One Edmonds note

I just got back from the news conference with Mozeliak at Busch, and I’m about to write my story. But I wanted to get one thing out now that I think is definitely relevant — according to Mo, Edmonds actually requested that they look at trade options. He approached them.



I don’t buy it. I deal with PRs for a living, every day, seven days and nights per week, and it reeks of spin. The Cards’ PR have been in shambles as of late, and this Edmonds deal might’ve been the killing blow.

I’ll wait to read the article, but based on just that, it doesn’t sound like the entire truth between the rumors we’ve seen prior to the deal. Even if he did demand it, I think he took the hint that they wanted him gone.

If it is 100% true, however, it contradicts the Rolen situation with the whole “we won’t be held hostage unless we get something of quality back” approach. We could’ve held Jimmy to mid-season and traded him to a SoCal contender for a lot more.

Agree with Zoop…Cardinals speak with forked tongue

Well, to play the D’s advocate, it was surprising to many, including Edmonds that they gave him a two year contract. I don’t know. Yes, the Cards may put spin on things. But are they sometimes criticized too much?

After the debacle last year, most everyone wanted changes, but it seems like any specific change is challenged. I don’t see keeping Jim just to mid year 08. If he is doing well we sure would keep him till year’s end, unless you think we would be hopelessly out of it. If he was doing bad, who would give up anything for him?

If the organization is committed to moving forward, let them do it. I am not saying we can’t raise some questions about the moves. Just be reasonable. I do realize we should want them to go after a quality pitcher with their saved money. Well, it’s still early in the offseason.

“If he was doing bad, who would give up anything for him?”

We gave him up for nothing as is. I’m a gambling man, so I’d take the double or nothing gamble on Jimmy swinging away fairly well. Who knows, y’know? I hope he does great, though. Hope he plays a few more years, because I want him in the Hall.

There’s nothing we can do with the $6m earned this year except the following:

1. Help give Silva a 4y/50m contract. No thank you.

2. Pay Mike Cameron 2y/10m. Defeats the purpose.

3. Pay for ballpark enhancements on the overgrown parking lot next to Busch.

4. DeWallet saves 6m in his own pocket.

3 might help the team generate revenue, but have you seen St. Louis lately? Not sure if you live here, but turning that parking lot into a shopping mall ala Minute Maid won’t do the city much good. Go out to Crestwood, where the mall has maybe 25 stores open, operating at around 40% of what it used to be when I was a kid all the way up through the late ’90s. Right across the street is a new minimall with one camera shop in it. Other areas of the city are collapsing in terms of the retail market, as well; this isn’t an isolated incident. Won’t get into that too much here, as I’m far from an expert on the topic and could easily look a fool (something I’m not too proud for, but avoid when I can). I’m just saying, I don’t think it would generate as much revenue as they’d hoped it would, even with it being across from Busch.

Beyond option numero tres, I see no help in saving Jimmy’s money. We’re swimming (drowning?) in mediocre pitchers at the moment, so 1 is out. Signing an outfielder defeats the purpose. As for option 4, I don’t believe that’s the case, so don’t assume that’s what I believe, but I tend to mention every option, even the ones that make me puke sorrow.

I think now that the shock of the move has worn off and that it has come to light that Edmonds wanted the deal (as he would have killed it if not), I think it is the best thing for him. He has more of a chance to play everyday in San Diego, closer to his original home, and in a very lax atmosphere. Best of luck Jimmy, we still love you!

If Jim wanted the trade, fine. I wish him the best. The fact remains our new GM traded away a great player and 1 million dollars for a Class A player. Seems a little stupid to me. Comments about freeing up money to sign a quality pitcher are bogus as well. There are no quality pitchers in free agency. One would have to trade to get a quality pitcher and the Cardinals have nothing to trade with the exception of Rolen. But at that point, who would play third, Ryan? God help us.

My question is why did, if he indeed did, Jimmy ask to be traded? Is it because he wants to go back to the sunny weather in Cali,because he doesn’t see himself getting much playing time in STL, or because of another player/manager conflict?

