I’m trying to chase it down, but remain puzzled. I know some are reporting it’s done, but I’m also hearing some things contrary to that. Stay tuned. Hard to imagine it’s not GOING to happen at some point soon, but I’m not entirely convinced that all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed as of right now.



supposedly Edmonds went for a third baseman, Freese? Not even one of their top 10 prospects.
Saves a ton of money but why a 3B? Will miss Jim but he will be happy on the west coast.

Cards have Rolen, Spezio and now Freesen for 3B? Puzzling?

Hope they use the $ savings wisely.

The outfield will be ok.

Yes, we should not quite yet conclude it’s a done deal. It would be a little sad for Jimmy to go. He came here at the start of our good run the last few years. I had kind of hoped he would retire a Cardinal.

Still, I was a little surprised by the deal the team gave him last year. We’ll see, but maybe it will be Freese. I wonder if Rolen is closer to being gone, and Rasmus is on a faster track to the majors.

im gonna miss seeing edmonds on web gems in a cards uniform, but more $ for pitching, right? if so this is a good thing.

Yes, stunna, this sure feels as if they’re saving up pennies to do something expensive.

As regards the deal itself, I’m disappointed they couldn’t get a bit more for him, but let’s face it, Edmonds was a big risk for next year, and they’re likely to be able to plug someone in who can do as well for less. Another point is that this deal is a kindness to Edmonds himself, because of his roots in the San Diego vicinity. Let the home folks see the spavined old warhorse on last time, and vice versa — that’s a thoughtful way to do business, and that too may pay dividends later.

you’ve got to be kidding me! a 3rd base prospect? and not even a a top 10 one on the padres?

i am so close to being done with the cardinals. the last string is just barely hanging on.

i am sick of seeing the team decline year after year with not even seemingly trying to get better… first renteria, then matheny, then walker, sanders, suppan, even belliard & eckstein & now jimmy?!? and maybe even rolen?!?!

and what have we got kip wells? adam kennedy? cezar izturis?

what is going on!!!!!!!!!!

come on they couldn’t let jimmy go one more year and retire as a cardinal?!?

Edmonds has been injured proned over the last couple of years, Rolen has also been injure proned and tends to argue with management when he is, Walker retired, not sure if you cought that bit, he retired, they were afraid Eckstein would ask too much and he too has been suffering from injuries over the last two years. They thought they could do something with Kip Wells. I don’t know why they got rid of Suppan or Sanders. Izturis is good at defense, which is something they weren’t that good at as a team last year, and Adam Kennedy was injured and trying too hard in his first year as a Cardinal. So stop questioning management and just wait and see what happens.

It all makes sense; but…. I need a huge.

Um…I meant hug. Dont drink and blog people.

At some point the Cards and Rolan will part ways. If it isnt this year it makes sense to get a prosect. Give him time to develope. Plus we are freeing up what; $12 mil?

Best **** was doing Best damage catches. I’ll miss you Jimmy!

are the cards gonna get better at all over the offseason, or just trade their fan favorites for nothing under this new gm????

I can’t cheer the Cardinals this year. I don’t mean that as a “boohoo, they cut/traded all of my favorite players” type of angst. I mean it in dismay, in total apathy for another faceless team. There’s nobody worth cheering for on the team this season besides Albert and Wainer, in my opinion. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Manager: TLR. Never fond, but his love for animals is a positive.

1B: Albert. Worthy of my loyalty.

2B: Adam Kennedy. Injured or hobbled professionally, not fond of him either way.

SS: Izturis. “Izturis” is my new punchline. “Aww, Duncan tracked the ball at the wall and it bounced off of his glove and into the stands! AWWW! What an Izturis Signing that was!” That might make this season a little fun… but it’s not as good as “Aww, he booted the ball into the dugout! What an Aaron Miles that guy is!”

3B: Rolen. The New York Yankees saga with him and TLR tainted him for me. Still respect him, but meh.

LF: Duncan. The man humped the WS trophy and chews tabaccy. Not my type of guy.

CF: Mike Cameron, maybe? Steroids. I’d still nod in acceptance, though, depending on the money. I like him a lot. Had some fantastic Mariner years. But if we’re signing him on for two years at $6m each or something, that defeats the purpose of getting rid of Jimmy.

RF: Ankiel. Like the bat, personality always seemed snotty to me. Never liked him much.


1. Wainer. My favorite Cardinal. Seems like a class act. Not bad on the eyes, either, probably one of the best lookin’ dudes I’ve ever seen. Uhhh, I LIKE STEAKS AND SMASH’EM UP MONSTER TRUCK SHOWS! There, masculinity in check.

