No offer to Eckstein

Cards did not offer arbitration to Eckstein.

They are still free to negotiate with him, but that’s pretty much not going to happen. The only remaining way for him to come back that was conceivable at all was if they’d offered arb, and he’d accepted.

Personally, I think this is a misstep. If you offer him arbitration, you guarantee a draft pick if he leaves — and he’d be very likely to leave, since he seems to have zero interest in a one-year deal. And even if he accepts, what’s the downside? One year deal, go to arbitration, play him at second base. My concern with keeping him has never been dollars, but years.



Who else was offered arbitration? And I agree, this was not a good idea. I don’t understand what the damage is in offering arbitration to all of your Type A or B free agents.

Looks like a misstep to me too; low risk, reasonable return, and if he does accept, the 2B problem is solved for a year. It would mean that one of Miles and Kennedy would be extraneous, to be sure, and they’d be hard to trade for anything useful, but still.

Meanwhile, what’s going on with 3B? A Milwaukee trade seems to be in the air. Would Ryan and Barden then duke it out for that spot? If so, that’s another reason to risk offering to Eck, since Ryan would still have a spot — but I doubt if either is really a viable third baseman. What’s going on there?

My read on Milwaukee is that Capuano is much more in play than Rolen.

But I’ve certainly been surprised before.


So far it looks to me like I was right about the GM change. It’s not really a change at all. Same as last year. Cheap has-beens being signed and, so far, no moves that really help a lot.
Also, I may be right in my prediction of the participants in this year’s NCAA National title game.On M’s lucky seven, I said it would be LSU and Ohio State. That may indeed happen after tonight’s madness.

My opinion of Mo has fallen greatly after this SS ordeal… No draft pick. Ugh.

I almost started a “Mo Must Go” campaign, then I realized this is more about ownership wanting a mouthpiece, rather than an actual GM.

Is anybody else tired of the cheap and cheesy way we’re going about our building and running this team ?

Anybody else want to pick another team to follow ?

How many teams give away, for zero compensation, the WS MVP of two years ago ?

Here’s the new tagline:

Being a St. Louis Cardinals fan now that Billy’s in charge ? Priceless, er…. cheapness.

I realize everyone loves Eckstein; I get a kick out of him myself. However, he is not actually a particularly good Major League SS. He is a slightly worse than average fielder, with slightly better than average offense (in his very best year). So, if the Cards were to save the money from Eckstein, play Ryan at SS, and use the money toward a better than average player (maybe even waiting to do that until next season), I would be in favor of it. That said, wasting money on Izturis is not my idea of progress.

“How many teams give away, for zero compensation, the WS MVP of two years ago ?” Laying aside the elapsed time (btw, it wasn’t “two years ago” that Eck got the prize), one need look no further than the previous Cards WS winners. Darrell Porter was the 1982 WS MVP, and was unceremoniously flushed in 1985 — and that by Whitey Herzog, whom many (myself included) still count as the greatest of Cardinals managers.

Why? Because his down side had come to be more important than his upside — which is also true of Eck. In Porter’s case it was his drug problem. In Eck’s, it is simply the fact that he is no longer a good shortstop, but is going to be seriously expensive anyway.

Cut the front office some slack here! Although I’d like to have seen them at least get a draft choice out of it, if this is the biggest blunder they pull this off season, they’ll be doing better than 90% of all teams in baseball. And it’s hardly grounds for changing loyalties. Sit down … take a deep breath … stop salivating.

Hey bebpjohn, here’s some facts, as I see ’em:

2006 is, as of now, two seasons ago.

Eckstein is better than Izturis and has no drug problem, like Porter did.

And those polyester uniforms were horrendous, at best !

Why let him go and keep Edmonds, who is three years past contributing ?

The White Rat was good, but not the greatest.

Blunders mean the difference between contending and decending, in today’s market. And we’re not going to contend, without some additions, not subtractions.

I wasn’t salivating, I was slobberin’ !😉

I have a Dish Network package that allows me to see almost every game, so I guess I’ll stick with ’em another 38 years … or so.

I think it’s a tad axtreme to compare guys’ careers like Eck and Darrell. Come on guys…For real. No matter how you look at it, this was a blunder. I don’t care how well Izturis does, he’ll be gone after next season, wheras a draft pick compensation COULD be in the organization for years. Dumb move PERIOD!

Exactly, as slforre said, it’s a blunder and dumb move period. Regardless of how we stand on if Eck is back or not, I think we can all agree that IF he’s gone, we at least want a draft pick for him.

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