Dear college football commentators:

And I’m looking at YOU, Bob Davie, among others:

There is only one viable Heisman candidate now that Dennis Dixon is hurt. Tim Tebow is so clearly better than anyone else, it’s ridiculous. Almost 2900 passing yards, 26 TDs and 6 INTs. 749 RUSHING yards on 181 carries, that’s a little over 4 per carry when many of his carries are short yardage and when sacks count against his rushing yards. TWENTY RUSHING TOUCHDOWNS.

If, Mr. Davie, the only argument you can make against him is "He’ll have his chances, it’s too early," that’s just absurd. This guy dominates games. He changes games like nobody else. This is not a "wide-open year." There is one clearly dominant player in college football. Ignore that he’s a sophomore. He is the guy.

And I’m a Florida State fan!


(oh, and one other thing — THIRTY-SEVEN TO SIX!)


Last year, they said the reason Darren McFadden wouldn’t win the Heisman is because he was a sophomore. Not because Troy Smith was so much better than he was last year. Now if that is the case, then the same should apply to Tim Tebow. Darren McFadden has 1519 yards rushing with 12 TDs, and is 3 for 5 passing with 3 TDs from the tailback position. He also returns kickoffs to the tune of 234 yards, and that’s when anyone has the guts to kick it to DMac or Felix Jones. If I had a vote, and of course I don’t, then I would give it to Darren McFadden 4 Heisman!!!

It was foolish reasoning last year, and it’s foolish reasoning this year.

I love McFadden. Love to watch him run. He’ll be a ridiculously good pro and he’s a ridiculously good college player.

But if I had a vote, Tebow would be at the top.


Tis true.It is foolish reasoning, but I think McFadden should be vindicated.And I have no arguement against Tebow.The guy is phenomenol.To tell you the truth I want McFadden to get it,in part, to help the national opinion of my alma mater, a school that has never had a front-runner Heisman candidate.But also because I believe he is better than Tebow. He proved that last year to me.We just have a head coach who thinks he’s Steve Spurrier when he’s not even Charlie Weis. The man told me in an interview that he thinks offensive play-calling is overrated! Yet he refuses to give up the play calling duties,while we pay David Lee to be the O-coordinator and he’s a smart offensive play caller.So McFadden’s numbers have suffered this year, in part due to coaching issues, and in part because he played with deep rib bruises for 6 weeks. Houston Nutt, by the way, is on his way out according to “sources”.

uh chase daniel anyone? if mizzou wins out, against ku and probably oklahoma, i don’t see how you can’t give the heisman trophy to anyone other than daniel…you have to keep in mind the teams records..if the tigers end up being 12-1, well that clearly trumps florida’s record..they have 3 loses..that should count for something

“i don’t see how you can’t give the heisman trophy to anyone other than daniel”

…Cmon now. He’s a candidate. But to argue that there are no other candidates? I don’t buy it for a second. Tebow’s efficiency rating is higher. He’s thrown fewer picks. In 150 fewer attempts, he has only 4 fewer touchdowns.

And then there’s the matter of the running game, where it’s no contest. Plus, Tebow did it all against a tougher schedule, and it’s certainly not his fault that UF’s entire defense has been shredded by injuries.

The award isn’t for the best player on the best team. It’s for the most outstanding player. There’s just no way that that’s Daniel over Tebow. Maybe it’s a running back, and if so, McFadden is the guy. Maybe it’s a receiver, and if so, Michael Crabtree is truly amazing. Heck, maybe it’s a defensive player — Glenn Dorsey or Davie’s boy, Chris Long.

But if it’s a QB, it’s got to be either Tebow or Dixon.


Can I throw in one caveat M? Before we are so certain Tibow is over Daniel for the Heisman… let’s wait for the end of the season. In 1969 Jeff Handy was one of the leading Heisman candidates (like Daniel he played for Mizzou) He threw 6 interceptions in the Orange Bowl… needless to say…. he did not win the game or the Heisman. Tibow could do the same or worse in his bowl game… so could Daniel…. The Heisman is for the best player of the season…. let’s leave some room for positions to change.

That’s a fair point, no doubt about it. I had Dixon two weeks ago, so things can change.

My biggest issue is the dismissal of Tebow simply because he’s a sophomore, as Davie did. And second, I think it’s unfair and unwise to put too much stock in team success when deciding the winner of an individual award.


Hey M I just wanna jump in there on this sophomore thing.
We both have already concluded that it should not be kept from a player simply because he is a sophomore. In the words of “Frank”, that is Stinkin Thinkin’! But I would be highly upset if the Heisman voters were to attempt to “fix” last year’s mistake by screwing McFadden again. I think THAT would be a travesty.

If I’m not mistaken, don’t they decide and award the Heisman before bowl games?
-Matthew’s mom

Yep, fine point.

DMac was still better than Troy Smith, even before Troy’s terrible bowl performance. And Arkansas’.

Wow! No wonder you are so good at this Matthew…. your mom knows more about the Heisman than I do. I stand corrected….. but I guess I can still wait for MIZZ/KS and BIG 12 Title before I give up on Daniel… thanks for the correction Matthew’s mom.

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