Rolen — updated

Updated — not done yet, but very real – Rolen for Glaus. As for when it will be finalized, or what the EXACT terms will be, things like that, I’m still unsure. And it has happened that all-but-done deals didn’t actually get finalized. So until it’s announced, it could still not happen. But this is not just a rumor, and I believe it is simply a matter of time and dotting i’s and crossing t’s.



Trying to track it down. Interesting if true. They’re fairly similar hitters, though Glaus is more of a three-true-outcomes guy. Glaus is also signed for one less year, and even that year is a player option — so if he has a big season he might decline it and go FA.

Don’t know anything about other players potentially involved, dollar amounts involved, etc etc.



What is it dude? A possible Rolen for Glaus trade? That absolutely sickens me. If Scott Rolen is traded, I will be on a Cardinals baseball strike until LaRussa and Mo are GONE!! You don’t keep a manager with ego trips, who can’t get along with hardly any of his players, and then trade all your best players because they are strong-willed and won’t be pushed around by LaLoser! I know dude. I’m sorry. LaLoser is not the preferred nomenclature. I just don’t understand any of this.

I need to give it some thought, but I’m intrigued.

As much as I like Rolen — and I’ve been a huge backer of his all along — he’s got to be considered a serious risk at this point, not just to stay healthy but to reach his previous level of production even if he does stay on the field. Plus, obviously, he’s not happy.

Glaus seems much less of a risk to be effective when he IS on the field — he’ll be good, or he’ll be hurt. And he’s not signed for as long, further aiding in the building of the next good Cardinals team.

I’m not really ready to come down with thumbs up or thumbs down at this point. I’m mostly just intrigued. And I also want to see the final hard details — cash amounts, if there are any prospects or PTBNL or anything involved, etc etc.

-M, with some old live Stones on the speakers (Mmmmmm… Mick Taylor solos).

If this deal turns out to be true, it will be an indicator of Moz’s GM ability. Rolen and Glaus, at this point in theri careers, are about equal (fielding edge to Rolen, batting edge to Glaus.

If the Cards gave up more than Rolen, it might show Mo is a bit of a pushover. If the Cards get Glaus and prospects, then it will be a success for the club. If it’s a heads up trade, then it is still a decent deal.

-Brian, grooving to Bedouin Soundclash’s new album

(Yeah, I stole your bit, Dude.)

Lotta ins, lotta outs, lotta what-have-yous…


My reaction is neutral to negative, depending on terms and throw-ins. Even diminished by injuries, Rolen is a better player than Glaus, and it should be possible to get more for him than Glaus straight up. However, it may not be, given the way TLR poisoned the well; in fact I’m a little surprised to be getting even this much for him, given the circumstances.

There’s certainly no justification for going on the warpath against Mozeliak for this one, at least not until we know the terms of the deal. You have to play the cards (or Cards…) you’re dealt, and TLR’s actions de-valued the Rolen card considerably. That’s not Mo’s fault.

I really don’t know what to think about this rumor. On one hand I see Glaus as a one dimensional player who has been hurt recently and was named in the mitchell report. On the other, if he can stay on the field he represents the best protection for Albert since the MV3 year. Also, like that there is one less year on his contract and the years left are for less money than Rolen is owed. I would also have to give credit to Mo for getting an all-star in return for Rolen, who is rightfully viewed as damaged goods. So, as I’m talking myself through this I think I see myself liking it in the end. What will really make the difference is any extra pieces included in the deal, ie money or prospects.

lotta strands to keep in my head man. Lotta strands in old duder’s head.

Is Glaus’ 2009 option solely his choice, or would the Cardinals have any say in the option? I’m just curious if we would have to keep him at $11.25 million in 2009 if 2008 turns out to be a bust. (I’m assuming that he would happily take the 2009 option if he didn’t perform well in 2008).

Player option. If he exercises it, he’s signed.


After the initial shock has worn off (I am a Rolen fan), I think this would be a good move, if the Cardinals are truly trying to rebuild from within. One less year on a contract that averages $12 million per year makes sense. Especially given that Rolen may never return to his former self.

Rolen at his best is better than Glaus at his best. However, the reality is that we may never see Rolen at his best again, and he is unhappy with LaRussa.

I think there’s more upside to Rolen than Glaus due to the glove, but it looks like a broken parts for broken parts deal. Doesn’t phase me much, either way.

As long as we don’t have to eat a large part of Rolen’s contract, I’m for this deal.

As much of a Rolen fan that I am, this has to happen.

Rolen’s been hurt over the years and hasn’t performed well lately. That, and the Rolen-LaRussa feud, means that this trade is a good thing.

I’m surprised that they’re trading for Glaus, but it’s better than having a hurt Rolen around.

Scott and Jim – thanks for the memories – What a thrill to be able to watch you play for our Cardinals – you will not be forgotten.

I live about 1 1/2 hours from where Scott grew up and love to watch him amke those laser throws to first and run the bases after a HR, but he forgot that there were Birds on the Bat before he got there and there will be after he leaves.

Any player on a team who can’t keep his yap shut about the guy who makes out the lineup card needs a change of scenery or to retire and go fishin’.

