News, of a sort

We got our first news of the day just a few minutes ago, chatting with Troy Glaus.

The newest Cardinal will wear No. 8 as a tribute to one of his favorite players from his youth, Cal Ripken Jr. Glaus, who has always worn 25, thought better of asking for that particular number in this particular city.



Eight’s a good number, though I think Ripkin shoulda sat more than a couple times during his down years.

As with a comment someone made under the music post, I’m not looking to hijack this thread, esp. as the first comment, but I’m wondering if anyone else feels that $1.85M is a pretty low-ball, almost disrespectful, offer to the best defensive catcher in the game… who’s young and coming off his best offensive year, and a great post-season… and yes I know the Cards are hoping to lock him up for the long-term and are likely to pay better than that in such a contract…

Arbitration is determined by both service time AND ability, so no, I don’t think it’s disrespectful. For example, his brother got $1.425 million in his first year of arbitration eligibility — and Bengie already had a Gold Glove at that point.


One of the things with Yaddy though, and believe me I think he is a great catcher with a bright future, but he hasn’t been healthy an entire year. Is that one of the things that the brass is taking into consideration while trying to lock him up?

Thanks Matt, much appreciated, I hadn’t realized/had failed to remember that there was a more or less shared formula around which the team and player circled. That helps a lot.

Hopefully he’ll put my lucky number to good use.

Seems like a stand up kinda guy.

What number will Clement wear?

The next player to wear 99 gets a boot up their *** from my girlfriend. I’ll slap them with a glove, too.

It’s nice to see Spiezio dealing with everything so well. I hope that he stays clean.

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