Best. Chant. Ever.

Almost 90 minutes after the last out, Red Sox fans are still here and having a grand old time. Most entertaining moment thus far:

They went into a "Keep Mike Lowell!" chant, and then segued directly into the following:


Very funny.



Lowell’s stock just went through the *******’ roof.

Congratulations to the Boston Yankees. I didn’t watch a minute of any Red Sox game this postseason, and I feel like I missed nothing at all. Sad.


Please don’t shout. Thanks.

BTW, zoop, if you didn’t see tonight’s game, you did miss something. Wonderful game. Sadly, the first really compelling game of the WS, but it was fantastic.


I honestly have a hard time watching Sox games and keeping up with them, it’s really nothing against the Sox (I watched the Bombers without a problem). Even when I went to Fenway this year, Papi hit a grand slam and I thought there were two men on. And that was at Fenway (which I loved, might I add).

Still, can’t say I’d watch the series, anyway… Happy for the Rockies, but the Red Sox bandwagon is so big and noisy that even with my head in the sand, I can still smell the arrogance and feel the vibrations from the ants marching in unison. Sigh.

I loved Boston. Very warm and bright city. Hangs up there with Minneapolis as one of my favorite cities in the country. But I can’t stand their teams, nor can I stand a lot of their fans (although the elderly couple behind me at Fenway were incredibly nice to me, decked in my Eck gear, and the Angels fans beside me–so by no means do I want to lump in the aggressive, angsty bandwagon hoppers with the real fans that deserve the victory tonight). Combine this with the recent New England Camcorders 8-0 drive against undefeated Indy next week, and I think I’ll just not click in my bookmarks until it’s over. =)

it does beg the question, tho: where does A-Rod go? What’re your thoughts, Matt?

I’d never take on a salary like that, and I’m happy my Cardinals will stay away from it. If a stupid coast team wants to offer a 20 year, 1.5 billion dollar deal to swine like that, let ’em.

Dunno, just can’t stand the guy. I understand this is how he makes his living, but does he have to be so bourgeoisie about it? I feel like the guy should be bathing in 1914 pinot noir for kicks. I’m not a fan of Buster Olney, but I love the way he summed it up: the team that gets him will get a talented player at the cost of hundreds of millions of dollars and the heart and soul of their organization.

How funny would it be if he became a Cub, though, honestly? It’s a match made in choking Heaven, really.

make no mistake, i don’t want the guy either. so who takes him? i know there’s a patsy willing to roll out the red carpet, but i can’t think who that patsy is right now.

by the way, my hats off to the sox. they were the best team in the majors this year, and they showed it (a rare feat in this era of post-season upsets/folds). how typical is it, though, that the yankees are (consciously, i believe) upstaging the celebration with talk of A-Rod and Girardi? I just shake my head.

I dont think that it is the yanks fault that the news broke out. The media has been awful at the timings of these news reports this year, from all of the HGH things to A-Rod and Torre. I blame them, no offense M

Sieburg–I saw Ken Rosenthal “break” that story during the game before I went to bed.

I texted M. about how amazing it was the A-Rod could upstage the entire WS.

–Mrs. Dude

um…okay…hey…I’m no big A-Rod fan, either…especially the way he looked appearing on the all-star game’s homerun derby in his suit and sounding all oily and rehearsed…BUT…come on, now…think about THIS lineup:

2B Eckstein

RF Ankiel

1B Pujols

SS A-Rod

3B Rolen

CF Edmonds

LF Duncan

C Molina

P Wainwright

I would GLADLY take that even with such a high salary…then, go with a rotation that looks like this:

1 Wainwright

2 Looper

3 Mulder

4 Piniero

5 Thompson (or Reyes if he can get it together)

With Carp coming back in the late part of the season…

Come on…I would take that…

Especially considering Renteria just got traded to the Tigers…

No thanks. I’ll take the billion dollars and buy the all-star team with it instead. A shortstop is one player for probably 750m. A team is a team.😉

There are a lot of ways an ownership can dedicate themselves to a team. Wasting an entire payroll on one player unproven when it matters is not one of them. Anybody that entertains Boras and his odd notions of A-Rod being worthy of a 18 year deal deserves to go the route of the old guys in Trading Places: flat broke.

