Lucky Seven, World Series edition

Coming to you from our windowless but climate-controlled workroom at Fenway Park…

1. What’s your take on the Cardinals re-upping TLR?

2. In what uniform will Anthony Reyes make his first 2008 start? St. Louis? Memphis? Other?

3. Reyes, Chris Duncan, Bryan Anderson and maybe Skip Schumaker seem to make up the Cardinals’ most attractive trade chips if they’re looking to acquire somebody in a deal. Of those players, which would you be most opposed to trading? Rasmus obviously would be very appealing to other teams too, but I believe he’s basically untouchable.

4. Who do you want to win the World Series? Who’s going to win?

5. Who will win the Nextel Cup?

6. How do you celebrate Halloween, if at all? Party? Handing out candy to kids? Got a costume picked out for this year? Etc etc etc…

7. Beatles or Stones?

-M, with Buffalo Tom playing on the iPod (which may give you a hint as to my vote on No. 7, as though one is needed).


1. My own reaction? Mixed but predominantly positive. However, my reaction doesn’t matter. I am exactly as happy about this as Pujols is. As I have opined before, the single most important thing the franchise can do for the next few years is keep that guy happy, and re-sign him when his current contract runs out. He is that unique. If AP wants him back, then this was a great move. If not, it was a blunder. I *think* he wants him back, so …
2. Somebody else’s, at the major-league level. He is simply too talented to fester in the minors any more, but he’s worn out his welcome in St. Louis. He should be appetizing trade bait.

3. Anderson by a MILE. Catchers who can hit are such a rare commodity that he should be given every chance to turn Molina into a (terrific) defensive replacement and twice-a-week starter. Under no circumstances should they repeat the Barton blunder.

4. Colorado. Boston.😦

5. Huh?

6. Handing out candy, as our own kids have outgrown it. Never was all that important a “holiday” in our house.

7. Beatles.

1) Great job by resigning him. I wonder if this is his last ToD in baseball.

2) Somebody else’s. Possibly to Atlanta for Renteria (not just Reyes but maybe others).

3) Reyes and Schumaker. I think St. Louis has way too many OFers and Schumaker may get lost in the shuffle.

4) Colorado both times. I think that Boston will lose at least 2/3 in coors, so I’m pretty confident in the Rox.

5) Don’t know.

6) Dressing like a sceintist and going to class. They are mostly science classes so yea…

7) Beatles, greatest group ever.

1. I like his comments on committing to youth and working with everyone. If he walks the walk, then more power to him.
2. Other.

3. Chris Duncan. Great power, draws walks, teachable. You don’t let a guy like that get a way.

4. Rockies all the way. I think the Red Sox just look better on paper, and their lineup looks unstoppable right now.

5. I am of the jerky opinion that nascar is for rednecks.

6. Taking my 10 month old to church for their little schpiel.

7. Shrugs.

1.) Mixed feelings for me.You can’t argue with the man’s track record.But I see it like this.He plays the percentages well enough that over a long period (say a baseball season and/or career) that he is a winning manager.I just don’t enjoy watching his brand of baseball.
2.)Another ML team will sign him but he may still make a minor league start first. Depends on his Spring.

3.)I agree with bebpjon 100% on this one.Don’t trade Bryan Anderson.

4.) Want to see the Rockies win. I think it’ll either be Boston in 5 or Rockies in 7.

5.)Dale,Jr. He’s Nextel, right? Left his dad’s racing company run by his stepmom, I think. He wants to beat them pretty bad.

6.)Party if I don’t have to work…I’ve seriously wanted to go to a halloween party as The Dude, but I can’t find any jellies and I can’t grow my beard that long.

7.) Beatles all the way. Though you made me think for half a sec.

1. Woot! Speaking of with. It’s a woot-off day! Tony brought winning championships back to St. Louis. As far as im concerned it’s his until he is done.

2. Other. I like the guy. I want him to succeed. I believe a change will be best for everyone.

3. Duncan of course. Power. When he wants to can draw a walk. Imporved greatly from last year. Gives it his all every play. Yeah, he looks goofy in the outfield now. But I believe he wont next year. Reyes and Anderson/Schumaker can make a great package deal. I’ll miss Skip though if he isnt back.

