No suspension for Ankiel

MLB announced HGH-related suspensions for Jose Guillen and Jay Gibbons today. Rick Ankiel was among those specifically mentioned who will NOT receive suspensions as a result of the recent investigations.



That good. Considering he didnt break in rules or laws. Now if we could just get ESPN to say; “Sorry after your best day as a Pro we slandered you with reports on how you cheated when you really didnt…”

Maybe im just bitter.

Agreed to a certain extent with frog. He never actually cheated, thus he shouldn’t actually be punished.

Perhaps this will let Rick settle down a bit and get ready for a monster year at the top of the order, cause I don’t see TLR sticking anyone else up there.

Yay! MLB didn’t screw us as much as Tony did! Awesome. Now we can try to stop thinking about how Tony tried to sabotage Scotty and screw the team by resigning a contract to stay! Go away Tony LaRussa! I, for one, won’t be spending my money at Busch stadium until he is gone!!!

I am thrilled for Rick. It was obvious to me from the beginning that he did nothing wrong, but I am still glad he is officially cleared. Good idea about ESPN apologizing, but even though we are fast approaching winter, I don’t think “you know where” is freezing over.

Who cares they are all a bunch of cheaters.

I kind of doubt that ESPN will cop to any wrongdoing. Maybe, though, they’ll split the difference and say that Kirk Herbstreit was the one who reported that Ankiel broke the law.😉

–Mrs. Dude

haha…nice, Mrs. Dude!

I have noticed, while listening to ESPN radio, that during the Sportscenter updates, they make sure and mention the Gibbons and Guillen suspensions, but they do NOT say a word about the Ankiel “exoneration.” Of course, when the story about Ankiel broke, they couldn’t say enough.

Back-stabbing, cowardly, opportunistic SOB’s…

For the life of me I dont understand why the Cards have made no real moves to bolster the subpar pitching staff from last year. I like the people they have gotten for offense/def purposes but we need pitching and not a bunch of has beens or never have beens. Someone needs to get off of some money and get us at least one top rated pitcher. If not we will be in the same place we were last year..

Of course, by SOBs, I meant:

Sports Oriented Broadcasters


Congrats to Rick! I’m glad MLB is allowing the Cardinals to put this “scandal” behind them early in the off-season. Here’s hoping that Ankiel will pick up where he left off before the story broke in early September.

I’ve been to 10 games at the new Busch, and Ankiel provided the most memorable moment in those 10 games. On the Friday before Labor Day, the Cubs blew a big lead at home in their afternoon game. The Cardinals were playing the Reds that night at Busch. The Cardinals’ “minor league pitcher of the day” (it didn’t really matter who at that point) gave up several runs early in the game. Ankiel put an exclamation point on a big comeback victory with a grand slam.

Leaving the game that night, it seemed pretty certain that the Cardinals were going to find a way to squeak into the playoffs again. Of course, one week later in Arizona, the wheels completely fell off the Cardinals’ season, but the memory is a great one none the less.

I remember listening to that game. I called the grand slam….

Of course; I call about 150 grand slams a year. And I think that is the only one I got.

I think my exact words to my girlfriend was, “This coward is going to go nuts when Ankiel hits this grand slam…”

“See, told you.”

Who cares about any of this, lets get to making some deals. I want a winning redbird team again. Please MO, bring us a pitcher or two. Even if our beloved Rolen has to go. We dont wanna t-off AP to the point he wants out also because of leadership wont bring in more top rated players. If we lose AP because of our constant need to build for the future, I think I might quit watching baseball. The Cards need to watch how our counterparts in the Amercian league do things. Notice that every sportscaster says that the National is boring and stinks..Hmmmm… You can’t milk the farm system anymore. Notice that the American league gets rating and all the TV spots. They spend cash and it has proven to pay off. Watch out for those Tigers this year. Even the Cubs are gettting it right. Please spend some cash and lets go after another title. I dont want to wait another 10 yrs for a championship while we test the waters. I love the Redbirds and always have, but the game has changed and we have to change with it. It is not want we want, but money can win a championship and bring St. Louis back to the front. We already have the best fans, all we need are the best players.

