Also, Dude, 'old ball and chain' is NOT the preferred nomenclature

Two years ago today, Mrs. Dude aka Erin officially made me legally the luckiest ballwriter on earth. Happy anniversary, my love. Here’s to dozens more.



Hey Matthew, congratulations and Happy Anniversary!!!

Congrats Matthew and Herself! Cotton is the traditional 2nd anniv. gift. Flannel sheets make a nice gift, especially in this weather.

Congrats to M and E. You are both very lucky

Matthew: Congrats to you and the Mrs on your 2nd anniversary! Hey I really enjoyed your presentation on Sunday at the WarmUp! Great Job! Keep up the good work at our site. Like I said in the session, I didn’t think that incorporating/formatting all of the MLB sites would be a good idea when it happened several years ago, but now I realize that I was wrong. The site is much easier to navigate and there are many more things to read and enjoy like this blog and the Hot Stove Report. Now it’s easier to find things when I go to another club’s site. You really are doing a fantastic job! Keep it up! The Mrs and I look forward to reading you many times in the upcoming seasons!

Happy Anniversary to you and Mrs. Dude! Love your stuff. Keep up the good work. Also, are you planning on making down here to Spring Training?

Congrats and she deserves a lot of credit…two years! haha Seriously, happy anniversary.


Congrats Erin and Matthew. Any special plans for the Dude and his special lady?

JoMa and JoPop couldn’t be prouder of you, nor happier with your choice. We’re working on our fourth dozen and it just keeps getting better. Happy Anniversary to the both of you from the Joes.

It’s good to have awesome people like yourselves in our city. Congratulations on the anniversary.

Yes congrats to the both of you. And many more!!! Matt, heard you on the MLB video cast on Pujols comments of the false steroid reports. I had never actually heard your voice before. It was different. But cool info. Good work! haha

Although I gotta admit I was personally waiting to hear ya throw in a Big Lebowski reference. I was a little disappointed. haha

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