Or maybe, just maybe, let’s think about it this way for a second, he wanted to retired closer to his home town, closer to his family and friends.

Which contradicts everything he said in the past. Contradictions abound, at every turn! Whee!

Possible it was because he was not guaranteed an everyday job. It gets convoluted when the player and the management are in the process of giving explanations.

Evidently the move is on to younger players and Jim did not fit the bill. OK, maybe he would have rebounded and finished his career here with a decent season while being a team leader. I would have liked that.

I agree with zoop that contradictions seem to abound in many cases.

Freeing up money. Look, maybe that was not the goal of the Edmonds trade, but moving an aging player with health issues has its good side. We do have some trading chips. Duncan? Reyes? Anderson? Maybe not the most coveted, but they have some value. There may be the chance of a trade for a quality who carries quite a bit of salary.

Maybe we are being led down a garden path, but if the team had been doing little, then people would have been saying they were just going to trot out the same worn out team.

I doubt it was another player/manager conflict. He wanted more guaranteed playing time and that wasn’t going to be in St. Louis.

Yeah, I get the whole Jimmy asked for it thing…..but that doesn’t mean they HAVE to give it to him. Sorry guys, but this is beginning to feel like the Marlins.

It isn’t as if all of our players are getting traded for prospects. And I think Edmonds deserves to go where he can get the most playing time, especially the last year of his career.

Maybe he wanted to finish his career in Centerfield and didn’t know whether he would or not in Saint Louis, because of the talk that was going around that he might be moved to right field. I don’t know, only Jim Edmonds knows.

Well, what’s done is done and there isn’t any use moping about it. Lets just hope that Mo has got something else in the works right now.

I personally think it is a dumb move. I understand he is 37 blah, blah, blah, but no one plays centerfield like him. The hype is on Colby Rasmus. I just hope he doesn’t turn into a Todd Zeile bust, Ray Lankford bust, or any other “promising” young player.

Tell me this isn’t true. This is like frick and frack. Yes we have outfielders but not one has the experience to take charge like Jim did. Why don’t we put YO YO Duncan in Centerfield and watch what happens. This is ridicilous. I hope they know something I don’t know, and it is positive info. Also Eckstein did have a bad year, but he is catalyst on the left side of the infield. I remember their statement not long ago. “We are not in the rebuilding mode”. Well if Rolen goes along with Edmonds, Eckstein and durable Aaron Miles what does one call it but starting over. Mr. Cardinal Cards

Anks has had some experience in CF, so has Barton and Rasmus is on the way. So don’t stress this move.

Talent-wise, it’s a bad move but not a world-ending move. Ankiel will make a fine CF, he has a great arm and his range is above average, I believe (although he looked close-but-no-cigar on a few catches last year). As matto stated, Barton should be cool in center, too.

But as a fan, I’m allowed to hate decisions based on my heart alone, and cutting So, Miles, Eck, and Edmonds from the team (figuratively–some traded, nt’d, etc.) in one year gives me the right to ***** and moan all I like, especially since I’m using understanding towards things like this. It hurts my feelings, as goofy as that sounds, and I’m a little bundle of chub and emotions, so I’m entitled to throw a temper tantrum about my team every decade or so.😉 Judging from many responses, it seems I’m not alone, which makes me feel a little better about being so emo regarding the move.

Of course you are allowed to hate decisions. I think that blindly following your team’s moves is not the best way to be a fan. If you don’t have your own opinions, what’s the point of being a fan?

Channel 5 is reporting in an interview with Jimmy that he requested the trade due to diminished relations with TLR.

Not surprising, really. Ozzie, Scottie, Jimmy… Three’s a charm, I guess.

Kinda funny how Tony goes on about how the team won’t be “held hostage” by a player. He’s certainly correct; they’re held hostage by their skipper.

