One Year Ago Today

One year ago today, I covered the single best nine-inning game I’ve ever seen in my life.

The 2004 NLCS was a better series than last year’s, no doubt about it. Start to finish, amazing baseball. But for a single game, I don’t expect to top Game 7 of the ’06 NLCS. Endy Chavez’s catch was probably the best play I’ve ever seen, and that includes Edmonds on Brad Ausmus in Game 7 in 2004. Jeff Suppan‘s escape in the next inning was huge, and IMO, as critical as any other juncture in the entire game. Molina’s home run was just stunning, and of course Wainwright’s escape in the ninth was classic baseball drama. That one will be remembered for a long time, not just in St. Louis.

Really phenomenal baseball. Sometime about the seventh inning or so, I just started saying things like, "I can’t believe I’m paid to be here."

Here’s hoping that the ALCS and/or World Series deliver some ball of that quality before October is out.


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It’s humbling to see how much changes in a year. Just have to hope better for 2008

Agreed completely… I feel very lucky that my team was able to clinch the pennant over my least favorite team in such dramatic fashion. It’s something that not a lot of folks get to see in their lifetimes, much less at a young age like yours truly. If I never see a better game in my life, I’ll be disappointed but not surprised.

My 8 year old son just came in and sat down next to me. Game 6 of the Sox/Indians concluded at just the same moment. As my son sat down, the game announcer said, “Game 7 tomorrow night!!” My son immediately said, “He’s alive!!!”

I thought, what an interesting way for an 8 year old to put it. I didn’t know he was paying attention in the first place. He continued to expound on his thought by saying, “You think he’s gonna’ die, but then you see the flowers…and you know, something’s up.”

As he smiled at me with a wry grin, I had a realization of my own. He wasn’t talking about the game…he had just finished watching “E.T.” on ABC Family.

Well, we ‘almost’ had a memorable father/son moment. Of course, this is the same son I had to drag kicking and screaming into the living room to watch the last pitch of the Cardinals’ World Series victory last year saying, “You’ll thank me for this when you’re 30, son.”

Gotta’ love that little guy…

ML You are so right. That game is a thing of beauty. I have watched (parts of) the DVD twice this week. There’s just so much drama. Suppan was so on. Factor in the rain and the crowd. And that catch. Just classic.

The only game better than Game 7 of the 06 NLCS was Game 5 of the 06 WS. It was, in the words of **** Vitale, AWESOME BABY!

I’m old enough to not recall the specific year or game, in part because the recent years of success have been many. Hard to beat Jack Clark’s homer against Niedenfeurer, or the Wiz’ miracle shot “Go crazy, folks, go crazy.” Those were great games with great finishing moments. More recently, Jim Edmonds’ homer to bring a game seven was pretty awesome. Best of all, though, was game 6 against the Astros when Albert crushed a Lidge offering DEEP in Houston. Never heard a crowd go so silent so fast.

Matt – does the rest of the baseball world think that game 7 was great, or is the opinion still that the Mets/Cards was a mediocre series b/c the AL was “so much better” than the NL last year? I remember reading at the time opinions expressing what a yawner the NLCS was. Are you (is Cardinals nation) in the minority on this point, still? Or have all the East Coast pundits seen the light?

Well, that’s why I separate the game from the series.

In my opinion, it really WASN’T a great series. It was a fine series, but not a great one. That was simply a great, great game and I think everybody realizes that.

The 04, and even to some extent 05, NLCS were truly great series. The 06 was, IMO, a decent series capped by a truly great game.


Good point. Thanks for the reply.

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