2. Looper. Annoys me as much as Blooper, that **** octopus from Super Mario Bros.

3. Joel. I like pronouncing his name like Antonio Banderas. Keeper. (It’s sad when the guy I’d rank third or fourth on my “likes” list is there just because I can say his name with a sexy accent)

4. Mulder. Otherwise known as “The broken machine that once was Mark Mulder” to Cardinal Nation.

5. Free Agent Scrub #11 or Thompson. Puppy Kicker’d crack the Top 5, probably. Always liked him.


1. Franklin. Hate the guy. Don’t know why. Can’t explain why. Despise him, though. Wish we’d trade him to the Bombers.

2. Flores x2. Don’t like him, either.

3. Johnson. Hate him, too, actually. Why do I hate our bullpen? Just dawned on me that I have no reason to; they’re one of our strengths, yet I can’t stand them.

4. Izzy. Like the guy. Top 5 material. Feel bad that he got booed so much in ’06. Never comfortable with him on the mound, but…

I don’t know… I wanted Jimmy to retire a Cardinal. I know he’s useless now, but so what? We’re not contending in ’08. That’s been clear since we signed Caesar Izturis and couldn’t con anyone into shipping us a pitcher. So why not just let Jimmy retire a Redbird with dignity? Is that so much to ask?

Good luck in ’08, Cards. I’ll be a paper fan, not attending any games and watching them on the tele when I’m in a bar or grill. Hate to sound angry, because I’m not. I just don’t care one way or the other. I’d rather use my money towards helping my gal through college or something productive than watch a team full of guys I don’t care about. I can think of just as many Royals that I like as I do Cardinals! How sad is that?

If this is the end, goodbye Jimmy. You’re the best Cardinal we’ve had since the Wizard, and you’ll be the best until Albert leaves.

I love how we’re throwing punch lines at a guy we haven’t even seen play as a Cardinal yet. How are you going to feel if Izturis has a career year and bats around .298 and does great for us? And Duncan isn’t that horrible of an outfielder, he’s shown many signs of improvement, give him time and I’m sure he’ll be great. Stop insulting people and just enjoy the game.

Well, when you sign a below average player, you sign him knowing that he’s a below average player. He’s not a rehab project, a Chris Carpenter. He was never great, so it’s not like picking up a vet and hoping they’ll return to form. I can actively make fun of the man because I pay taxes in the city of St. Louis, Missouri, and went to many games to fund the salary provided for him. I wish the man no harm, as it’s all in good fun, but I’m not expecting him to be Derek Jeter out there. I’m grounded, I keep my expectations where they should be.

As for Duncan, he’s improving but he’d be better on first base. He’ll likely be dealt by mid-season, either way, so he’s nothing we should worry about.

I enjoy the game by insulting others, Dear Watson. I doubt the players give two craps. As stated, I help fund them. You could spit on me daily if I made $3 million for one year of playing baseball.

So I just looked at the TWENTYFIVE YEAR OLD SINGLE A PLAYER we just got in return for our centerfielder of the past eight seasons, and threw up in my mouth a little. Just how much are we paying for Jimmy’s salary? If this kid makes the Majors and does anything whatsoever, I swear to God I will take a bath in honey and run into the black bear exhibit at the Zoo.

One of the true fan favorites is gone…Surprised? No..Happy? NO….I would of liked to see the cards get more for him or maybe a different position, but let’s be honest this isn’t the Edmonds of 2004, its the Edmonds of 2008… Edmonds has been on a huge decline the last few years in production and health so getting rid of his contract, letting younger and healthier people play the outfield and maybe even seeing if the Chosen One Colby Rasmus gets a crack, although I think he is better fit for a full year in AAA. Now I’m perplexed with how the cards will use the money that they saved as I’m guessing that is the reason they did this deal. We saved 7 million as he was due 8 and we are sending 1 million to the padres as well. But there is still the same crappy pitching available on the free agent market, unless this is the beginning of another trade “say Bedard” where we will use that money to sign him to an extension. I hate to see Edmonds go but he has went from a Home Run to a strikeout machine with huge health questions. While I would of loved to see him retire as a cardinal and don’t see any reason why that was a “BAD” idea, I do hope that this trade leads to bigger things then just a minor league prospect 3B.

Edmonds has 10-5 NTC, so has he actually OK’d the trade or does he still have time?

yeah, i’m gonna miss jimmy baseball, it’s a sad day in cardinal nation, but all good things come to an end, i think i will try to go to a padres game next year, i’m certain he’ll get a standing ovation. god bless and good luck jimmy baseball

Looks to me like the Cards are heading towards their worst season in years.

I’m going to miss Edmonds. He was a good player, and I was hoping that he’d finish his career as a Card. Really sad to see him go.

I guess it had to happen eventually, but I am really bummed that he’s gone.

I’m only half paying attention, but have there been any starting pitchers added to the roster? Um, yikes.