Zoop, losing the players that we have lost isn’t the end of the world at all. Back in 2004 when Edmonds came to bat you KNEW he was going to come through..can you really still say that? Last year I was almost hoping they would pinch hit for him sometimes, knowing that they wouldn’t just because I was so tired of seeing him swing like he couldn’t even pick the ball up just to go down to a strikeout. Edmonds means a leader is gone, but no longer a player that could be counted on. As far as Eckstein he couldn’t be counted on to stay healthy and his defense was very shaky, two signs that he is on a decline..heck no one would even offer him anything more then a 1 year deal! Izturis while not a great hitter is younger and will provide us with solid defense, until Ryan is completely ready for everyday play. So was 38 years old (enough said) and Miles while he hustled his butt off he wasn’t a starter and never will be. I have said for a while it’s time that Skip Schumacher got a chance and now it looks like he will..I think he would be a good candidate for leadoff with Barton and Ludwig being our outfield depth. I really hope they don’t rush Rasmus into the majors, give him a look in Spring Training but until he looks completely major league ready I think he needs a full season of AAA. This team needs pitching like there is no tomorrow and I really hope they are looking for some! I like next years lineup, and relief pitching but I’m really afraid if we go in with this pitching staff….hopefully the team looks something like this…
1.RF-Skip Shumacher

2.CF-Rick Ankiel

3.1B-Albert Pujols

4.LF-Chris Duncan

5.3B-Scott Rolen

6.C-Yadier Molina

7.2B-Adam Kennedy


9.Cesar I. or Brenden R.

Starters…Wainright,Mulder?, Carpenter???,Reyes????,Looper,Piniero..OUCH!!

If he wanted traded because of Tony LaRussa, that should tell management something. They should have told him to hit the street and brought back Joe Torre, or made Jose Oquendo the manager. If players continue to want out, maybe they will wake up. I like Rick Ankiel, but he is not the answer in center, neither is the light hitting Skip Shumacher.

As previously stated, just because I agree with moves doesn’t mean I have to like them. As for Jimmy, I’ll still take him over the 12th best prospect in the San Diego system. I’ll agree the rest of the moves make sense, but as it stands, this one doesn’t.

As for Eck, the Rox and Mets offered him multi years and decent pay, just to play 2B instead of SS. It’s not like nobody wanted him, he just didn’t strike while the iron was hot.

Agreed, Phil. Secret Weapon in the dugout would make me a happy camper.

Yes, still awake at 5:30… Got work at 9, too. Bleh.

I still don’t buy the TLR thing as an excuse. Seeing as Matthew would have printed that in his article, or another one coming up, and yahoo would have at least 2 or 3 articles about it.

As for the “light hitting” Skip Shumaker you don’t need a slugger in the leadoff spot in 232 AB he batted .306 in AAA and in 177 AB in the majors batted .333, thats a good candidate to me to try the leadoff spot. Ankiel is extremely athletic and has a canon for an arm and I think he could play a respectable CF or keep him in right and give Shumaker a chance both I think would do a commendable one is Edmonds but they would be fine defensive replacements. As for Eckstein nobody made him an offer, he said he was willing to play either short or 2nd and both the Mets and Rox spurned him for players they thought were better, and he ended up having 1 team offering him a 1 year deal..which should say something about other people’s views on him. As far as getting their 13th best prospect not sure where you got that but of the 12 people that got over 220 At Bats Edmonds ranked 11th in batting average and 1st in Strikeouts and is making 8 million dollars…what did you expect to get?? As far as Tony goes, he plays the people that give him the best chance to win..Scott got upset with him because he sat him when he was struggling immensely, he told Jimmy he couldn’t guarantee him fulltime play in Center due to his recent decline which is smart…he isn’t running anybody out of town, he tries to win everytime he takes the field and people need to see that if your not performing, your not going to play..if you do then you will, it’s really that simple with him, he doesn’t care how much money you make.


I love Jim Edmonds. When I logged on this morning and saw the trade (been incognito for the weekend), I was pretty down about it. But…as long as Jim requested it…okay, then. I hate to see him go, and I DO think he had a lot to offer next year…but I think his concerns about playing time were legit.