Who should they get? I had hoped for more results, but the salaries are going through the roof. I don’t want us to sign mediocre players for high dollars.

What about Colby Rasmus for Bedard? It just seems as if we are going to have trouble trading for an impact player without Rasmus as a player.

Tony may have quirks. He may confound us once in a while by the things he says. I won’t blame all, or most, of Rolen’s temperamentality on Tony.

I agree that with tntnt2001 in that the real question is who should they get? But I don’t agree that they should deal Rasmus. One of the reasons that they’re in this pickle (aside from bad luck with injuries) is they haven’t been developing much talent from within so it forces them to pay big $ or make trades that further erode the player development.

It also scares me when I hear they are looking at Colon or Benson (more physically questionable pitchers). Unless they sign them to SHORT (1 year maybe with an option) contracts and get them cheap I don’t think they’re worth the risk. We already have two top flight pitchers who are question marks for 08 I don’t think we need more.

It seems to me that if Carpenter and Mulder come back in good form (even if it isn’t until May or June) and if Edmonds and Rolen (even if he and TLR are at still odds, I think he is enough of a professional to want to produce at the highest level) are healthy, we could have a decent year and make the playoffs. Once we make the playoffs ANYTHING can happen (witness 2006). I hope they don’t do long-term damage to try to fix a short-term problem.

Carpenter isn’t coming back till July at the earliest. It takes a year at least to recover from TJS. Mulder it is unknown when he comes back, and even if he does, who knows what he’ll be like. And anyone that signs Colon to more than a one year deal would need to have their brains examined.

Seems like a good guy. Has overcome tremendous adversity and has tons of potential.

But……he’s dirty. He’s perverting the spirit of the game via a loophole. He bought a ton of the stuff just before it became illegal. He’s manipulating the system and got lucky he’s not in more trouble. Just because you’re not punished for something, doesn’t mean it’s not wrong. This is not good for baseball or young players or kids in general. He’s abusing/abused dangerous performance enhancing drugs for which there’s no current testing being done. It doesn’t mean he’s not guilty.

He’s dirty. Period.

eospictureguy you are clearly overreacting. HGH is not the same as anabolic steroids. HGH is routinely prescribed for the rest of us post surgery. Pehaps you have been fortunate enough to never need surgery, and I hope you never do. But just in case you ever do need reconstructive surgery do to accident or injury, I hope your doctor has not read your hateful invective. I would rather you would be “diry” than dead or disabled.

He bought a two year supply of HGH very shortly before baseball finally decided to make it against the rules. And he bought it from the guy who is culpable for providing HGH to lots of other athletes. He bought it to cheat within the loophole in the rule.

HGH is being overprescribed by these dirty sports docs and as they continue to get busted for their unethical, illegal medical practices, we’ll see this for what it is…….cheating.

Cause recovering from surgery is definitely cheating. Leave the kid alone and let him play. He used it for a completely legit reason, and as far as we know isn’t using it anymore.

I’m confused about how the 5-month lag time between the Tommy Johns surgery (July 2003) and when he received the HGH prescription (January 2004) keeps Akiel within the “post surgery” window.

Obviously after a surgery of that magnitude, he would need time to heal, but if we’re thinking the HGH prescription is legit, why the lag time? Also, why wouldn’t it be prescribed by the team doctor or the doctor who oversaw his rehab as opposed to the doctor who worked for THARC, a clinic that was already involved in shady dealings.

If Ankiel can’t be connected with the HGH after 2005, I can understand MLB not having the grounds to suspend him, but I think it’s a little bit far reaching to say his name has been cleared.

–Mrs. Dude

Thankyou, Mrs. Dude. And, again, why did he buy a two year supply? It just seems very fishy and I think people are giving him a pass while Bonds gets villified (righteously) for what is essentially the same transgression.

Yes, steroids and HGH are different substances, so Bonds is guilty of a somewhat different cheat. But the intent is the same. It’s enhancing performance and cheapens records and the game.

