Mmmm… links

Updated the various links on the sides today, including links to the newly spiffy-fied blogs of friends/colleagues Derrick Goold and Bernie Miklasz, among others. Take a look, if you please…



i check out their blogs on a regular basis , and your’s as well..good stuff

Blogs are good. But, of course, I’m biased. 🙂

M I just saw you are writing a book, that’s so awesome. I look forward to April 1

I heard you on with Bernie and Randy on Tuesday. I think you might’ve shamed Bernie into linking to your blog. 😉

thanks for adding future redbirds to the blog roll. appreciate it. and i look forward to checking out your book.

Have a thought for you. You should add links to some of your regular readers personal blogs (non-sports related). Might give us an interested view of who reads your blog.

I’m very excited about your book, congratulations! Did you get to pick April Fool’s Day for its release?

Love your stuff, and looking forward to the book.

Mike on the Cards

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