Leach's Top-10, FSU-is-ALIVE! edition

Lucky Seven coming later in the day.

1. Oregon. I first really started liking this team when I watched them eviscerate UW. They’ve manhandled Michigan and ASU, they beat USC and even their low-profile non-conf. wins (Houston, Fresno St) are over pretty decent teams.

2. LSU. No longer obviously the best team in the country, but their accomplishments speak for themselves. Destroyed VaTech, quality wins over UF, Auburn (really underrated team) and at Alabama, and even their loss is not a bad loss.

3. Ohio State. They haven’t beaten a single team that currently stands in the top-20. Everybody made a big fuss of their win over PSU, but this is not a very good PSU team. Illinois may be better than anyone they’ve played to date, and Michigan surely is better. If they’re 12-0, OK. Currently, at 10-0, I don’t think they’ve accomplished more than the two teams above.

4. Oklahoma. Texas and Mizzou remain legitimately good wins. The loss at CU is still somewhat forgivable to me, even in light of Mizzou destroying CU, because for the most part that’s a tough place to play.

5. Missouri. Even with a loss, they’ve accomplished more than Kansas. They have probably the best loss of any one-loss team (at Norman), and some at least decent wins (Texas Tech, blowout at Boulder).

6. Kansas. These guys look really good. They score tons of points and don’t allow points. But geez, they still have not played anybody. At one point KSU looked like something of a signature win, but KSU has been exposed. Beat Mizzou and OU, and we can talk.

7. WVU. I guess. Man, for a supposedly national program, these guys never play anybody.

8. ASU. Their loss is a good, forgivable loss. But their wins are nothing to write home about.

9. BC. I started to put VT here, and then I realized that BC has one fewer loss and also beat VT in Blacksburg.

10. VaTech. There’s just a big mess between about 7-15 for me. VaTech has a good win over Clemson, and two losses to good teams — though LSU just killed them.

Teams to watch: Michigan (I think they win the Big 10), Auburn, Clemson

Game of the Week: With all respect to Uncle Bob, former AD at Williams, the game of the week is NOT Amherst-Williams. Sorry, Disney. Lot of potentially entertaining conference games (Michigan-Wisconsin, Clemson-Wake, Arkansas-Tennessee, Texas-Texas Tech, etc), but it’s gotta be Auburn-Georgia. Mmmmm… big hits. Oddly, the best thing for Georgia might be to win out and MISS the SEC title game, go 10-2, let Tennessee get smoked by LSU, and get an at-large BCS bid with a top-10 ranking and no third loss. Just a thought.


(currently playing on the speakers: Uncle Tupelo, Anodyne)


OK, I don’t have a huge beef with Kansas being behind Missouri. I know my boys still haven’t beaten anybdy. In fact, they should probably be behind ASU as well.

However, how does Mizzou have the best one-loss at Norman, when ASU’s one loss came at your number one team in the country? Has Missouri really accomplished more than the Devils? Even with Cal’s tripups lately, I’d still consdier Cal a better team than Texas Tech or Colorado, Missouri’s two best wins.

Just something to chew on. I do like putting Ohio State three. I think Oregon and LSU are better teams.

Keep telling yourselves that.



You’re dead on, Daniel. I just had a moment of fogginess.

I still like MU’s body of work better than ASU’s, though.

And as soon at tOSU beats somebody worth a whit, I’ll raise my glass to them.


KU vs. Mizzou in Arrowhead on Thanksgiving weekend…oh, Lordy…

I live right smack dab on the border of Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma…just off the interstate…whew…talk about a football fan rivalry this year…it’s crazy down here…

Dude…You’ve FINALLY mentioned Arkansas in an interesting game.Thanks for that.Last year the Tennessee/Arkansas game was highlighted by a visit from the guys at ESPN Gameday!It was an awesome game, and turned out to be our last big win of the year. Darren McFadden got screwed out of the Heisman by that guy from OSU who DIDN’T EVEN GET DRAFTED!!!!!!!This year he played the first 7 or 8 games with bruised ribs.He still is on pace to gain more yards than last year and now he’s healthy. So RUN DMC and Felix Jones will be running all over Neyland Stadium. WOOOOOOO PIG SOOOOIE!!!!!! DMAC 4 HEISMAN

Oh my Word! What an embarassment! I just hope this seals the deal for Houston Nutt leaving Arkansas!!!

M. Looks like you were right about Ohio State. It was gutsy to put them at 3, last week, but they showed why they deserved to be there on Saturday.

Also, I know Ok. State isn’t a signature win or anything, but can my boys get some love from you now? Even Herbstreit was impressed!

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