A reasonable proposal

I hadn’t heard this, but if it’s true, it really changes the equation.

I’ve been consistently and vehemently opposed to signing any of the FA CFs out there, because I am an unabashed Colby Rasmus believer. I think the guy is special. I think he’s going to be an All-Star. And I think anything that blocks Rasmus beyond 2008 is utterly foolish — especially if it costs $15MM a year.

But if you can get Jones for one year, it accomplishes many, many different things. It provides a RH bat in the outfield, which is needed. It, as one commenter at VEB notes, frees up either Duncan or Ankiel to trade for a starting pitcher. And most of all, it doesn’t tie you up. It’s very, very difficult to be hurt by a one-year deal.

Plus, you’d be buying low, and that’s always good. Jones had a terrible, terrible year, but it’s extremely likely that he’ll show some return to the mean in ’08.



Jones would be a good addition, but if we are going for short contracts, why not Cameron for 2 years, when Rasmus is ready move Cameron to LF. If we trade away Duncan after signing an OFer, we’ll be one short in the next year cause Jimmy is likely done after 08.

I like Cameron a lot, but I think a huge amount of value is tied up in his ability to play CF. His bat doesn’t play nearly so well at a corner, IMO.


I guess that’s true. I think signing him to a one year deal this year though would be a bad move with his 25 game suspension. Don’t want another OFer to start the year inactive. Speaking of which, I take it that Juan isn’t playing anymore?

I think this is about the best idea I’ve heard this offseason. The trade-away has to be Ankiel. His stock couldn’t be higher and Duncan’s couldn’t be much lower.

Duncan had a lousy second half because of an injury. If he’s to be traded, it shouldn’t be until he reestablishes himself as a capable hitter.

If you think this organization will trade away Ankiel, you’ve got to be kidding yourself. They’ve stuck with him too long to watch him succeed with another team.

Duncan had a bad second half, but he proved that his rookie year was no fluke. I think he’d bring back quite a bit even with the injury drawback.

This certainly isn’t the worst idea I’ve seen this off season. One of its attractions is that this year, Jones is only a Type B free agent, which means that even in the unlikely event that Atlanta offers him arbitration, he still doesn’t cost a top draft choice — which, for once, the Cardinals are in a position to derive real benefit from, since they’ll be drafting earlier than usual. If there’s ever a time to make a move like this, it’s now, and Jones is a sensible subject for it.

That said, I’m concerned about his attitude. If he couldn’t be bothered to get super-fit and have a career year heading into free agency, do we really think that TLR will whip him into shape *next* year? And if he’s not in top condition and performing at the top level, he’s not going to be worth whatever it costs to get him, “humility discount” or not.

This is the best deal we could do in the pool this year. Buy low for one year? Trade him to a contender for something nice if we don’t contend? That almost makes it worth the deal right there. I love it! I really do. You can’t lose on a gamble so low. I’m hoping Mo realizes this opportunity and seizes it.

I can see that being a possibly good thing. But I still vote no. I still only want to deal to get starting pitching. Everything else will work itself out……or not. Pitching is all I want to spend money for.

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