Lucky Seven, The Game edition

It’s two days until The Game, but I’m trying my hardest to stay focused on baseball. Here’s this week’s Lucky Seven.

1. What did you think of the John Mozeliak Q&A currently running on Did it put your mind at ease any? Raise concerns? What’s your take on the new GM’s view of the franchise’s direction?

2. To steal a discussion point from Derrick Goold, who’s the second-best prospect in the Cardinals system? Who would you put at 3-4-5? No. 1 is pretty easy/obvious.

3. Did the BBWAA get it right by choosing CC Sabathia as the AL Cy Young winner?

4. Most of the other awards are pretty straightforward, but who should win NL MVP?

5. What teams will end up meeting in the BCS championship game?

6. Lot of interesting movies playing right now — Into the Wild, American Gangster, Michael Clayton, Gone Baby Gone, Lions for Lambs, Dan in Real Life, We Own the Night — and your faithful correspondent hasn’t seen any of them. Got any recommendations? Seen anything really good or really bad lately?

7. What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

(currently playing: Kanye West, Graduation)


1. Seems like a smart, well balanced guy. It made me feel better, but we’ll see what he does.
2. 2. Jaime Garcia, 3. Bryan Anderson. 4. Chris Perez. 5. Ottavino

3. Yes, absolutely.

4. Matt Holliday.

5. That’s tough. LSU/Oklahoma.

6. Nope, sorry. American Gangster looks like the most interesting, though.

7. Sweet potatoes.

1) I liked the Q&A. I didn’t have any qualms when Mo was hired, nor do I now. Only thing that worries me is if he absolutely isn’t trying to get an OFer so we can use Duncan as trade bait.
2) I guess you are putting Rasmus first. For me then Mitchel Boggs would be 2nd, Jamie Garcia 3rd and Anderson 4th.

3) Can’t argue against CC, he had a great year and threw more innings, CGs and SOs than Beckett, plus had the weaker offensive team and weaker bullpen behind him.

4) Holliday, 2/3 triple crown categories he led.

5) No clue

6) Don’t watch many movies

7) Apple Pie, Turkey and Mashed Potatoes.

1. Didn’t do much either way.

2. Bryan Anderson due to position. Garcia looks good, too. Not as big on CP as most, but I hope he winds up to be stellar.

3. No. He’s not even the best pitcher on the Cleveland Indians, much less the AL. I’d go with Haren.

4. Chase Utley. I’m an Utley fanboy, honestly. Love the way he plays, his swing, and his work with Amnesty International. Long shot, but hey, why not? Tough position, fantastic numbers at it.

5. Again, I know nothing of college sports… I’ll say LSU and… uh… Oregon? Is Oregon good? Hope Mizzou makes it. Fun to idly cheer the home team.

6. I’ve been pretty busy lately, but Lars and the Real Girl warmed my heart on a blustery day. Highly recommended. Michael Clayton is good for what it is, but it’s sharp focus and attention to detail sometimes derails the film’s pacing. If you’re planning on seeing Lars, do so very soon at the Frontenac. It’s bound to slip through the cracks any week now, unfortunately.

7. My aunt always makes delicious cheesy potatoes. Looking forward to those, some homemade green beans and oven steaks this year. That’s the one thing I miss about living with my folks those years ago, good cooking. My idea of cooking is boiling some rice and pouring sesame sauce over it; needless to say, I’m starving until I go over to my Mom’s.

6. I haven’t seen any movies recently either.
7. Mashed potatoes. For reals, yo.

–Mrs. Dude

1. Didn’t see it.
2. Not too sure, I don’t really pay attention to the minors.

3. Bad move. BECKETT!!!

4. It would be awesome to see Ankiel win it.

5. Oregon is one. Not too sure about the other.

6. Haven’t seen any movies recently.

7. I’m not a big Thanksgiving guy. Turkey, I guess.

1. I was pleased but not surprised. Mozeliak clearly understands that statistical analysis sees things that the eyeball misses, the eyeball sees things that the stats miss, and both are important to baseball in the 21st century. He also shows just the right attitude toward growing talent from within. He’ll do fine.
2. Anderson is clearly #2, because of TINSTAAPP. The rest of the list looks alarming for the same reason: Boggs, Garcia, Perez. The system is still desperately short on impact hitters, although Arnoldi Cruz and Steve Hill in the low minors look interesting.

3. Sabathia was the right choice. He had a VASTLY harder job to do than Beckett, and did it as well or better.

4. Most interesting NL MVP race in years. I voted for Holliday in the Internet Baseball Awards and believe him to be the best choice, although you could make a case for any of Utley, Wright, Fielder, and even Chipper Jones, Hanley Ramirez(!), and of course El Hombre. Rollins? Nah — he wasn’t even the best player on his own team.

5. Ducks and Tigers, and guess which one eats the other one.

6. No opinion.

7. Pumpkin pie.

1. I think Mr. Mozeliak will be a fine GM.

2. Number 2 in the orgainization is Joe Mather, then Bryan Anderson due to position, then Chris Perez due to Izzy’s age and disintegrating hip.

