Sweet home Boston

Greetings from a workroom at Fenway Park, which I hardly recognize from when I used to come here as a fan in the mid-1990s. I’ll be at the World Series here and in Denver, so I’ll be blogging on all sorts of things, including Cardinal-related and WS-related.

The weather here is really nice, which is a striking turn from the last time there was a World Series workout day at Fenway. The nighttime workout before the ’04 World Series was miserably cold and wet and just generally unpleasant. Bad times.



Welcome to Boston from a Cardinals fan who works just a few blocks from Fenway!

OK, I will put up with this weather as long as it makes your working environment more pleasant.🙂

Hey M, you keep saying that Bennett won’t be resigned, and obv Yaddy won’t be catching 162 games behind the plate, so who is his backup for next year?

I’m not Matt, but I’ll take a stab at your question, heymatto, how about Ramon Castro?

They’ll sign a FA. I doubt it’ll be Castro, for a couple reasons. 1, um, his, um, character questions. 2, I suspect he may get some money and a chance to start somewhere this year.

They’ll go with a defense-first guy, I expect.


Well, I don’t exactly consider him to be that great of a hitter, he’s a good hitter, not the best, he’s a career .234 hitter, he had a career year this year, but he’s wonderful at defense, a .990 fielder. If they don’t get him, who would they go for? Who do you think stands the best chance?


In regards to the catcher question, do you see a chance that Bryan Anderson could see some time with the big league club LATE in the ’08 season as a 3rd catcher (possibly 2nd in case of injury) after spending the majority of the year with Triple A?

Just curious just how much the Cardinals are willing to “fast track” him considering they are several years away from needing a new catcher.


P.S. Watching the game now…considering Beckett is pitching IN BOSTON…does it really matter just how much the Rockies lose by? We knew the Rockies weren’t going to sweep the Sox…and after you accept that, it’s gotta’ be almost a given that the game(s) the Sox would win would have to be the Beckett game(s)…I guess what I’m saying is, I don’t think a Sox victory in game 1 affects my view of the Rockies’ chances in this Series. Beckett winning in Boston was already factored into my “prediction” calculation…um…not that I picked the Rockies, but I WOULD like to see the National League put a whoopin’ on the American again…stinkin’ cheaters…usin’ 10 guys to play a 9 player game…

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