Ok first of all how could they get rid of my favorite player ever JIM EDMONDS! that was dumb! we got what a 3rd basemen prospect of wow we have how many first basemen. Im a die hard cardinals fan but coe this offseason so far is going no where fast, how about we try to get a profile pitcher or something come on im totally dissappointed

Let’s see do we need a 3rd base prospect (answer No).
Okay, let’s take a look at what we need by position

1.catcher- do we need a catcher (answer NO)

2.1st-do we need a 1st ba

seman (answer NO)

3.2nd-do we need a 2nd baseman (answer Possible)

4.3rd-do we need a 3rd baseman (answer Only IF we TRADE Rolen)

5.SS-do we need **** (answer Possible)

6.the outfield (answer Not Really)

7.OKAY this is a very IMPORTANT area that the Team needs Okay can anyone guess OH okay since the MANAGEMENT HAS NO CLUE I’ll tell you PITCHING, PITCHING, and more PITCHING YOU IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!

It doesn’t matter how many infielders or outfielders you have that make a winning team IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN PITCHING!!!

If you must TRADE a position player when you need PITCHING you don’t go out and get a POSITION player you get a PITCHER

If it’s true, it makes me really sad. I’d hoped Jimmy could retire a Cardnal, and help teach Rasmus some of his fielding secrets. If they had to trade him, I wish they’;d get someone ‘ready to play’. It’s really sad so few are left from the World Champs.

In my heart I also had hoped Jimmy would retire a Cardinal. It’s sobering when you think how different the Cards will look next year.

But… what were the chances Edmonds was going to have a really good year? Don’t many people want the Cards to retool? I certainly want them to be younger, stronger, and faster. Rasmus is on the fast track and Jim would have been an expensive mentor.

Edmonds and Rolen need(ed)to go. True, it seems the Cards are getting rid of player after player without a lot coming back. Prospects are fine, but hopefully the big addition will come. Hey it’s still only mid-December.

That said, I will miss seeing Jimmy in CF. He has been a face of the team for so long.

I see this as very good news overall. On the one hand, I think there is a reasonable chance that Jimmy will have a good year with the Padres (though it is tough to hit homers in that park, so he maybe not). On the other hand, we all need to face the fact that the Cards are in a rebuilding phase. It just doesn’t make sense to pay all of that money to Edmunds at age 37 when the team isn’t going to finish higher than fourth in the division anyway.

Sincerely, we need to look at this as an opportunity to get Rasmus to the bigs sooner, and to save some money for free agents we will want to sign in a couple years when we are close to contention again.

Not the news I needed on my birthday. Unhappy fan here, very unhappy. I was not at all sure I would be up for season tickets for 2008. I am VERY sure that my money is better spent elsewhere. I’ll be a loyal fan and watch on TV, but I don’t need to give ownership any more of my money at the stadium for awhile. I’m gonona miss So, Eck, Miles, and now Jimmy. They all have my best wishes and thanks for some really nice baseball memories.

Well, this frees up another $10 million for the Cardinal brass, which is all they’re really after anyway.

I think Edmonds is over the hill and I don’t mind him leaving, but they didn’t get much in return except a smaller paycheck.

After almost 60 years of rooting for the Redbirds, 2008 will be the first season I won’t waste my money watching them become cellar dwellers as virtually every other team in the division has imprived themselves. Cardinal management is worse that that of the Florida Marlins.

If they exhumed Gussie Busch’s body, they’d likely find that he’d turned over in his grave.

I’d rather wait to see what Rasmus does at AAA before thrusting him up to to the bigs. It seems like we got nothing for him though. It’s almost like a Marlins firesale move.

One more thing…..I can’t wait to see what train-wrecks they pick up off the scrap heap for pitching, like another Kip Wells….

Wow, the passion in here, the angst, the rage, this my friends is why the Cards have the best fans. Love Jimmy hate to see him go, but he is getting up there, would rather of seen Rolen go, I like Scott, hate whinners, wish I could of changed jobs everytime I didnt get along with my boss. I think we need to give Mo a chance it isnt spring training yet, lets be a little patient…. I know that word doesnt exist well with fans. Bottom line is I loved watching Jim and Eck the few times I got to see them when they werent injured, but we need to get younger and no matter how much I loved watching them I love the Cardinals much more. Speaking of love, love this blog and the passion that goes with it, Merry Christmas everyone.

Well… First reaction is sadness. Jim was always my favorite Cardinal and I’ll miss him.

That said, I understand that trading away declining Veterans is an important (though not easy) part of rebuilding.

The only problem I have with this move is that we’re eating his salary. If this “A” kid winds up being an all-star, I’ll be happy and never think about paying Jimmy to play for another team again.