It takes all 9 players playing together, like a team and for their manager to win at this high level.

Good luck to the Jays. Maybe they’ll become the Raiders of MLB and assemble a unit of non-contented players and lose 95% of their games too.

If Glaus can protect Pujols, which Scott didn’t do for the last 3 years, we’ll be better off. If he doesn’t, it was worth the try anyway.

What a trade! Whoopee! The cardinals trade the best 3rd baseman since Brooks Robinson for the third baseman rated dead last in the American League.
Let me see. We get 15 extra home runs from Glaus and 20 extra RBIs. But he allows 60 extra runners and 40 extra runs that Scottie would have prevented. The new GM and the owner are both big time baseball losers. Can someone convince them to move on to say Chicago?

a) Mike Schmidt was a little after Brooksie, and you can’t be saying that Rolen is better than Schmidt.
b) What were we going to get for Rolen? Honestly. He is so damaged from injury problems and has been known to conflict with both managers he has played for. Not to mention he has 36 mil due to him for 3 years.

The vast majority of posters here are saying that this would be a good trade. Why? Because Rolen is damaged goods!?! 1.)That reasonming disgusts me. He’s an athlete, not a slave. 2.) When is the last time Troy Glaus played a full, effective season?

I don’t know. I just don’t like the feel of this team anymore. Glaus’ offensive numbers have been good,and if Rolen were leaving St.Louis because it would better the team then I wouldn’t be so upset. But with LaRussa’s history of spats with players and his problem with Rolen,I know that this move is being made to pacify a manager with an oversized ego..NOT to better the team. I think this happen with at least one player every year LaRussa is here.

Let’s see.

The last 3 years, Rolen’s home run totals have been: 5, 22, 8; Glaus: 37, 38, 20. Respective rbi totals: Rolen 191, Glaus 263. Some other numbers favor Rolen, some Glaus. I have to believe Glaus will likely be a more potent run producer.

OK, defense is another issue. However, if the team improves defense up the middle, perhaps a decline at third can be somewhat mitigated.

I do wonder. Keeping the status quo would have irritated most fans. Now changes are being derided by many. If Rolen is truly healthy and motivated, maybe we will regret the deal. But blaming more than half of the Rolen/TLR feud on Tony is wrong I think.

I will miss Jimmy, though he probably doesn’t have much left. Rolen? I’ll miss his defense but not his inconsistent bat and sometimes whiny attitude. Times are changing. The MV3 has long since ceased to be such.

finally, thank you tntnt for sharing some level headed common sense. note that i have not seen much of troys play in person, but i have (was) a season ticket holder and personally witnessed not only scotts idiotic attempt to run over one of the only men in baseball that is bigger than him,leading to his demise, but also a vast decline in defensive range. some of those plays that made him who he was, he will not even attempt any more. we should be interested in who spent more time on the field. take carp for instance, what is his value given the money we pay him to the amount of play he has given us over the last 4 years. like a death in the family we shall remember them for what they did and who they were, but you need to move on .

SLF, I became upbeat about this trade the moment I noticed one thing about Rolen and Glaus: their respective ages. Rolen has been a tremendous asset to the team, but he’s on the wrong side of the age distribution, and his body is older than his age. Glaus is still in peak territory and should be for another one or two years — which is how long we’ll have him.

Meanwhile, why should the team NOT make this trade? With the one exception of someone who opined that Glaus’ defense was going to cost more runs than his offense will gain, the reason I’ve been hearing, stripped of weasel words, is just “to teach that tyrant TLR a lesson.” I submit that teaching your manager a lesson is not a very good reason to make a trade, or non-trade.

Yes, it always hurts to trade a fan favorite, and Rolen has been that. But from a baseball perspective, it’ll help the team, and the reasons for not doing it look pretty lame to me.

I have mixed feelings about this trade. I like Rolen and don’t know that much about Glaus; however, I have been disappointed in all the in-fighting (if true) that has been reported between Rolen and LaRussa. When two grown men can’t work out their differences, one should leave. Although I’m not sure who is most at fault in the feud, it should be pointed out that LaRussa seems to irritate a lot of people, and Scott couldn’t get along in Philadelphia when he was there. So, as in most “divorces,” there is blame to go around. I just hope that if this deal is completed, the Cardinals can still field a successful team. We have given up a lot of leadership and inspiration this off-season (in particular Edmonds and Eckstein), so we are going to need some cohesiveness from somewhere. I hope at least one of the 2008 Cardinals steps into this role quickly.