Dunc, Ank, Skip, Ludwick, Barton, etc. and Rasmus waiting…and, everyone was talking about the possibility of a corner outfield spot. I’m not saying I didn’t want Jim…I did…but let’s think about it…

$10 million for a lefty in the dugout do to either injury and/or left-handed pitching for almost half the year? And, he HAS fallen off for whatever reason. It’s not “logical” to hold onto him if he wants to go back to socal. And, as long as he wanted the trade, then I’m happy for him. Hate to see him go…but I’m happy for him, nonetheless.

Now…I am curious about this Frees. Let’s say he DOES start in Double A…putting him 2 – 3 years away? And he hit .307 with 17 homers in his FIRST “pro” season??? hmmmm…

Put that in context with a Scott Rolen who is SEVERELY disgruntled AND has 2-3 years left on his contract…is it possible Mo is already planning for a replacement at third base? If so…that’s some GREAT forward thinking right there. Considering the problems right now, I have a hard time seeing Scott playing out his contract…if he has a good year, he’ll get traded by the All-Star deadline or after the season. But, we start building our options like Frees now (at 3B), and we will be in a much better situation at third when Rolen is no longer with us.

So, from that stand point, I think the move makes a bit of sense. Again, hate to see it happen, but not entirely illogical.

Now, let’s assess…we’ve freed up about $15 million, is that right? NOW…all of a sudden, we can afford to trade for, or sign, a big starting pitcher or impact bat BECAUSE we can now afford to pay them and keep them. It does us no good to trade for high-priced talent (in my opinion) if we can’t afford to keep them multiple years after the trade. That kind of talent doesn’t come cheap, and if we are going to give up good players (Anderson, Perez, Reyes, Dunc, Ank, etc.) for someone, we better make sure we have the money and ability to make a deal RIGHT NOW to keep them long-term.

NOTE: It seems to me that a Frees who builds a good year in the minors gives us MORE trading power, if necessary, going into the ’09 season than holding onto Jim does right now. Think about it…every rumored trade team said the same thing: “the Cardinals don’t have the minor league prospects to make a trade with us.”

Again…my main reason for wanting to keep Edmonds was wanting to see a great Cardinal retire a Cardinal and be treated right. So…if Edmonds requested the trade and gets to go home for more playing time for his final season…and he’s happy with that…then I’m happy for him. Keeping him in less-than-ideal situations next year, especially if he is going to be unhappy, only soils the final year of a great relationship between the Cardinals, the fans, and Jimmy Ballgame.

So long, Jimmy…you’ll be missed.

I am not taking cheap shots at Chris Duncan, but does anyone see him as a regular outfielder for the Cardinals or any National League team? His fielding leaves much to be desired. This will show up if he plays a lot this season. To me he belongs in the American League as a DH.

He’s shown a lot of improvement in the OF this past year. He’ll be fine. Just let him grow.

I personally like Duncan a lot, and he is probably our biggest trade chip in the outfield outside of Colby Rasmus. He has gotten much better in the OF, starting as a 1B you can only expect so much from him. When his bat is on he has huge power to deal with. For some reason I got a feeling Duncan will get traded this year and I can definitely see a trade for Erik Bedard with some sort of package. I like the direction that MO is going as well..but he doesn’t get my vote until he does something to get some pitching on this team. Outside of Wainright we got.Reyes,Looper,Piniero who are for sure healthy and then we hope for Mulder and eventually Carpenter. Bedard would be a very nice addition right now!

“Think about it…every rumored trade team said the same thing: “the Cardinals don’t have the minor league prospects to make a trade with us.””

This kid doesn’t help that. He was literally a throw in, nothing more. He’s not even slated as our top 3B prospect, as Craig looks to be that guy.

We’re not getting Bedard, either. Not enough pieces without Rasmus. Maybe not enough pieces WITH Rasmus. Asking price is very steep.