4. Rockies/Rockies. Im a National League type guy.

6. First year we are not hosting a party. Going to a wedding celibration this weekend down south. Winery hopping. More than likely we’ll just dress up and hand out candy to the lil’ ghouls-n-gobblins.

7. Beatles. Hands down.

1. I’m not a fan of Tony’s… too many damaged young pitchers, too many alienated players and not enough speed… but he’s won here and, while I’d take Chambliss or Pena in a heartbeat, they never seemed in the mix.
2. See #1 above, Reyes needs new scenery which, should he land in the right place, will generate a very good major league pitcher.

3. Can’t think well enough to answer this… the World Series is on and I can’t stand Curt Schilling…

4. Colorado, probably Boston… it’s how things go for me in these situations.

5. Couldn’t care less, ridiculous waste of fuel and money if you ask me.

6. Kids trick or treat downtown a few days before and again on Halloween, my wife and I usually attend a specific-decade-inspired party the weekend before… this week it is the ‘40s and I’m going as the first transistor.

7. Beatles when I was younger, the problem with the Stones is that they went on after Some Girls… think about it, if you add the post-Beatles ‘70s output of the Beatles to the Beatles’ legacy, does it cause issues with the legacy – beyond one brilliant album by George and two by John?

7a. Buffalo Tom’s “Outdoor Type” is one of the funniest songs of the last quarter century.

1) Earlier on this year I was wanting Tony to leave, because of the bad year we were having, then I realized, it’s not about what he’s done for you now, it’s what he’s done overall, and I say 2006 World Series Championship is a good enough reason to keep him on the Cardinals. Great move.

2) He will probably be with a different organization in 2008, I wouldn’t mind dealing him and someone else in order to get Dontrelle Willis, that’s just me though, we probably won’t get the D-Train, but I really want him to pitch for the Cardinals.

3) Anderson, because he’s a hitting catcher, Schumaker, because he’s got things I like, he seems to be speedy and he hits good, and Duncan, he’s young, he’s powerful, he’s a Duncan.

4) I want the Rockies to win it. To be honest, I don’t know who’s going to win it, I don’t know how anyone would know who’s going to win it, unless they can see in the future.

5) I don’t care.

6) Heck, I’m 18, I don’t care what you think about it, I want to go hang out with my friends, scare some kids, and get free candy, seriously.

7) Beatles.

4. The Rockies. The Rox deserve to lose based solely on the ridiculousness of Beckett’s facial hair…but you already knew that.

5. Johnson or Gordon probably. Burton if the world was a just place.

6. Meh.

7. Stones. The Beatles are way overrated in my opinion.

1. Very happy to have Tony back. No other manager in baseball comes close, and I like him personally.
2. Other. He doesn’t fit in the big picture well in StL.

3. ChrisDunc.

4. I want the Rockies to win, but I don’t mind the Sox (though their fans are getting more obnoxious by the minute). I expect Boston to win.

6 I might break out the ruby slippers and blue gingham jumper again, for work. No kids come to my neighborhood, but I’ll bake pumpkin and black cat shaped sugar cookies for the coworkers.

7. Beatles.

1) I’m pleased with the move.
2) Probably St Louis.

3) Hmm.. good question.

4) I want the Rockies. In the sleepy burb of Asheville, NC, our tiny Tourists are a single A Rockies affiliate. Local TV is bombarding us with ads about the current MLB Rockies “we saw grow up…” However, as I’ve said before, the Sox are a juggernaut. They win in 6.

6) Up the street from us, the entire block of houses creates a halloween-themed block party (one year it was creature from the black lagoon, and they projected the original movie onto the side of one house). They use at least 200 intricately carved pumpkins placed dramatically in trees and on rooftops – all for charity and all for kids. It’s madness. So our friends meet up at our house, we have squash soup, cider, and octoberfest (there’s only ONE October) homebrews, and then we walk our toddlers up the street and let them ogle the goings on – ok, we ogle the goings on, too, and meet up with cross-town friends we might not have seen since last Halloween. The entire town shows up.