Not to change the subject, Dude… But am I the only one that doesn’t understand this burning desire to re-aquire Edgar Renteria or sign some fictional blockbuster shortstop? 2008 should be the ultimate stop gap year for the St. Louis Cardinals. Going out and overpaying for scrap parts like Lohse in this free agent pool or trading away what little prospects we have for 32 year old players, dime-a-dozen corner outfielders is the worst case scenario for this organization in 2010+, because you fill holes with mediocre players now who will go the way of the dodo by 2010. Even these “blockbuster” dreamy scenarios with getting Jason Bay and the like don’t seem too jaw-dropping to me the way the Edmonds/Rolen deals were. I’d take Bay, no doubt, but at what cost? These are the things we need to start thinking about. Times are different, the market has DRASTICALLY changed. Teams don’t allow good players to reach the market as much these days. Internal growth is more important than ever because of this. Playing for this year can literally knock off years off of certain teams’ .500+ seasons.

If we’re going to bolster the team this coming year, it should be with rehab projects. They’ve brought us the incredibly gifted Chris Carpenter, and left us with the incredible let-down in Kip Wells. I think, in a year like ’08, it’s wiser to take risks than to play it safe with mediocre, expensive deals. And with a guy like Duncan fixing arms, I have trust in rehab projects more than not.

Again, apologies to Dude for the off-topic banter. I just like discussing general Cardinal debates with the usual suspects in this blog. You’re all good people.

here’s what i would like to see. i want to see a-rod sit on the shelf until he realizes nobody gonna pay dat. and has to take a normal salary like the rest of the DECENT ball players out there. he’s good, but not billion dollar good. with the salaries going the way they are, soon small market teams are going to have to start their own league. how much fun was it to watch the 160 million dollar red sox pound the 70 million dollar rockies into the dirt? anyone place a bet. this trend continues and it’s going to kill the game.
p.s. san francisco will pick up a-rod.

I can’t decide what to say…

Its just sad… how can one person upset the biggest event in baseball???

…Can i start a petition to get of Scott Boras and Manny Ramirez out of baseball? I mean, would I be the only one???

OH, by the way, my money is on LAA picking up A-Rod.

I’m banking the Cubs will, personally, but who knows at this point. It all depends who is dumb enough to throw around Scrooge McDuck’s moneybin on one player.

Me, I’m a huge A-Rod and I would personally love to see him play for the Cardinals. Only thing I don’t like is the amount of money he’s asking for, I’d never want the Cardinals to pay that much to get 1 player, that’s the amount of money you’d pay to get a team, A-Rod is not a team, he’s part of a team, and should only get part of what he’s asking for and nothing more. I also like Manny Ramirez, he’s a good hitter and I’ve never seen him argue a call with the umpire. The person who I don’t like is Scott Boras, he thinks players should be paid more than what they’re worth, noone should ever be overpaid, ever. Maybe baseball should remove Scott Boras, but they shouldn’t remove Manny Ramierz.

Every player argues with umpires. Manny did it going to first base in game 5 of the ALCS this year. Don’t want him in baseball, he isn’t good for it.

Look…You’re correct…A-Rod is just one player, and I personally don’t think any one player is worth that much money simply because you can take that money and get 3 all-star caliber players at other positions (well…2 all-star and one darn good one). But the reality is, it’s not my money, and if DeWitt feels he wants to spend the money, all I’m saying is that I would welcome it.

I’m NOT a huge A-Rod fan, but they guy is one of the best players in the world. What he can do to a lineup just by being in it is unreal. And I don’t care about his performance in the playoffs…everyone has had their struggles. Pujols didn’t have a great World Series last year…in ’04, none of our guys could hit…you take A-Rod out of New York, and he’s a different player.

Personality…look, the guy doesn’t break the law, he doesn’t get in trouble, he is respectful and polite, he’s smart…he just comes off as TOO rehearsed and acts way too much like a salesman…but you can’t have perfect players. If A-Rod falls in our laps and you say “No thanks…” – you’re nuts.

A note about A-Rod’s salary: The Yankees are the team that ALWAYS drives the price up just by being a possibility for a player…this time, they are not in the running. The Red Sox may be a possibility, but they could easily remove themselves from discussion. That leaves the Cubs and almost zero salary competition.

Also, don’t forget, the Rangers were paying part of that salary. No longer…A-Rod’s on his own, now. AND, he wants a 10 year deal…

Bottom line, I think A-Rod is in for a pay cut. No salary help from the Rangers, no Yankees (maybe no Sox, too) to drive up the price, and he wants 10 years…

There’s simply NO REASON to pay him 25 million a year, now.

Pujols/A-Rod would be an awesome combo, there’s no doubt about that. But I’d rather get pitching right now.

me too…BUT if we can’t get Silva, who are you willing to spend all the money on?