I honestly don’t want Bedard. Too big of a price for not enough in return.

zoop…i’m not fooling myself…this kid is no Rasmus…but, still…I would hardly call a .307 average and 17 homers in your first ever “pro” season stats of a “throw in”…

By the way…I saw Craig play (not that you haven’t, just mean that I watched him play and that’s what my opinion is based off of)…I don’t consider him our top-ranked anything…not with the six-inch hole in his glove. Good pop in his bat, sure…but he’ll give up as many runs as he’ll give us…

We need new options at third, and Freese could be the start of that…not the end, but the beginning…it’s the Brett Favre method…grab a bunch of young, promising talent and tell ’em “Go get it!” and see who wins the job.

Problem is, our minor league system is so depleted, we don’t have enough guys to compete. Again, Freese is the beginning of fixing that.

Now, let’s not get out of hand, here…I don’t think for a second this trade was made to get Freese…it was made to unload salary in an area of wealth (the outfield)and satisfy an aging veteran’s request in what promises to be a rebuilding year. But, don’t immediately discount Freese’s potential…again, I’m not saying he’s a top prospect…but the fact that anyone could call Craig our top 3B prospect is proof enough that we need more 3B options in our farm system if we are at all serious about rebuilding it.

Also, let’s be real about this…who were we gonna’ get? Edmonds had full control over any trade and destination…so look over the Padres’ roster and tell me the deal you would have made for Edmonds…especially considering we gave them more than a million along with the deal just to take his salary off our hands.

San Diego was the only place he was going, and they knew it – and that’s Jimmy’s fault by saying he would go to socal…not Mo’s. They’re not going to give up anything significant at the major league level…so take what we can get in a prospect and move on.

FYI – if we can survive the painful departure of Mike Matheny and Edgar Renteria (two beloved Cardinals – among fans and players), then the Edmonds trade will not be a “killing blow” in any way.

And we had decent replacements for them who had become even more loved (Eckstein and Molina), and for Edmonds we have a few deserving candidates in Skip, Rick, Luddy and Barton.

what a joke mozeliak is…letting edmonds, miles and eck go is gonna hurt this team on the field and in the clubhouse.

“zoop…i’m not fooling myself…this kid is no Rasmus…but, still…I would hardly call a .307 average and 17 homers in your first ever “pro” season stats of a “throw in”…”

Put Pujols in Double A and he’ll bat .750. Fact is, the kid is 24 years old and he’s playing against teenagers. It’s kinda like the 27 year old guy who keeps failing in high school beating up the 14 year old freshmen. Of course he’s going to destroy whoever is in his path.😉

As for the Pads, I’d ask for a better prospect and eat more of Jimmy’s salary to balance it out. The Padres are a dinky market. Read, nearly every rumor features someone “taking a significant paycut to play in San Diego”, so they’re hurting for money just like we are. Word is Peavy will take a 50% cut just to continue playing there (classy move by him, btw, I respect that immensely). Give them money and they’ll fork over a better 3B prospect.

Also, agreed about Bedard. What alarms me regarding Bedard is his sample size of experience. Look at his IP. Do we really think he can go 200 innings every year? I don’t. 28 years old with lack of going all the way, I just don’t like it. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great player. Not putting his ability down, I just think he’ll suffer a major setback by going too far into a season.

He isn’t a great player when he’s had only one really good season, and even that was shortened due to an injury.

So apparently No one wants Bedard?? who on this team outside of Carpenter is better? Wainright my be as good or even better someday but we could definitely use him! Rumor from here in Chicago have the Cubs offering Sean Marshall and Carlos Marmol for Bedard and Brian Roberts..are you really telling me that the cards can’t offer a package to trump that without offering Rasmus?? How about Reyes,Tyler Johnson, Duncan, and Adam Kennedy for the same package?? I’d do that in a heartbeat!

Cubs fans go off the rails with that stuff all the time. Take it with a grain of salt. It’d be like us offering Tyler Johnson and Duncan for A-Rod or something.

I don’t want to call other fans names, but if a lot of Cubs fans’ trade rumors came true, the Cubs would have the AL All-Star team out there every 9.

Trust me I know how ridiculous Cubs fans are ha..But these are legitamate reports from people like Steve Stone and other reporters from Chicago its not like I am listening to people from work saying that, and if Baltimore is really considering a package like that, then we can definitely compete with it.