3. Sbathia was the right choice. Dude was lights out in the regular season.

4.) Prince Fielder should win. Matt Holliday will win.

5.) Oregon and LSU (unfortunately)

6.) I saw “The Darjeeling Limited.” It was funnier than “Life Aquatic” so I think Wes Anderson is back on track.

7.) Gotta love the drumstick.

1.) I’m not too worried about him. But I’d be suprised if he gets anything done at all this offseason. Nothing against him, but if our policy is the same it’s always been, I can’t see any big action heading our way.

2.) I don’t follow the farm system much, though I just hear rumblings of prospects. Don’t know anything about em except for Rasmus and Ottavino.

3.) Had Cleveland beat Boston to go to the series everyone would be saying Sabathia deserves it. Can’t include the playoffs. They’re both neck and neck in my opinion. You gotta choose one.

4.) Eh who cares, he’s not a Cardinal for sure. haha.

5.) I hate the BCS, always have. It based on everyone’s opinions. What a waste of time. I don’t even pay attention.

6.) American Gangster definitely. It’s a tasty flick. I like movies with great dialogue…movies that take their time telling the story. Real journeys of character. It’s got those things.

7.) I’m gonna have to just say the Turkey, because my family’s Thanksgiving dinner *****, haha. It’s all this weird casserole, potato salad, and weird mixing of foods. No traditional corn, mash potatoes, or anything. The only thing I can recognize on the table is Turkey. It’s a lonely meal, haha.

1. He sounds good. As long as he can find a way to put a contending team on the field i will be happy.

2. I would put Bryan Anderson #2. Then probobly Jaime garcia.

3. i do believe the writers got it right this time. you have to love a pitcher that eats up that many innings and still has a great ERA.\

4. I really think that jimmy rollins should win it. he can do it all. and a gold glover now.

5. im writing this after oregon lost so i would have to say lsu against kansas.

6. i saw dan in real life and we own the night they were ok. American gangster was a really good movie. i really do want to see micheal clayton though. i heard it was amazing.

7. a dish of football, ham, and beer.

1. So full of jargon, Mo’s responses sounded like a politician’s. Didn’t mean a thing to me (but I still like him)
2. Garcia, maybe. Not really up on the minor leaguers, since only Johnson City plays in my area.

3.I would have voted for Beckett, but Sabathia did have a spectacular year with a lesser team.

4. Jimmy Rollins. MVP is “most valuable”, not just the biggest slugger.

6. I want to see Dan in Real LIfe and Bee Movie, but haven’t made it to the theater yet.

7. The dressing (stuffing to you non-southerners) Gotta be cornbread with lots of sage. And gravy on top.

You must absolutely see No Country for Old Men – best American film of the last 5 years, a must for a Cohen Bros fan too.

1. I’m excited to see a what the new GM can do.

2. Like the Garcia pick at #2, injuries worry me a bit.

3. Yes, he was a force. The 20 wins talking point is a nonissue.

4. Prince Fielder, er, Matt holliday, no, wait, Jimmy Rollins…this is a tough contest.

5. Mizzou beats KU, moves up to #2 and plays LSU for the championship!

6. see above

7. baked sweet potatoes, anything vegan

1. Yes, looking forward to see what he can do. I like building from within.
3 and 4. Doesn’t matter.

5. Mizzou and LSU.

7. Homemade stuffing with gravy on top, pumpkin marble cheesecake.

1.) No. He sounded to me like Steve Phillips “playing the GM” on Baseball Tonight. I think any and every GM would have given those answers, especially a new one.
2.) I think Bryan Anderson is #2. Too bad we’ll be trading him. #3 #4 and #5 are tougher cause you get into which pitching prospects are better. I like Jess Todd.

3.) No. I thought it should go to Josh Beckett.

4.)Matt Holiday 4 NL MVP!!!

5.)LSU and Ohio State

6.)Beowulf is an amazing visual thrill!!

7.)Good call on the mashed potatoes and gravy…Uhh!! And of course, cajun deep-fried Turkey…Dee-Lish!

1. I did not mind at all that Mo was hired as GM but I was disappointed in the interview. Insert Jocketty’s name and you have the exact same interview and lack of information that we had under Jocketty. (I like Walt but understood why they let him go) but if you aren’t going to make any chages in the way you do business…and it sure sounded like that to me…why get rid of Jocketty??? I keep my fingers and heart crossed that I read into the interview the wrong thing!!
2. I think we have a pretty good group – better than most seem to give credit too but I think if I had to pick it would be Anderson.

3.I can’t think of any reason that I would disagree with Sabathia being picked…though didn’t care that much.

4. Don’t know…Maybe Holliday.

5.Can you believe at this point in the season we (at least here in Missouri are talking about MU and KU actually having a chance -one or the other – of placing in the big game???? Did not like the computer picking WVA over MU for 3rd but that is okay as we have to beat (and will) KU next week anyway.

6.Been to busy…hope to get to some over Thanksgiving. Hearing lots of good things about American Gangster.

7. Pecan Pie!!!!!!!!!!

6-i think you’d like across the universe.

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