I’m just disappointed that St. Louis fans (among whom I count myself) can’t look at this with clear (pun intended) eyes. We all want good things for Rick and the team. But not at the expense of a clear (punning again! Yay!) conscience.

I will never be able to cheer for him the way I would like. He’s tainted.

I just hope he’s not still using HGH. Maybe he’s grown up a bit. I’m not worried about Rick. He’s an adult, and he’s made his decisions. I’m not even too worried about the record books, but I can understand why many people are.

What I am worried about is the kids who use this stuff in the hopes that they hit the lottery and make it to the major leagues. As the parent of a six-year old boy, I can see that there’s one more thing for us to talk about when he’s a few years older.

You bring up a good point, eos. I’m just not ready to give up on Ankiel yet. I guess I’m cautiously optimistic.

Actually, when a pitcher recovers from TJS (which is what Rickey was at the time), they start weight training around 4-6 months after the operation. So I can see them giving him HGH around that time, as that would be the important time to rebuild muscle mass.

And all the things I’ve read have said 12 month supply, not 24.

I can’t imagine what the pressure would be like to succeed in those circumstances. Rick is definitely a gamer. He’s gifted and determined and has been through A LOT and come a long way.

I know I would be tempted to improve my ability with a quick fix, too. And I’m sure it’s tempting for lots of athletes on all levels (which is why kids are so vulnerable). But when it’s so hard to prove HGH use since there’s no real test, I’m tempted to come down harder on players and docs who have literally been caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

And, although I’m sure it stings to be shamed and doubted, Rick has essentially gotten away with it. And I will always think less of him.

Well, it seems I may be wrong here. I thought I was hearing he bought a two year supply and I’ve now seen reports of twelve months.

Is it still suspicious that he supposedly stopped just before the ban and that he was using THARC? Yes. But maybe not as damning as I had thought.

I think we all know this is going to continue to be a problem in baseball, but if Rick isn’t guilty, then I’m glad for him and Cardinal Nation. Thanks heymatto.

anyone know if three swings wilson is learning to hit a baseball this offseason? and another thing, great idea actually, maybe roland can report to rams camp and give that arm of his a shot with a football. i’m sorry but if i was batting ohh… .208 or something like that and my manager sat me i’d sit down and shut-up, and collect my trillion dollar paycheck.

Manor please calm down. Wilson is recovering from knee surgery and isn’t even signed for next year anywhere. And if you’re going to bash Rolen at least spell his name properly.
The bottom line with Scotty is that he just wants to play everyday. He doesn’t care how he’s doing or how his stats are, he wants to be out there.

i’ll spell his name right when he starts acting like an adult. not that he or anyone cares. point, i have never liked tony, but i am also in management (not a baseball team) however, and am responsible to do what’s necessary to get the job done. one of my least favorite things is being second guessed by others who are not in my same boat (ROLEN). he must understand his own position in life, and do what is best for the team. my favorite new comercial is the hockey jersey one where they all say they play for the logo on the front not the number on the back. putting ROLEN out there just because of what he used to do, or hope he will do again someday is a waste of manhours, and in his case about 400,000 dollars a week. anyway how do we know bulger can’t handle the hot corner.

EOS, whether or not Ankiel is dirty (technically, emotionally, or otherwise) the key is that the game was/is dirty and the focus on individuals is to completely miss the point. No one paying any attention or in their right mind thought that the McGwire-Sosa battle wasn’t juiced, that pitchers haven’t been juiced, that the ball wasn’t juiced, that the Braves’ pitchers didn’t get ridiculous amounts of the outside (nowhere-near-the-)corner every time they went to the mound, that the bandbox ballparks are part of it or that the trainers, managers, GMs and owners (can you say Selig?) weren’t in on this thing. This is more about US sports culture than it is “dirty” and “clean” players — and it seems to me that, maybe, a number of Rolen’s detractors might be happier if he’d pushed the chemical limit in order to recover faster… while the Rolen-TLR thing is between two guys (and the media), the steroids/HGH thing is about the league, pro sports and our ridiculous pursuit of wins, profit and purity (yeah, right, 325lb 18-year-old HS juniors on your town’s offensive and defensive line are “clean”)…

just a quick comment…

I read on hear that someone said it is fishy or suspicious that Ank stopped just before the ban. I don’t see it as suspicious at all…

1. The time he stopped was on schedule for his tommy john surgery

2. How is it suspicious if he was taking it, heard the MLB was going to ban it, and then said “Hmmm…MLB is going to ban what I’m taking…I better stop taking it, then.”