Still don’t believe it. I’ll believe it when we hear about a proposal.

If it is true, then yes, we could work a deal out for Bedard with a package of Duncan, Garcia, Reyes, and Johnson, I think. The problem being even if the Cubs think that deal isn’t laughable, the Orioles can pluck many better strings to make a beautiful tune elsewhere, like Homer in Cincy.


“Put Pujols in Double A and he’ll bat .750.”

– Pujols hit .314 with 19 homers in his one minor league season but went from Class A through Triple A in that same year. Let’s be real…Freese is no Pujols, but if he is capable of hitting around .300 and hitting 10-15 homers a year, that’s a good player, right there. Those are Renteria numbers, at times. His age is working against him, but let’s see if things head in the right direction for him.

Also, I think it is important to note the club’s position players and production is shifting. Before, third and first were our power producers and our outfielders were “whatever we could get from them.” Now, with Ank, Dunc, and Rasmus, we could be looking at a production shift. Third may not need to be a 30 homers a year position for us. Our power, instead, could consistently come from outfield spots. Therefore, a player who can hit around .300 and 10 – 15 homers in a full season is a good player at third.

“As for the Pads, I’d ask for a better prospect and eat more of Jimmy’s salary to balance it out.”

– Okay…who? Who is a better prospect that they are willing to part with for an aging center fielder, most likely on his LAST year…that’s huge…making in the neighborhood of 8 – 10 million in that year, has been (and indications suggest will continue to be) an injury risk which cuts down his playing time significantly, and has shown a STEEP and consistent decline in production? And, why would we eat more of his salary to get a slightly better prospect? Use the money for pitching. We’re not going to “do it all” to fix this team this year alone. We need that money for other areas.

Bottom Line – Matt made an excellent point (i think in the mailbag) – we all love Edmonds…but you cannot trade sentimental value. All you can trade is the following:

-.257 avg, 19 homers

-Injury prone

-Last year of contract AND most likely last year all together

-overpaid for his age/production/proximity to retirement

That’s it. That’s all you can trade. And, unfortunately, teams aren’t willing to give up that much for that ESPECIALLY when Jim made it clear he would only go to a socal team…puts the Cards in a less than satisfactory bargaining position right from the start.

As for Bedard, I’m with you, Zoop. He would be a good addition, but too many question marks to give away our future at this point. He’s a gamble, and I’m not feeling like we’re stable enough – yet – to make that kind of gamble.

I meant age, not ability to perform. Send a 25 year old guy to pick on 20 year olds and chances are, his stats will be boosted up, because he’s playing with kids who haven’t developed as much as him.

As for hitting .300… We’ll see that when he makes it here and does it. In ten years, we’ll look back and barely remember the kid as the guy who we traded Jimmy for who played 3B a few times. Unfortunately for the guy, that’s his legacy: the scrub who was traded for the fan favorite. Am I being cynical? Yep. I’m a cynical person. But I’m also realistic. I guess we’ll see how he does in AA/AAA this year and judge the trade based on that, but all I’m saying is my hopes are not high.

As for a better prospect, any of the *******’ twelve guys higher than Mr. Frees (or whatever his name is, I’ve already forgotten… maybe he won’t be remembered, after all) in their farm system would be fine by me. As for the money, eat more salary, get a better prospect. Happens a lot in these types of trades.

let me put it another way…at 25, considering he’s hitting .307 and 17 homers, it’s possible he could be close to major league ready…not as a starter, but as a possible backup at third in the near future…a problem area the cardinals have struggled with recently…3B backup.

Here’s the deal on prospects, though…I’m not saying there aren’t better prospects…i’m saying I don’t think you could get those better prospects (not many, anyway) without eating a LOT of Edmonds’ salary…and once you do that…what’s the point?

Eat a little, get a prospect, sign someone else with the money. Eat a lot, get a little better prospect, but sign no one with the money.

seems clear cut to me…you have to understand that our bargaining position with Edmonds was ****.