No disrespect to you or anyone else here. I just don’t care a bit for LaRussa or the new GM. I think every move they make is self-gratifying in the sense that they put people around them who merely cave to their every whim.Even Sir Albert backed down from LaRussa after last year’s All-Star game. Albert had every right to be seething mad at LaRussa. He’s an idiot for what he did in the AS game!But Albert was the bigger man and backed off, so Tony’s ego wouldn’t be challenged in public. It’s BS. Now, I have been talking with a former player that I know who is very close to the organization still,and he has very similar opinions about Mo and LaRussa.And I’m sorry, but I think one of Tony’s former players knows better than all of us. I stick by my guns.My butt will not be in a Busch Stadium seat until the two-headed ego Monster is gone from STL.It may not mean squat to the current organization, but it’s the only way I as a fan can “protest” LaRussa and Mo’s presence. And my overall point to this is that no matter what players you trade away or trade for, as long as LaRussa is the manager there are going to be clubhouse rifts and spats between player and manager. So,Yes, I do put the majority of the blame on LaRussa, because he is supposed to be the guy who settles disputes, ends them, not instigate them. Have we forgotten about Steve Kline and TLR, or Ray King and TLR??? Those are two of the nicest, most outgoing personalities around. And LaRussa found a way to **** them off!! DOWN WITH TLR!!! is reporting that Glaus has agreed to excercise his player option for 2009 as part of the trade. If true that means Cards control him for two years. For less $ than Rolen would cost. They are also reporting that no money is being exchanged.

If true, jdun, we easily win this trade.

agree with slforre. Cards are doing everything they can to emulate the Marlins and gut a former championship team. What’s next? Trade Puholz to the Yankees for a bag of peanuts and a batting practice pitcher?

I am thoroughly disgusted and I hope Rolen bats .400 with 60 HRs in the AL.

How is he gutting the team? By trading aging oft injured high price vets? Sounds like good work to me. Not only to mention the fact that it frees us up some room to make a signing for another pitcher or another good bat.

Glaus under contract for 2 years. Freese, who came over for Edmonds, 25 years old,
might hopefully be ready to

play in the bigs by then.

Another big if, but life is full of ifs.

One thing for sure, Cards will be younger in 2008.

Personally I like the trade, were getting rid of a huge headache in Rolen no matter what his shoulder situation is…Rolen can barely get around on a fastball anymore without a cortisone shot, and Glaus is younger and is obviously better protection for Pujols then Rolen is right now. Sure Rolen’s defense is better but its not like Glaus doesn’t know how to use a glove. Last year Glaus made 9 Errors in 115 games and Rolen made 10 in 112. I think Mo is doing a good job of getting this team ready for the future..The team is much younger and healther then it has been in a long time and we are dumping large contracts of ineffective often injured players and giving that youth a chance. I don’t think anyone sees a World Series this year but I think MO is making some good strides to be prepared for the future and make future big splashes.

SLFORRE! Good riddens we don’t need you at Busch Stadium..Good luck on your “protest” loser!

Glaus will also be healthier on the natural grass than on the turf. It’s a good move for him career wise.

Slata…what’s with the loser comment? Slforre is the most vocal dissenting opinion about this trade on this thread, but throwing around personal insults is uncalled for, IMHO. (And I happen to disagree with slforre about almost every one of his posts on this topic.)

Agree with Penniston. I too disagree strongly with SLF’s opinion on the Rolen/Glaus deal, but personal insults are out of line here.

That said, on thinking more about that trade, I’m wondering if the answer to “who wins?” is “nobody.” Both players have such persistent health issues that it’s credible that neither will ever be effective again. If so, I’d rather have the player who (1) is on the shorter contract and (2) has shown marginally more ability to play effectively between injuries, so I’m happy to have made the trade. However, it may turn out to be a more marginal thing than first meets the eye.

I think a lot of glaus’ health problems last season were due to his playing on turf for half the year. The change to natural grass should aid him in this season and I hope he does stay around for a couple of years.

Thanks for policing yourself, folks. I appreciate it.

Slata, insults are unwelcome here. Be respectful or take it somewhere else.

I do mind! The Dude minds. This will not stand, you know, this aggression will not stand, man.


New tidbit: we will receive $1.8m in the deal.

Sooo… How did we go from sending a chunk of money to receiving a small amount? Are the Jays just dim?

I’ve heard every conceivable take on the money. Jerry Crasnick said no money will change hands. Jeff Blair from the Globe & Mail in Toronto said the Cards will send a net of about $3 million to the Jays. And I’ve heard that take, that STL will receive cash.

We shall see…


Also, Dude, I noticed you wrote a book. Congrats. Let me know if there’s a signing.

I heard the Cardinals will be responsible for a $4 million bonus due to Rolen in 2010. Maybe the $1.8 million, which I’ve heard is deferred money also, is Toronto’s way of eating some of that bonus. I haven’t heard what the bonus is for (deferred signing bonus perhaps). All this info is from a thread over at Viva El Birdos.

M, any idea when this deal could be finalized or dropped? It seems to me that the physicals should have been completed by now.

I call it like I see it sorry if you guys don’t like it..No sense in sugar coating it..Apparently none of you care that he is cutting our manager who is one of the most winningest ever and our new GM down…I guess I care when people attack my team. Oh well at least I won’t need to worry about running into him at Busch stadium where the real fans will be.

Well, see, here’s the thing. This is my blog, and I don’t like it. If you can’t keep the discourse civil and respectful, I’ll say it again — go somewhere else.

Everyone else here calls it like they see it too; but they don’t resort to insulting each other personally.

Willing to participate and be respectful of the other folks here? Great — even if you disagree. Disagreement is good. Not willing to treat the other folks with respect? Leave.




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