That was me… and six other guys

If it’s miserably cold outside, it must be Winter Warm-Up weekend. And what do you know? It’s eight degrees, and I’m in a workroom at the Millennium in downtown St. Louis.

So anyway, a few things to note:

1, I’ll be trying to blog semi-regularly, including updates if there’s any actual news. In the past, some signings (both free agent and arbitration-avoidance) have happened over this weekend, so that’s a possibility.

2, I’ll have plenty of coverage on the site, whether there’s news or not.

3, On Sunday at 2 pm CT, I’ll be giving a talk and taking questions in the "Presentation Clubhouse," so come on down and check it out.



Shucks, it’s times like this that I regret being in NY. I’d love to come for this weekend.

“…I’m sure there’s a reason you why brought your dirty undies…”
That’s right, dude. The ringer can’t look empty. Well I just wanted to put this out there. I found this on the Jordan Bastain’s blog on Blue Jays web site. And this is what THEY think of the 3B Swap…and I quote!

“TORONTO — Upon further review, it’s really obvious who came out on top in the Scott-Rolen-for-Troy Glaus trade: us!”

I suggest some of you take the time to read Jordan’s reasoning. BTW, thanks again to TLR for airing out the dirty undies to the public.

I’m sorry everybody. I can’t just let this rest, otherwise we set ourselves up to repeat past indiscretions.

Jordan was saying that the Toronto MEDIA were the winners, not the team.

And he’s absolutely right. Rolen is a great guy to cover.

As for analysis of the trade itself, it’s seemed to run close to 50-50, but I’ve certainly seen a number of objective analyses that favor the Cardinals — including two usually not-Cardinal-friendly outlets: Baseball Prospectus and Keith Law at


Fair enough. I read the part about the media, but I still detected a sense that he feels the team did in fact get the better of the deal. Either way we’re splitting hairs on paper here. This one will be determined on the field.

What’s Law’s deal, anyway? He’s really anti-Redbird for an actual professional. He uses the whole “I’m Ben Stein on valium” act when approached about it, claiming he “hates all teams equally” and the like, but it’s obvious that he snipes us when he can. Wondering if he’s a Mets fan… Hmmm…

Nice hotel, btw. Lost my virginity there, for the zero of you who care and the twentysix or so who really didn’t want to know. Also a fantastic spot for the 4th of July festivities, if you can book a room.

I know Keith personally, and I like him, and I really don’t think there’s a bias. But that’s JMO.


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