That’s not suspicious at all…it’s what they are supposed to do.

Bottom line…whether there was a lag time or not, it was NOT a banned substance and therefore not cheating. It’s a simple concept. Let’s remember…just taking a substance to help your body or performance is NOT cheating…supplements are taken all the time, and what they do for the body is not all that different…cheating is taking a BANNED substance WHILE it is banned.

Let’s not forget that…just because you think he shouldn’t take something does NOT make it cheating…cheating is doing something outside the rules…which he did not do.

Alan, if we make an earnest effort to address issues as they arise, then I think we can hope to keep the game respectable.

Yes, there have always been scandals and cheating, but the game has survived more or less intact.

Life is messy. Sports are messy. I’m not naive, but I’m not ready to give up on baseball. As the rules continue to try to keep up with the cheating, we can make a future for baseball. If we give up, it’s doomed. It’s still baseball. It’s not wrestling………yet. It’s a great game and it’s worth trying to continue to save it.

As to what the definition of cheating is, I guess I’ll leave that to you to decide. I think performance enhancement is performance enhancement. The line is blurry, I guess. If someone develops a new drug that makes an athlete stronger and faster, but isn’t yet illegal, I still think it’s a perversion of the spirit of sport. Just because something’s not punishable doesn’t make it okay. But that’s just me.

And, again, if Rick didn’t abuse HGH, I’m glad. I want to believe he’s not dirty. But THARC is almost certainly dirty and he’s inexorably linked to a group of medical people who are going to be punished for providing drugs to cheaters.


That’s right…you can leave it to me to decide. I’m tired of people confusing morals and ethics with cheating. Your definition of athletic morals and ethics (whether someone should do something or not) does not define cheating (violating the defined rules of the sport for the purpose of gaining an advantage).

It is absolutely imperative that we do not allow our morals and ethics to cloud our view of what cheating is and is not. If we confuse moral and ethical standards with cheating, then it becomes nearly impossible to appropriately determine who is cheating and who is not. What I think is acceptable for an athlete to do may not match what you or zoop or Matt believes is acceptable. However, we can all agree that there are rules, and when they are violated, cheating occurs.

You must see the difference between morals/ethics as you personally define them and universally accepted and clearly defined rules in major league baseball. Violation of one is cheating…violation of the other is simply cause for you to personally dislike an action or athlete. Don’t confuse the two.

Therefore, Ankiel is not a cheater. Plain and simple. You may not like what he did, but that does not make him a cheater.

Also, others should not be so arrogant as to assume they know why Ankiel did what he did. They have no idea. They have no evidence of anything – in fact, all evidence points to healing after surgery as an explanation for his HGH. Anything else is pure speculation, and nothing more.

EOS, my problem is that the pertinent “we” — the commish, owners, GMs, etc. who are pointing fingers at individual players — not only didn’t make an earnest effort, they were undeniably complicit in the situation in the first place.

There have always been scandals, you’re right, but the key here is that — a la Kevin’s point — we tend to define scandals as rooted in cheating, something one individual or group does that explicitly breaks established rules. By those lights — and I hate the perversion of sport that is steroids and most edge of the envelope performance enhancing chemicals — the media, congress, commish, owners, etc are treating this as a scandal when EVERYONE knew and implicitly agreed with this practice — going so far as to say it saved the game… yeesh.

I especially am morally frustrated with all of this because I believe the Cardinals stand for small, fast, strategic, pitching- and defense-driven baseball (see the 40’s, 60’s and ’80s teams) and TLR and buddies have turned the team into an Earl Weaver-like club, without the great young pitching (because they physically and emotionally damage 95% of all good pitching prospects.)

