Leach's Top-10, End-In-Sight edition

In 2 1/2 weeks, most of this will be sorted out, which to me is much more sad than it is any kind of relief. Ah well. Here’s this week’s ballot.

1. Oregon. The whole of their body of work is most impressive — wins over ASU and USC, win at Michigan, and they were thisclose to beating Cal and being undefeated.

2. LSU. Much of their schedule keeps looking less and less impressive. Not at all that it’s a weak slate, but some of their opponents have definitely been exposed. It’s enough, for me, to keep them at 2 — but I really want to see them play Oregon.

3. Oklahoma. Their wins over Texas and Mizzou are both better than any win KU has. Their non-conf wins over Tulsa and Miami are also both better wins than any non-conf win on KU’s schedule.

4. Kansas. Tough call, but they keep steamrolling teams, and that’s worth something. If they win out, it will be tough to keep them from being 1 or 2.

5. Missouri. By a nose over Arizona State, because I think the Illinois win is probably a hair better than any of ASU’s wins. Also, they destroyed Colorado, while ASU beat CU but didn’t smoke them.

6. ASU. As Daniel astutely pointed out last week, their loss (at Oregon) is in fact a smidge better than Mizzou’s loss (at OU). I just don’t think their wins are as good.

7. Ohio State. Really, their resume is the same as the team I have right below them. A bunch of creampuff wins, a couple of so-so wins, and a loss to a pretty good team. tOSU lost at home, while WVU lost on the road, but I think tOSU’s wins are a hair better.

8. WVU. This team got No. 1 votes this week? Really? For thrashing a bad Louisville team? Or for doing it on national TV on Thursday night? Note to Mark Bowman — those yellow unis were awful, and your team STILL doesn’t have a win of consequence this year.

9. Georgia. I give them a bit of a boost for coming on strong lately, but I see four teams that you could put in a hat at 9-12 — UGa, VT, Texas, USC.

10. Texas by a hair over USC, but very tough call. I’d have SC 11th and VT 12th, but this is a top-10.

Teams to watch: Clemson (still really like this team), BYU.

Game of the week: I guess I’m contractually obligated to go with tOSU-UM, but the game that has me intrigued is BC-Clemson. Clemson is looking like a juggernaut lately, and they have a legitimate chance to win out, take the ACC, and go to a BCS game with an 11-2 record. BC is reeling, but they could still save their season with a win Saturday and a win over Miami, getting them to the conf. championship game.

-M, with a mix of songs from 1991-92 playing on the iPod.

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