Leach's Top-10, World Series edition

1. LSU. Look at it this way — the team that beat them, Kentucky (on the road, in triple overtime), is better than anyone that BC, Ohio State, ASU or Kansas has played all year. So, yeah, those guys are undefeated, but seriously, based on performance record, LSU has done the most. And they’re the best team in the country. No way you’d pick anybody else against them on a neutral field right now.

2. Oklahoma. Their loss is worse than LSU’s loss, but they’re building a nice assortment of wins. Basically I’ve just reassessed the values of the one-loss teams versus the undefeateds. I reserve the right to reassess again every week (like if BC wins in Blacksburg this week).

3. Ohio State. Same deal as last week with the undefeateds. I can’t tell their resumes apart, and I think tOSU is the best team. Play somebody, already.

4. Arizona State. They get a chance to really make some noise, starting this week against Cal. The Pac-10 is going to be fantastic over the next several weeks.

5. Boston College. Some of their wins get less impressive with time; who knew NCSU would be this bad? I still like this team a lot.

6. Oregon. Maybe the third best team in the country, honestly. They’re really impressive; finally got to watch them some in the UW game, and they’re excellent.

7. Florida. They almost beat LSU, then they handled Kentucky. Dismantled Tennessee. They’re extremely good.

8. Missouri. That was a really good win this past week. I’m consistently a Mizzou doubter, but there’s just not much not to like about these guys this year.

9. VaTech. Schedule gets interesting from here.

10. Kansas. In a nod to my former associate reporter, whose team notched a pretty good win this week.

There were a lot of teams that it was hard to keep out, and they’re all somewhat indistinguishable. USC, South Florida, West Virginia — I could have put them all in the 8, 9 or 10 spot.

Other teams to watch: Michigan, Alabama.

Game of the week: VaTech-BC, no doubt about it. But to pick a Saturday game, I’ve got to go with USC-Oregon, which kicks off the finishing derby in the Pac-10. SC can get right back in the title picture, or Oregon can validate itself even more. I’m picking the Ducks.

-M, in the media workroom at Fenway.

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Oh man. I’ve heard of the Sports Illustrated cover jinx. I sure hope KU didn’t just suffer M.’s top-10 jinx.

Thanks for the love. As long as the Hawks beat Missouri, it’s a successful year fo rme.

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