Last, I really like Kevin’s point about the separation of personal morals and institutional regulations — the primacy of the latter over the former is what used to make the US great… now we have it the other way around and our politics and culture are imploding… which just makes me sad. (Sorry for introducing politics here.)

Good points Alan and Kevin. I’m glad to have read what you’ve both written. Thankyou.

As to your last point, Kevin, I agree and disagree. Yes, morals of individuals (of one current world leader in particular) have shown the danger of convictions manifesting into a real-life horror show. But morals are the basic primer for what the collective we (a collection of individuals) decide the rules will be. Rules are born from personal conviction and collective good (although, yes, sometimes rules are born of evil and ill will). Society and rules are what we make them to be.

I think the semantics of the word “cheating” are a little less hard and fast than you’ve posited. I think most people believe that if you deceive, mislead and act dishonestly, then you are cheating. Enhancing your performance is cheating. Just because it’s not actionable by rules which aren’t currently able to catch people, doesn’t mean it’s not wrong. I don’t think I’m the only person who would call it cheating. And, frankly it’s been illegal to overprescribe HGH while only recently being against the rules of baseball. I understand that we need rules to be able to have a level playing field to punish what is deemed cheating, but the field could use a little maintenance.

The current system of owners and fans being held hostage by the players association is part of the problem. The players association protects players from historically shady owners, but it’s also complicit in the current situation of drug testing lagging behind the newest ways to cheat. But the courts are in the process of handling the medical side of it. And the fans are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the current lack of accountability to keep players honest. As I’ve said, it sounds like Rick isn’t guilty of cheating, but he’s connected to THARC and we’re all going to learn more and more that THARC is dirty. So, he’s not in good company.

I don’t know if what I’ve written helps explain my points. It’s getting pretty heady in here. And these topics can spin around indefinitely, but I’m glad to get to talk about them.

Let’s play ball.

Tomorrow at 2 EST is the announcement of Mitchell’s report. I just hope no cardinals are linked to it.


Oh,I hear you…don’t get me wrong…for the most part, I agree with you. My only concern is that the term “cheater” is going to end up being applied in a blanket fashion to anyone in a position similar to Ankiel’s. I think that would truly be damaging to the sport.

If we break down players in three categories on a spectrum – Moral, Morally ambiguous, and Cheater (with Cheater being the worst and Moral being the best) – I think Ankiel COULD possibly land in the Morally Ambiguous category on the spectrum…but all evidence says he is short of being a flat-out cheater.

Think of it this way…everytime you borrow a muscle relaxer or antibiotic from a friend or family member (using a prescription that is not yours), you are putting your little toe in the same room as Ankiel when he got a LEGAL prescription for HGH (however much he obtained).

Yes, being linked to THARC is a bad deal…but…let’s not be too hasty. Just because I bought beer from a convenience store that was notorious for selling to underage kids, and they were recently shut down for doing just that “out the backdoor” does not mean that my purchase was illegal or tainted.

Guilt by association is suspect at best, and completely invalid at worst.

More vaild points. Fair enough. We’ll see what shakes out tommorrow. I’m sure we’ll all have other names (60-80?!) to talk about.

in a different direction…and I hate to voice this…did anyone else notice a slight upper-body mass change (and increased injury risk with decreased numbers)in our California-native Jim Edmonds the year after the steroid scandals broke? I love Jim…but i’m just curious if anyone else wondered the same about Jimmy…

I hadn’t noticed, but then maybe it’s that he hasn’t played enough for a few years for me to pick up on it. Who me bitter? Yeah, a little.

Kevin, and everyone –

This is the kind of thing I do not want to see here. Unfounded speculation of this sort is dangerous and irresponsible, whether it is a Cardinal or a player from another team, and whether it’s a fan or a media member.

Nobody should have to defend himself against speculation that has no actual evidence. I feel very strongly about that.




Calm down, Matt. I didn’t mean it as accusation…had I meant it that way, I would have simply said “I think…” etc. I did not. I meant it as “Hey, considering the topic of the Mitchell Report coming out, is anyone concerned about performance changes, body changes, etc.?”