7) Depends on my mood, but I discovered the Beatles before the Stones, and I taught a class on the Beatles. I couldnt imagine teaching one on the Stones.

1. As much as the blogging and print media sometimes complain about TLR, the man has done incredibly well here. All those division, league titles and the world series are awesome. I do wish he would embrace the younger guys more and be more patient with the young pitchers. It is interesting what the ownership is trying to do by firing Walt, but keeping Tony. Sort of stradling the fence of player development and win now.

2. St. Louis

3. I would be most opposed to trading Duncan because we need good young outfielders who can hit.

4. It looks like Boston, but I really want the Rockies. I have grown tired of the Boston, they are now the Yankees lite and they swept us so they are on my list. I also dislike the AL and the DH.

5. Jeff Gordon- he’s won everything else.

6. I am supposed to go to a party, but I have not figured out what I will be.

7. Beatles

I answer this edition of the Lucky Seven while eating my free breakfast from Chick-fil-A…mmmmmm…

1. I liked it when I heard he re-upped…I loved it when I heard he is open and excited about developing young players. This means we have one of the best managers ever to manage in the big leagues who is committed to both winning now and winning later. I think the 2 year w/option plan is perfect. He can manage the veterans one more year, then usher in the youth movement with the hopeful introduction of Rasmus the following year. After that season, he can decide if he wants to be a part of St. Louis’ future having spent significant time with the young prospects. Good move and good plan.

2. This is a tough one…I think if there is a trade to be made, he’s in “other” next year…I just question whether a trade will be there to make. If he’s with the organization, he’ll be given a shot in Spring Training again, and he’ll do well there, and then start on the back end of the rotation for the big league team on a very short leash. I just don’t think there is a point…at all…to starting him in Triple A. You know he can pitch there…and it’s harder to ultimately trade a guy before the deadline if he is in Triple A at the time.

3. Duncan. It seems easier to find on-base guys than it is to find a guy that can hit 35-40 HRs a year…which I believe Duncan will do if he continues to be used as a starting outfielder. I love Skip…but his apparent lack of consistent power makes him more expendable. I also like Anderson, but I don’t think we’re going to have a spot for him soon enough. Yadi is pretty much our guy for quite a while…unless he becomes too expensive considering we have an Anderson waiting behind him.

4. I would love to see the National League come out on top – stinkin’ American League pseudo-cheaters – but Boston seems in a groove…I call Boston in 6. I think the Rockies will win 2 of 3 in Colorado, then lose in Boston in game 6.

5. Gordon.

6. A whirlwind night of taking my 8 year old trick-or-treating. No costume, typically, but I occasionally throw some face paint on to look festive…how old am I??? sheesh…

7. Beatles

Here’s a question: Is it possible to convert Anderson to a Third Baseman similar to a Todd Z. or a Biggio(2B)? Or, heck, even a second baseman and then we have a possible B. Ryan and B. Anderson up the middle in the future. Then, he could look to replace Rolen or a 2B F.A. in the coming years (ouch…Scottie is my favorite, but reality stinks).

1) I’m not unhappy, but I would have rather seen Girardi at the helm.

2) Other, hopefully Toronto.

3) I’m not opposed to trading any of them. But, I would probably expect a lot more for Anderson than the others.

4) Want the Rockies, but not going to happen.

5) Jeff Gordon this year.

6) Don’t do much for Halloween…give out full candy bars to trick or treaters…it was always awesome getting those as a kid.

7) I’m not negating eithers greatness, but I personally don’t like either except for Beast of Burden, so I’ll say the Stones.

1. I’m fine with it. Neither happy nor sad. I’d rather it be Tony than, say, Dusty Baker.😉

2. Phillies, I hope. Bourn to win, baby.

3. Anderson. I LOVE Yadi. I really do. Seriously, the guy makes me happy. I love his defense. It’s one of the most exciting things about Cardinals ball, honestly. I love how genuinely happy he is when he does something great. He’s a fantastic guy to have on a team. But Anderson might be the second coming of Mauer, and I can’t let that possibility slip away just like that.

