John Abbamondi

Haven’t met the new Cards assistant GM, John Abbamondi, but I hope to be able to do so tonight. However, I spoke with a couple of people who know him already today, and got nothing but raves — was told he’s extremely bright, eminently competent and a good guy.

He’s definitely got a heck of a résumé if nothing else.

Nothing really earth-shattering here thus far, but for a first day, it’s actually been pretty busy. Two consummated trades is more than we often get on Day 1.



Any talk of the Cards being in on Cabrera? I’d love to see him paired with Albert and would give up quite a bit to make that happen. I also read that two more unidentified teams are now “in” on the pudgy third basemen…

OK. So was he the person who advised Mo on the Eckstein situation? Sounds like he’d be the man to advise on arbitration offers or lack thereof. And you say he has a heck of a resume, but I’m unimpressed. It looks like he’s a buisness man, not a baseball man. What does he know about baseball other than how to write a legal contract?

I have kept track with the Cardinal manuverings and other than signing a questionable fielder/no hitter shortstop instead of moving David to 2nd base, we have not even been mentioned in a single pursuit of a free agent or trade. Are we getting the 1970’s screw job we endured from 1968-1982? I know the new G.M. got his job because WALT was to independent for some blue-blood b.s. artists, but it looks like he will be a joke vis-a-vis trying to put a contender on the field. I still hate the CUBS, but the Cardinal frontoffice is quickly becoming second!

As a Cardinal fan of 62 years, I am so disgusted with the new GM and all that he is not doing. I see and hear all of the other teams making trades or signing free agents, but I never hear anything about the Cards. It’s as if they don’t even exist. The new GM says there is enough money to get things done and there is no problem in that area. Well so far all he has done is sign a .258 lifetime hitting shortstop who won’t help them at all and a rule 5 player who has a bad knee. There is no way that the team he has now will be competetive in the central division,and if I know that, he certainly should. If the Cards and the other so called small market teams can’t sign any of the better players, then baseball should just go with the 5 or 6 teams who get all of the big name playes and all of the talented ones and eliminate the small market teams because they are just cheating the fans by making them pay the high prices for tickets and concessions, but they are not giving them a team who has a chance to compete with the teams who are signing all of the best players. If he does anything to prove me wrong, I will appologize, but he better hurry caue there aren’t any deals left to be made. Donald Gray

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