In other words, is there concern among fans about players who have suffered noticeable drops in performance and playing time since that all broke out? Personally, as far as Jimmy goes, i just think it’s age…but I am VERY curious to know how “Cardinal Nation” views their team.

I will say this, Matt…and I respectfully apologize up front for being so blunt about this…but I disagree with you 100% when you say “Nobody should have to defend himself against speculation that has no actual evidence” in regards to the steroid situation in baseball. In everything else I can think of, yes…but here’s the deal…the baseball players, the union, the owners, and MLB itself created this situation.

Everything we hear is “Oh yeah…I knew it was around…blah blah blah” For years, players knew and watched this situation develop. They had the opportunity to step forward and protect the integrity of their sport and their reputations. They had the opportunity to do SOMETHING (through the union, through the press, or just individually) to head-off speculation of the sort you THOUGHT I was encouraging.

They did nothing.

THIS…this right here, Matt…whether you like it, agree with it, or whether it gives you warm fuzzies about baseball or cold chills…this is the result of that inaction. Every single player, coach, trainer, and owner has opened himself up to speculation, doubt, etc. because they saw the scandal coming and they did nothing. And they try to hide behind “It’s a brotherhood” and all that stuff.

Bull. It’s right and wrong…it’s common sense and forward thinking…it’s having enough respect for the game and your own reputation to push the player’s union, etc. to do something while they still had the chance. Now, everyone wants to cry foul and ask for protection after the fact.

I hate that it’s come to this…but it is 100% fair that player’s have to put up with speculation due to a lack of action and integrity on their part. I don’t think Rick Ankiel was a cheater…and I, like you, don’t like speculation and I don’t like suspicion without evidence (again…I am only interested in measuring the common fan feelings and doubts)…but baseball created this situation, and now baseball must accept the consequences of non-action, of chosen ignorance, and of a disrespect for the game overall.

Now…if you don’t want to see any of that on your blog…that’s cool. It’s your blog and I respect that…but the idea that baseball players were not involved in the situation at hand just because they didn’t take steroids and should therefore not have to deal with the consequences of this situation…well, that’s just false in my opinion.


It does certainly seem like the steroid hunt has become somewhat of a witch hunt and that everyone is a suspect. I don’t like that it comes to that, but it certainly seems like you have people that draw the conclusion that just because you had a good year means you took steroids and that if you taper off, it means that you obviously don’t take them anymore. I understand that people feel that way, but I don’t agree with it.

In respect to Jimmy, you won’t find many guys who have given up their body to the betterment of the team than him. I think that, along with the fact that he’s old, is pretty much why you see him in the downside.

WHERE ARE THE CARDINALS???? Our opponents in the Central are doing big things where are they..First the Cubs get the Japanese star and now the Astros get Tejada for Luke Scott, Albers and other players you have never heard of. Now I hear the Cubs thinking of dealing Hill and Marmol to the Orioles for Bedard and Roberts. I ask again WHERE ARE THE CARDINALS??? So far this year we have upgraded our defense and downgraded our offense with Izturis and Larue..and for all of you that say “But we got Barton” I ask you…where and when is he going to play on this team with (Duncan,Edmonds,Ankiel,Shumacher, and whenever we eventually see Rasmus) Your telling me a trade of something like-Duncan,Reyes, Kennedy, and maybe Tyler Johnson wouldn’t trump the Cubs offer?? Even if it wouldn’t its worth a freakin try! Any trade that doesn’t include Pujols, Carpenter, Wainright and I guess you have to put in the great Colby Rasmus is worth looking into! The cards NEED to do something to compete in this division..if the last 2 years have taught us anything it’s Rolen and Edmonds can no longer be counted on to stay healthy, and if last year taught us anything its a ragtag pitching staff will get us NOWHERE! I completely don’t want the Cards to spend the money “THAT THEY DO HAVE!!!” on ridculous contracts like Silva or Lohse, or broke down or old guys like Benson, Colon, or Livan Hernandez..unless its just a one year try…but even if they get that..that CANNOT be there major move if we want to compete. It’s time for MO to wake up and look around and see the Brewers, Cubs, Astros, and REDS all making moves while we sit back and watch. With this team we will finish ahead of the Lowly Pirates and thats about it. It’s time for MO to make a move and make it now and stay competitive with the rest of the division instead of just HOPING that Edmonds, Rolen and Mulder will be healthy and return to All-Star form!!