You make a valid point. But you have to remember, we’re only on the hook for this year towards that contract. It’s not like there’s much on the market, anyway. Chances are they’ll take that money and throw it at a scrap heap like Prior, anyway. Guess it’s all on who you’d want: the shattered remains of Phil Intheblanc in hopes that he’ll turn back into Joe Somebody, or that young prospect, Bobby Teenager.

um…i think we are the only ones still on here…

have a good Christmas, Zoop!

You, too, Kev!

Im still here. In fact; im going to hajack this thread. (while the Dude’s away the frogs will play.)

With the Roster the Cardinals currently have they can win the World Series this year. It’s possiable. Might not be proviable. But here are the things I think will need to happen this year in order for the Cards to win it all. In order from most important to winning it all to least important. Im also going to include how likely i believe it is on a scale of 1-10.

Number 1.) Wainwright needs to be a real ace. Noone seems to be talking about him but he is the most important player on this team. Without Carp this is his team he needs to lead it. Good news is that he can and I believe he will. I mean; this is the *** who slayed Beltran and got the last out of the World Series with the world watching. It took him a half a year to figure out how to get through a Major League lineup 3 times. But once he did he started to shine. If he can keep a 2.50 era this year and win 18 the Cards will be fine. Probability: 9

Number 2.) Reyes needs to step up and be a #2 starter. If he can someone turn into the pitcher that pitched through the playoffs in 06 that would be really super. I dont know if it’s his issue or Duncans issue but they need to get together for an figure it out. Probability: 3

Number 3.) Looper needs to be a #3 starter. He gave us more than we expected last year. But this year it’s expected of him. He needs to be able to eat up some innings and at least finish .500. He can do it too. Probability: 7

Number 4.) C. Duncan; Ankiel; Ludwick; and Pujols need to hit 130 HRs. Good news is that given 150 healthy games I believe that each one of these guys can hit 35 home runs each. Barton should be able to help keep them healthy with spot starts. Bad news is only one of these guys can hit infront of Pujols. Infact; hitting infront of Pujols leads to so many HRs can MLB is having a meeting later this month to decided if hitting infront of Pujols is actually a preformance enchaning drug. Probability:5 (I give them a 50/50 chance of being healthy all year.)

Number 5.) Mulder needs to remember how to pitch. Thats it. Probability: 5 (who knows with Mulder?)

Number 6.) Carp’s late return needs to be an impact. When(if) he comes back this year, he needs to make an impact within the first two games. Probability: 6 (I’ll always have faith in Carp.)

Number 7.) Ryan needs to be the “anwser” at SS by mid season. Probability: 5

That’s all I got. What do you guys thing?

Do not expect 35 HRs out of Ludwick. I don’t think he’ll be getting the playing time.

Seven “ifs” are a lot of chances to fail. Like my granma used to say, “If iffins and buts were candy and nuts, we would all have a Merry Christmas!” Hope you have one anyway!

I like most of it…

1. I don’t see Reyes being a number 2 starter anywhere, anytime…he just doesn’t have it…for one, he grooves his fastball more often than not (needs a bit more height on him…maybe he can wear lifts to get more of a decline on his pitch…hehe) and he has mental issues that cause him to self-destruct.

2. I don’t see Duncan getting enough at-bats to hit 35 HRs this season…and I have a difficult time seeing Ankiel hit 35 in his first full season in the bigs…but I COULD see Pujols hitting nearly 50…but it’ll be tough without someone to protect him. The key to the entire lineup is Rolen’s health and production. With Jim gone, if Rolen doesn’t produce, Pujols’ numbers will suffer slightly.

I think something that is getting overlooked is if Albert himself is healthy. Has he fully healed from that calf injury? If not, will he be by opening day?

I just thought of something. SD is going to make a trip to BS3 and that means Jimmy will be playing in BS3 as an opponent. Is there anything that the organization has planned for his return? Like a Welcome Back Edmonds day with a pictoral tribute? Sorta like what the Chisox did with the return of Thomas. I think that would be awesome.

No shame, and you are no Tiger Woods either. Or even Padraig Harrington.

Take it easy pro pro pro.

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