it, they’d score a few, we’d tie it… We eventually lost in like, the 14th, but what a game. This year’s “Phillies blow 500 run lead” game is up there, too. It’s easier to handle a loss when the team shows some heart, which they did there. Good job.

7. Levi Buchanan, one of my co-workers at IGN. Political blog with little bias:

1. Don’t like it. He was good albeit fluky for the Cards. Not the worst contract ever, but not a good one. It’s a bad FA class, so it may not look that horrid down the road.
2. let kennedy try and redeem himself. i think his knees had to be a factor. he’s never been as bad as he was last year.

3. Silva. He’s a type B so nothing is really lost in the draft and he seems like a Dave Duncan pitch to contact guy. I’m not his biggest fan, but he has good control and gets grounders. Like I said, the FA market is thin.

4. Medium-high. Gotta love the Rox. Indians rather likable too. Homegrown talent is the way to go.

5. OU-Texas or Mizzou/Illini

6. Sadly, I’ve lived away from the Lou for a while, so I don’t get to see much in person, and when I do, it’s nothing earth shattering.

7. The Hardball Times.

1.)I like it. Who else could you possibly sign that would be better and in the same price range?? I know! No one.
2.)Kennedey should be better next year, but, if not, I’d say try to get Eck to move to 2nd and use Miles to rest Eck and Ryan, who would start at SS.

3.)For me I’d be interested in Jennings or Lohse.

4.)I’ve only been interested to see the Rockies b/c it’s their first shot, and to see the Red Sox lose. Other than that I’m pretty uninterested.

5.)I’d like to say LSU/Arkansas but my Hogs gotta start winning some for it to be a real rivalry.We battle for the “Golden Boot” every year on the day after Turkey Day.

6.)My most memorable game happens to be a Cubs/Cards game at Busch around 1987-88. Andre Dawson went yard for the Cubs in the first, but the Cards won 10-2. Vince Coleman stole 2 bases and went yard in the game. I got to see spectacular defense from Shawon Dunston (then a Cub) and Ryne Sandberg. No I’m not a Cubs fan but I do relish the rivalry.

7.) Honestly, yours is the only one I read M.

1.) I love it. More on that later…

2.) Hmmm….Though one. I would say it is Kennedys to lose in Spring training. But keep him on a short leash. Miles/Ryan did to good of a job filling in. Any sign that Kennedy isnt giving you what one of those guys can, well, maybe he can pinch hit?

3.) I really enjoyed the Arizona/Cubs Series and the Rockies/Arizona series. Hoping for the Rockies to sweep whoever they play. Havent seen much of the AL games. Is it just me, or do AL games last an hour longer than NL games?

4.) This is why I love the Pineiro deal. No one else seems to interest me at the least bit. All I want for Christmas is for Mulder to look simi like Mulder. Lets see who we can trade Reyes for. (Because I believe Reyes has great stuff, and just needs a change.)

5.) Steelers – Browns

6.) In Marine Corps Boot-camp back in ’98 we got to go to a Padre-Cardinals game. It was one of those PR type deals. We had to stand up and cheer everytime something went the Padres way. That was kinda hard. But the Birds won. Some drunk guy thought it would be funny to pour beer on us. That ******. But yeah, getting away from boot camp for a few hours to see the Cardinals play… Best live sporting event ever.

7.) A car that does 0-60 in under 4 seconds. And doesnt use gas. Count me in. (speaking of which, anyone have a spare 90 grand lieing around?). But Im pulling for Telsa. If they are successfull they can change the face of the country.

Only gonna answer #6. This year, we took my sister to a Cards-Reds game. She’s a HUGE fan, but this was the first game she’d ever been to. It was a Tuesday night, and we had to be at work the next day at 8am, so we told her, if it goes into extra innings, we’re gonna have to leave anyway. Bottom of the 9th, 3-3, I don’t remember who on base, and The So-man rips a walk-off single. She’s happy, I’m happy, all of Cardinal nation is happy. Easily the best ever.

1. “Like” it, don’t “love” it. As contracts for starting pitchers go, it’s not a lot of money, and if he’s healthy, he could be useful. I’m not sure enough that he will be useful to say I “love” the deal, though.
2. Give him a chance through spring training, but be ready to mercilessly pull the plug if it doesn’t work out, with a trade for a box of rocks, or even outright release, possible. Hoffpauir offers a last-ditch replacement possibility if it comes to that.