Uh, slata, what does this have to do with the thread at hand?

DON’T. HIJACK. THREADS. How many bloody times do I have to say it? Seriously!


Kevin —

My point was not to open a new set of philosophical questions, which are certainly valid.

My point, really, is that what any of us speculates to our friends and coworkers — and believe me, I’ve speculated with friends and coworkers about various players — is different from what’s actually posted here or anywhere else.

I have a major problem with this sort of speculation about players in this forum.


boy what i wouldn’t give for a Lucky Seven right about now…

I hear ya’ matt…sorry I took it and ran in a different direction.

I agree with Matt that the Jimmy comment was a little reckless (and that has been acknowledged by Kevin), but I also agree that baseball and the players association have pretty much created this environment of broad speculation about cheating. They have the ability to change the system. The players association can make that change. And if there’s enough indignation from the fans, maybe the association will address it on their own. The player’s association should make the first move to take enforcement and policy to the next level.

Yes, Matt, this is your blog. You’re the boss and I think you are right to intercede, but this should also be a forum for fans to speak to other fans. Not everyone has access to face-to-face, private conversations with fans and media insiders in the know such as yourself.

I realize you’re sort of hog-tied by the fact that this is an MLB site and it can’t be a total free-for-all (and your efforts to maintain civility are greatly appreciated), but Kevin’s point does speak to broad issues about the players association bringing this speculation on itself. Maybe controversial thoughts such as these could be expressed better by post-ers, but some leeway and guidance from you could also help steer the dialog in a meaningful direction without being too stifling or neutered.

If I’m now in trouble, I will start my pennance of ten “Take Me Out To The Ballgame(s)” and five recitations of the infield fly rule.

whoa…um…just to clarify…i did not acknowledge the comment was “reckless” but rather perhaps left a bit too open to “misunderstood intention.”🙂

on Matt’s blog authority…it is his as much as mine is mine…his blog authority, then, is absolute! (I love being the dictator of my own blog…of course, no one really comments on mine, so I don’t get to push anyone around…but I like to pretend).

My bad.

hehe…just messin’ with ya

I was thinking I shouldnt post here. But im just going to provide a few points.

1.) Just because THARC is dirty doesnt mean that all of thier customers are buying thier product illegally or for shady use. You cant get HGH just anywhere. If you were in FL there is a good chance this would be the place it would come from. When I was in high school I used to buy my beer for this one store…(shall stay nameless)..But that doesnt mean everyone who bought thier beer was doing it illegally.

2.) It was reported that Rick Ankiel recieved his prescription from Dr. William J. Gogan. Who Specializes in

Orthopedic Surgery and pratices in West Palm Beach. Just south of where Ankiel’s home in Juniper. It’s not uncommon for a player to see a private doctor instead of the team one. And one that deals with joint reconstruction seems like someone that a player who has had TJ surgery might go to see.

Am I saying that Ankiel didnt recieve the drugs in hopes to becomes stronger and a better player? No. He could of. He could have also seen a legit doctor and is taking the drugs to help recover from an injury. (my uncle actually recieved HGH to help recover after ripping his foot off)

What I am saying is that MLB decided there wasnt enough evidence. And last I checked Rick Ankiel is an American. Which means innocient until proven guilty. Not the otherway around.

Since apparently I’m “Hijacking the Threads” ha…seriously?? No more speculation about Steroids obviously people in baseball are innocent…Don’t make speculations..let Matt tell us what we can say, this is his blogs and apparently not a fan forum…or maybe we can talk about the people after the Michell report comes out..I got a feeling you may see a couple cardinals on there! RELAX MATT I’M NOT ACCUSING ANYONE JUST SPECULATING!!

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