4. Rockies in 6. Who will win? Red Sox in 4. Most boring playoff season in recent memory. At least ’05 had those terrible calls against the Angels to make things interesting, and the Deconstruction of Mr. Lidge.

5. NASCAR’s not my thing in the least, sorry. Jeff Gordon? He always seem to win.

6. I live in an apartment complex in a nice neighborhood, meaning everybody assumes the people in my building are poor or they give out poisoned apples, and skips over us entirely for the nice houses. So, I walk the streets and give out goodie bags full of chocolate, fruity candy, and Garbage Pail Kids trading cards, because I’m epic-ly awesome.

7. Beatles, easily. I like the Stones, but you can’t top Eleanor Rigby, A Day in the Life, or Honey Pie. C’mon, now. I love Paint It, Black and Jumping Jack Flash as much as the next guy, but I’d still take Octopus’s Garden over practically everything Stones.

And to the guy that gives out full candy bars to kids: if God exists, you’re doing his work. Good job, sir, and I salute you.

1. Love it. I’m glad he’s back. Although the only alternative that would have made me upset would be Torre.

2. probably someone else. Maybe Florida.

3. I think Anderson is the most untouchable this year. I think his value in a trade would be higher if we developed him more. AND he might wind up being too good to trade (in which case it’s bye bye yadi)

4. Rockies. Sox.

5. is that a race car thingy?

6. I sit and watch a movie while handing out candy. About half way through the movie I will get tired of getting up and going to the door. So I’ll dump my entire bowl into one kids basket– “congratulations kid! You just hit the jackpot!”

7. Beatles. Forever and ever amen. Without the Beatles there is no Stones.

1. Lately, I’ve become the anti-TLR. As long as we get decent free agents, I’ll be for him. If not, back to the post.
2. Reyes will not be in the Cards organization at all in 2008.

3. I’d be against trading Duncan, Schumaker, and Rasmus. I’d let Reyes and Anderson go.

4. ROCKIES! But, the Sox will sweep.

5. Jeff Gordon, by about 20 pts.

6. I’m not much of a Halloween celebrator.

7. Beatles over Stones, even though I’m not a fan of both of them.

1. Good move. a known quantity who should add stability
2. Hope he has big spring and sticks with Cards

3. First, save Duncan. Power, and he’s learning all else. Next Anderson–the future. Then Reyes, then Skip

4. I hope Colorado but likely the Sox

5. Don’t care. Never understood that as a spectator sport “here we go round in circles….”

6. Hiding out or working

7. Beatles

1. Very glad TLR will remain and I hope Dave and (3.)Chris will remain.
2. Anthony is a likeable fellow and I wish him well, but it’s time for him to iron his bills and earn his bills elsewhere.

4.Colorado, but from the vantage point of Sunday afternoon…

5. What is Nextel?

6. I’m way too old to celebrate, but I enjoy the little ones and try to add to their enjoyment.

7. Beatles. Saw the Stones 20 years ago, but by then they were already more corporation than R&R band. Only saw Paul with the first Wings tour, but would MUCH rather have seen John or George. Sir Paul’s post-Beatles output is

…well, syrup all!

1. Not a big fan of LaRussa coming back. He tends to use veterans over youth, and that could possibly foul up the development of our young players. We should have moved on already.
2. It probably wont be with the Cardinals. He needs a new start elsewhere. Most likely he will end up in the NL Central and win 15 games and make the Cardinals look like ****** for letting him go.

3. Trade them all. Duncan’s defense is horrendous and he doesnt hit lefties all that well. Reyes wears his hat like a dork, so send him out. Schumacher has no power, but can play defense. Bryan Anderson is a good player, but use him to get a better major league ready guy.

4. A series longer than 4 games would be nice. Who cares now.

5. My mom

6. I will hand out candy to the kids.

7. The Beatles for sure.

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