3. None, basically, which is one reason why I generally endorse the Pineiro deal. It’s a pretty mediocre bunch and they’ll be overpriced. Silva, maybe.

4. Rabid interest, part of living in Rookies country. They really are quite a story, and you gotta feel good about Helton finally getting to a Series.

5. Cards-Astros, followed by Cards-Mets, followed by Cards-Giants. Detect a pattern here?

6. Grrrrr. May 15, 1960, at which time I was quite a small child — but not small enough not to be disgusted, because Don bleeping Cardwell of the bleeping CUBS pitched a no-hitter against the Cardinals. In CHICAGO, yet. I didn’t see the whole game; it was the second game of a doubleheader, and my father, who was as rabid a Cardinals fan as I am (may he rest in peace) and was grossed out by what was happening, packed us all off to the car in the eighth inning to beat the crowd. I can still remember the roar we heard as we were getting into the car, and I cursed every one of the Cubs fans who were part of that roar.

7. No opinion.

Oh, man … can I change my answer to #2? If Cleveland wins tonight after that baserunning boner by Ramirez, maybe Boston would take Kennedy for Manny in a straight-up trade.🙂 ‘Course, then we’d be stuck with him.🙂 I think something could be arranged to take advantage of that, though…

1. I liked it. Pitching’s at a premium. You’re not going to find a better #4/5. Also, it’s not like the Cards have a number of options in their ogranization. Two years is a nice bridge.

2. Kennedy has to be a better player than he showed this year. I mean, he has to be. I let him start the year at second. Either a FA/ECK at short and Ryan as your third infielder. Kennedy might not hit .300 like he did in the AL, but I really think he can be a .270 hitter.

3. I think Schilling would be a nice fit in STL. The fans would love him and he’d love STL’s fans. It was also be loads easier for Schilling to pitch in the NL Central than the AL East.

4. I’ve watched with an interested eye. The Rox have been great to watch, and watching Josh Beckett in October could possibly be my favorite thing to do in baseball. He was awesome to watch Thursday night.

5. Easy question for a KU grad. Give me a ticket to a KU/Mizzou basketball game at Allen Fieldhouse and I’m taking it over nearly any other regular season game in all sports. As much as I hate to admit it, I love Duke-UNC.

6. The best game was last year at KU. Kansas-Texas basketball. Kevin Durant dropped 37 points and Texas was up double digits at halftime. Kansas came out on fire at the start of the second half, and ended up winning with two free throws by Russell Robinson with five seconds left. It secured a 14-2 Big 12 season and a conference championship. Also, watching Tiger Woods in a practice round at Bellerive C.C in St. Louis at about 5:30 in the morning with just 50 other spectators could be the most memorable.

7. As a hockey guy, Andy Strickland’s blog at is my favorite non-baseball blog.

1) I loved it, I’ve been wanting the Cardinals to get him for years now, he may not have that decent career stats, then again, they all came in the American League, this is the national league, I think he’ll do great.

2) 2B-If he’s a free agent, Luis Castillo, I’ve been wanting the Cardinals to get him for awhile also, I like speed, make Kennedy a backup player. SS-Brendan Ryan if they don’t resign David Eckstein, which I don’t believe they’re going to do and make Aaron Miles the backup Short Stop.

3) How about a person you didn’t mention, someone who I do believe is a free agent at the end of this year, I might be wrong, maybe he’s not, but Freddy Garcia.

4) When it first started I was big into watching it, I loved seeing the Cubs get swept, it was a great moment in baseball history, lol. Other than that I was rooting for the Angels, but they were swept, so I can’t root for them, so right now I’m not watching the playoffs, until World Series comes, and if they aren’t blindsided by another Red Sox historical comeback, then I’ll be rooting for the Indians the whole way.

5) Not sure, maybe Cardinals/Astros. Don’t watch many other sports besides baseball and don’t like many other teams besides Cardinals and Angels.

6) It was my first time watching the Cardinals at the Old Busch Stadium, don’t remember who they were playing, but they won 11-3 I think.

7) Any blog I post, they’re usually about the Cardinals, movie, music, or whatever I feel like talking about, they’re on my MySpace.

