Brilliant. Just brilliant.

So, your faithful correspondent is enough of a sick college football junkie as to be watching Boise State play Hawaii at midnight. And it’s been a pretty good game (though no match for the afternoon’s Arkansas-LSU insanity). But a sign that I just spotted in the Hawaii crowd made it more than worth staying up. It read:


How bloody brilliant is that? Generally those ABC/CBS/ESPN/FOX signs are just achingly stupid, not to mention forced. But this one, none of those problems. It’s appropriate, with the whole Spam/Potato Hawaii/Idaho dichotomy. It’s clever and funny. And they didn’t have to resort to using the third letter of any of the words to make the acronym work.

Thumbs up to you, clever Hawaii football fan.

-M, impressed by Hawaii’s speed on defense but still convinced they’re vastly overrated.


I tend to hate those ESPN signs. They get old after a while, but this one was a good twist.

Yo M,

I was watching that game too, because I love to see June Jones’ boys play his version of the spread offense.

Their defense is pretty stout too, for a team that only has ESPN as their recruiting tool.

I think they’re underrated and hope to see ’em in a BCS game and expect them to beat whoever they play and finsih the season at 13-0.

NOW what about DMac 4 Heisman!?!

He’s awesome. But I’d say he didn’t have a better game than the other guy is having right now.

(much to my chagrin)


Yes, M, but don’t forget about the other prestigious College Football Awards. The Maxwell Award (Tim Tebow), Doak Walker(Mike Hart,Maybe), and Walter Camp Award (Chase Daniel). But I still maintain that there is no better OVERALL player than Darren McFadden. That’s why HE deserves the Heisman Trophy!These other guys are good, no doubt, but all the other Heisman candidates are QBs. College QBs routinely have great years like these guys, but how often do you see a tailback running the teams offense? Sure he isn’t as good a passer as a QB, but for a tailback he’s prett darn good. AND he returns kick offs! Any of these other candidates play THREE positions???

Oh! And did you see the Kansas fan’s sign?? It was great. It said “KANSAS FOOTBALL. A TRADITION SINCE SEPTEMBER.”

Oh yea. Sorry. AND there the Walter Camp Award for best QB in the Nation! There’s plenty of Awrds to go around, but Darren deserves the Heisman, IMO.

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