Sean Taylor

I don’t know enough about Sean Taylor to have any real opinion about what he was like as a person, though most of those who know him seem to be saying that he matured a lot and was becoming a grownup in the last year or two.

Instead, just two thoughts:

First, my sympathies to his friends, teammates, family and especially his baby daughter and her mom.

And second, holy cow was that guy fun to watch play football. That’s one thing I can appreciate and remember about him. The guy was an absolute holy terror on the field, one of the best, scariest college players I ever saw and becoming the same way in the NFL. It’s a rare safety who can dominate a game, but I saw him do it more than once. It’s a rare safety that you can watch play once and know he’s special, but that was Taylor. That’s not why it’s a shame he’s gone. But it is why I first noticed him, and players like that don’t come along every year.


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