Edmonds official

Officially confirmed. Announcement coming any minute now.

I haven’t read through all the comments on the previous thread, but going through my email I suspect I have a pretty good idea of what y’all are saying. Here’s what I’ll say: wait until all the moves are done. I don’t think this can be assessed in a vacuum, because I think it’s only the first domino.

If it’s the last move, then yeah, it’s kind of strange.



All of the moves to this point I could follow as the cardinals getting better. This one I’m not so sure about. Giving away Edmonds doesn’t improve this years team and it has little impact on future finances. All this move did was open up some money for this season, and lower our options in the outfield. I’m assuming this means Rasmus is going to be given the shot this year. Does that make him the leadoff hitter as well? If he isn’t ready does that make Skip the starting CF? Are we looking at an outfield of Barton, Skip and Ankiel with duncan and ludwig as the subs? I agree that this move appears to be the first of a series of moves, but what is that next move? Doesn’t this move also restrict our ability to trade the abundance of outfielders for other talent? In addition, if we are willing to give away Jimmy for nothing but money relief, then why not trade Rolen for 50 cents on the dollar. This deal seems to break the logic train that Mo has been following. I’ve liked what Mo has done so far, but this one just seems a little odd to me. I could also be a little biased because I love Jim Edmonds, but I still think it’s an odd move.

With So and Edmonds gone I don’t have a Cardinals shirt with a current player’s name and number on the back. A lot of players are being moved that we have been attached to, and its very evident in the earlier post in the other thread. Edmonds hasn’t been great for quite awhile. As most of his career in St. Louis, the high fastball with two strikes always got him swinging, but last year he missed it more often than not. (At least it seemed that way) This Edmonds being trade for a single A third base player doesn’t seem like such a good move. And unless they make a move for a pitcher using the money saved. Let’s give the management some time and see what happens.
Gonna Miss So and Jim.

It’s an odd move if they don’t do anything very soon after this. I hope that Rolen isn’t the next to go.

Matthew’s analysis looks right to me, so an exercise for the reader: Let’s assume for the moment that this move is really what it looks to be, namely a way to get some budget space so that the team can make another move or two that brings in someone expensive.

But who’s the someone? If the team can now afford to take on $15M worth of newcomers when before they could only take on $6-7M worth, or $20M when their previous cap was $12M, or whatever, what’s the move that exploits that? The one thing about this that’s bugging me (apart from the visceral sadness you get when an admired star reaches the end of the line, and face it, Jimbo *is* at the end) is that I don’t see the next domino. Surely this can’t be a matter of gaining salary space for a juicy free-agent signing; there simply aren’t any juicy free agents to be signed. *Expensive* ones, yes, but that’s not the same thing… So could they be preparing to *trade* for someone expensive — and worth the money? If so, what’s the deal? I don’t see it.

I think there is more to come. In Mo’s statement announcing the trade he said something to the effect that this move created flexibility to address the need for pitching.
I’m not sure Rolen will go as Freese is too young to take over 3B.

I hope the Cards don’t spend the $ savings on free agent pitching. Nobody out there worth big bucks.

The Cardinals have too many (lefthanded hitting) outfielders right now and Edmonds is the oldest and makes the most money. His replacements outplayed him last year.

What’s strange about that?

Even if it was a logical move (which it wasn’t), nobody, including myself, would have liked the trade.

I have to say, however, that this proves Mo has balls, because I can promise you the fans will hate this guy unless he turns it around FAST.

He better not get cold feet on dealing Rolen now, though. All or nothing, no in-between bull. I think trading away the face of the team for a C+ graded 25 year old prospect in A ball is a little more than breaking the ice (spitting in the fans’ faces?), so there’s no reason to be coy now. Trade Rolen and Izzy.

One of the true fan favorites is gone…Surprised? No..Happy? NO….I would of liked to see the cards get more for him or maybe a different position, but let’s be honest this isn’t the Edmonds of 2004, its the Edmonds of 2008… Edmonds has been on a huge decline the last few years in production and health so getting rid of his contract, letting younger and healthier people play the outfield and maybe even seeing if the Chosen One Colby Rasmus gets a crack, although I think he is better fit for a full year in AAA. Now I’m perplexed with how the cards will use the money that they saved as I’m guessing that is the reason they did this deal. We saved 7 million as he was due 8 and we are sending 1 million to the padres as well. But there is still the same crappy pitching available on the free agent market, unless this is the beginning of another trade “say Bedard” where we will use that money to sign him to an extension. I hate to see Edmonds go but he has went from a Home Run to a strikeout machine with huge health questions. While I would of loved to see him retire as a cardinal and don’t see any reason why that was a “BAD” idea, I do hope that this trade leads to bigger things then just a minor league prospect 3B.

I thought that this was a classy move on Jimmy’s part, but at the Warm Up this year, Jim had a “flyer” that had numerous photos of great plays that he made during his tenure with El Birdos and added a message that read: “I just wanted to take time to say thanks to the people of St. Louis, for all of your support over the last 8 years. To all of the people that I have come to know and love, thanks for making it the greatest years of my life. I’m not gone forever, just temporarily. So, until we meet again. All My Best, Jim Edmonds” Not exactly sure what he meant by gone temporarily, just thought that I’d share this. I thought it was a neat gesture!

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