But if the kid washes out and doesn’t even make the majors, this will be one of the most frustrating moves I can remember. Trading Dan Haren made some sense because of how good Mulder was… it just didn’t pan out. This might just be stupid. We’ll see.

Let’s face it: Jimmy was and still is a magnificent center fielder, among the best most of us has ever seen. He made plays out there that I’ve watched over and over and still marvel at.

There was always a void in the defense and in the lineup when he was hurt (may I remind everyone of those painful times when Encarnacion kept dropping fly balls in center field?). I’m not yet convinced it makes sense to have traded Jimmy with just one year left on his contract and the possibility that Rasmus isn’t ready yet.

I have a sinking feeling that, after Jimmy deservedly receives a huge standing ovation the next time he comes to town, he will go on to absolutely devastate the Cards this year.

Can you say save $$$$$$$? Are the cards turning into the cubs?
They are making all the right moves and we are sitting on our thumbs. Why trade a all star for maybe the pods #6 third baseman? If we are looking for a third baseman they have the likes of Matt

Antonelli or Chase Headley we could have tried to get.

I’ll preface this by saying that Jim Edmonds is my favorite current Cardinal and maybe my favorite Cardinal of All-Time so this trade is a huge emotional blow and I know I am not alone in Cardinal nation.

Yes, this trade makes room for Colby Rasmus, but the timing is horrible. Mo trades Edmonds at his lowest value and after a series of injuries.

Jim Edmonds should have been given the opportunity to bounce back after getting hit hard with injuries and resume his off season training. It was obvious that his legs were out of condition during Spring Training after having to take time off during the surgeries.

At age 37 and beyond, there are many cases of players coming back to have big years.

Age 37 .351/.422/.612

Age 38 .337/.423/.528

Who is this player?

Stan Musial.

Paul Molitor slumped to .270/.350/.423 at the age of 39 and then came back at age 40 to hit .341/.390/.468.

At age 38 Molitor hit .341/.410/.518. Edmonds and Molitor both had injury plagued careers and in the Brewers case were haunted by not re-signing Molitor.

OK, you can also make the case Edmonds won’t come back and will have another mediocre year, but Edmonds has earned the chance to make a comeback. Now what the Cardinals have done is broken up the big three of Rolen, Pujols and Edmonds and have thrown in the towel for 2008.

All this trade did was officially end the DYNASTY that began in 2004 and start a full blown rebuilding project. Edmonds should have been allowed to retire as a Cardinal and the Cardinals DYNASTY should have been given one last chance to continue.

Of course there can be quibbling over who we get for players. I certainly, on one hand, would have liked to see Jimmy wind his career up here, being a leader for the you players. It is, after all, still early in the off-season, so who know what other moves will be made.

Ludwick and Ankiel performed on a pace to hit 20 + homeruns and drive in 90 + runs in a season. Barton has decent potential. Schumaker established himself to some degree. Rasmus? maybe he will progress rapidly and be ready in 08.

Duncan? I think he is probably on the way out. So is Rolen. The team will certainly look different.

What does John Mozeliak think he is doing? I can not imagine the horrible year he and Cardinal ownership is setting us up for.

They are simply being out maneuvered at every turn and cutting, trading and releasing good players along the way.

I certainly hope they do not expect the intelligent baseball fans of St. Louis to stand for this.

The Florida Marlins would be thrilled to draw even half as many fans as the Cardinals, the Oakland Athletics would love to have a GREAT stadium like the new Bush stadium, even the Royals are out there trying to improve their team and field a better product.

Hey, Cardinal brass quit acting like a team with a bad stadium deal or with bad fan support.

Good luck to those who make the I-70 trip to KC this year you may be forced to watch some lopsided games and listen to a lot of Royal trash talking.


Matt in Milwaukee


Crazy – chill on the caps man.

As far as Edmonds “deserving” to retire as a Cardinal… He was giving the chance to go to a contenting team 45 minutes from his home to play out his last year/two in the majors. Depending on what they do with the money this could be a win/win/win trade for the Cardinals/Padres/Edmonds.

With all this snow I wish my company would trade me to San Diego.

Edmonds could have retired as a Cardinal if he wanted to. He had full no-trade protection, and if he hadn’t been willing to go, they wouldn’t have even pursued it in the first place.


And we won considerably with Mr. 25 Year Old “Maybe I Can Play In Class A Ball” Third Baseman, right Crazy? We’re not competing this year, there is no one worthy of dumping money on, so why not just pay him for the one year he has left? The year was going to be bad, as you stated in the big, angry wall of angst you threw up there, so why not let him retire here?

Don’t think it’s that black and white, Dude. He knew they wanted to shop him, and he allowed them to because he’s a class act. It doesn’t mean that’s what he preferred.

He approached them for the move.

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