1) I love it because it shows the interim GM is willing to resign some key FA’s, even willing to take a larger chance sometimes.

2) I think it all hinges on Eckstein. If he doesn’t resign, the best spot to fill a leadoff hitter would be at 2nd base, so someone like Luis Castillo. If he does resign, let Kennedy try it out, I think we at least need to give it a shot. If he doesn’t pan out, then either platoon him or just flat out release him and start Ryan/Miles platoon at 2nd. BTW, I though Miles just had a 1 year contract?

3) Obv I have an intrest in Glavine, because of the pedigree and leadership skills he has. I also think he’ll be better in the low key environment than he did in NY. Other than that, Fogg seems to be a fairly flexible arm. I think I saw that the Rox were using him as both a starter and reliever.

4) Any baseball is good baseball.

5) Red Sox/Yanks gets hyped up a lot but most of the time the series live up to the hype.

6) The first game (and only game) I saw at Yankee Stadium. Mets-Yanks in 2002. Mets won 11-2 I think, and it had a Piazza HR, Vaughn HR, Jeter HR, Vance Wilson HR, and i think i saw a steal of home too.

7) Don’t read any other blogs.

1. Love the Pineiro signing. 2 yrs is perfect, in case it’s a bust. But I was impressed with his overall abilities, and coachability. Girl-fan bonus: he’s cute.
2.Gotta let Kennedy prove it’s his job. Can’t trade him, can’t throw away the money without a fair trial.

3.I’m not thrilled with any FA pitcher. Maybe Glavine for 1 yr. Lohse has possibilities, but not for a lot of $$$.

4.Playoffs games are on too late here in EST land. I’m usually good for 5 innings at most. I’m very interested, just need sleep more.

5. I’ve grown weary of all the hype in the Yans-Sox rivalry. Even though I’m not interested in other sports, it has to be Carolina-Duke, in any sport [baseball’s their only games I’ve seen in person].

6. Most memorable game seen in person had to be one in Philadelphia, first series in their new stadium for the Cardinals. 1 run lead, bases loaded, 2 out, bottom 9th, Izzy on the mound. Wild pitch 3rd strike, bounces off the backstop. Matheny grabs it and gets the runner by 1 step at 1st for the final out. Also, seeing the division pennant clinching game in 2002. Not a close game, but the emotions on the field were special.

7. Favorite non-Cards blog: Uniwatch Blog. Fun stuff, well written, easy to contribute bits to.

1. Pineiro signing was a good deal I thought. 2 years is long enough to see if he is a legit starter, any longer and the Cards would of been stuck al-la Kennedy.
2.Play him until you just cant play him anymore, at least give him the chance to prove this year was a injury ridden fluke.

3.Maybe Lohse or Fogg, but not for big bucks.

4.Man I’ve been engrossed with the Rockies, since my Cards arent in it I’m pullin hard for them, what a great story.

5. Kansas Jayhawks vs. Missouri Tigers, Redkins vs. Cowpokes.

6.Any Cards game I can get to.

7.This is the only blog I read.

1. I am in favor of Pineiro being re-signed.
2. Miles or Eckstein, possibly Ryan. Kennedy is not the way to go. If you saw how he was at the plate last year, you’d agree with me.

3. I’m just hoping the Cards can get decent pitchers.


5. Michigan-Ohio State

6. Labor Day Wknd 2003 in Cincy, Jimmy Ed making the catch over the wall. It was awesome to see it in person.

7. This is the only blog I read.

1. I’d have been happier with 11 mil, but an extra mil a year shouldn’t kill the Cards. And they needed to bring Pineiro back. Sure, he’s only a number 4 or 5, but he’s quite good at what he does.

2. I’d like Eckstein at 2nd. As for Kennedy, they don’t have to eat it. They can send him down to AAA and let him be in a mentor role. They’d talked about wanting to get one.

3. Jennings, actually. Maybe I’m just spoiled by visions of Carpenter-level bouncebacks.

4. I’ll be rooting rather heavily for the Rockies, mainly because I’m sick and tired of people calling the NL “AAAA” ball. Hopefully, the Rockies will make it a NL WS Streak.

5. Kirkwood-Webster. But I’m not biased or anything.

6. Game 4, 2004 WS.


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