There just isn’t anyone out there with the upside of an A-Rod deal…especially considering Carp comes back late, Mulder comes back early, Looper’s proven effective, Adam’s solid, Joel is a possible great behind the back catch…and we got a guy like Mitchell Boggs coming up in the next year or 2…

Although…I DO wonder about the possibility of getting Andy Pettite for a year while Carp recovers. I think it COULD be real possibility…

The thing is we don’t know if Carp comes back this year, and how effective he would be if he does. Same for Mulder, who I really don’t trust at this point. Looper and Wainwright have only had one year starting, solid years for each of them but the league may not have been used to them as starters last year.

In ’04, we had a ton of guys that could hit, just not in the WS. That’s the difference, our boys struggled in the big show the way the Rockies did for just one series. A-Rod has made the playoffs every year and stunk it up every year. He is a great player, but he needs to go to a team that won’t reach the playoffs. That way he’ll look great, he’ll never have to worry about postseason success, and he can gladly grab a handful of money from a team that can’t afford other players because of him. He seemed happy that way, and it seems like that’s the type of person he is.

Your points about the Yanks are true, but two words: Scott Boras. Will he receive what the Bombers offered? No. But he’ll still get his way with about a 12-year contract at $24m/year. What if he gets injured? 10-18 year contracts are big ideas. Look at Todd Helton’s bloated, lengthy contract. Don’t care who the player is, no one is worth that much money over that period of time.

I’ll say it once, I’ll say it again: the Cardinals need to spend lightly and bank on a vast upgrade next year in the free agent pool. Grab a Silva here or a Schilling there, trade Duncan/Ankiel for some young arms and call it quits for activity.

I hope the Cardinal brass listen to the Red Sox fans too. I just don’t see him fitting in real well to the Cardinal Nation.

Hmmmm Well to be honest, I think that I’d be willing to purchase an Arod to play behind Pujols. Not for 10 years… maybe 8?

If need be, we can up Albert’s salary to match Arods.

In order to do this though, we would need to trade Rolen and probably use Ryan at SS. In order to trade Rolen, he would have to play well enough to have value and it would wind up being at the trading deadline. But I’d like to think that we could ditch him and his money for a couple decent prospects from a team that really needs a 3B… *cough*yankees*cough*

speaking of Boras, did anyone see the article about him and A-Rod in the latest New Yorker? Havent read it yet, but talk about timing…

do – not – trade – rolen

I repeat…

there will be no trading of The Rolen

Couldn’t agree more. Rolen is still the top defensive 3B in all of baseball right now, Lowell is a close second. Plus Rolen if healthy is a tremendous offensive boost, an RBI machine just like Mike Lowell.

“Rolen if healthy…” These words give me a queasy stomach. I’m not convinced that Rolen will ever be “healthy” again. Players who emerge from their early thirties with nagging injuries are not good bets to get over them. Let’s hope, but I’m not optimistic.

Back on A-Rod, his post-season career line (we really don’t need to talk about his *in*-season credentials, do we?) is .279/.361/.483, which hardly looks to me like a choker or all the other stuff he’s been called. Yes, it’s below his career in-season line; most post-season lines are, because the pitchers are uniformly better. Some others for comparison: Manny Ramirez: .269/.376/.513, which is better but not overpoweringly so; Derek Jeter (who walks on water in the eyes of many A-Rod detractors): .309/.377/.469, very similar to A-Rod; Bernie Williams, beloved of Yankees fans: .275 /.371/.480, again very similar to A-Rod; Jorge Posada (who, to hear some people tell it, has been known to get the Yankees into the post season all by himself): .236/.352/.379 (ecchhh!); and closer to home … Scott Rolen: .228/.315/.421 — draw your own conclusions.

The Yankees haven’t lost all those division and league series because A-Rod choked. They lost because they got outplayed, top to bottom. And if I can get a guy who’s slugged over .600 in seven seasons and is younger than Scott Rolen, thank you very much, I’ll take him.

I will not…I will take Scott Rolen.

Despite my dreaming of the impact of A-Rod’s bat in the lineup, I’ll keep Rolen’s defense and attitude over A-Rod’s diva attitude and use the A-Rod money to keep my other positions satisfied and full of offensive potential (not to mention get some pitching).

Really, the only place I would like to see us improve our position players is in the middle infield. Essentially, we have two contact guys up the middle (assuming Kennedy actually performs well next season and Eck resigns). I would prefer to have a leadoff spott and then a consistent, well-balanced hitter in one of the other spots. That’s why I liked the Renteria possibility…good average, good on-base percentage, and consistent power (15 hrs). Plus, good RBI and situational hitting potential.

I would really like to see us improve one of our bats up the middle, preferably 2nd base.

I’ll take three fictional Johans for the salary of one A-Rod, thanks much. =)

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