Molina signed — UPDATE, officially confirmed

Done and done. Four years, plus a club option. Still working on getting the dollars.



Nothing confirmed, but it looks very likely that the Cardinals are about to announce the signing of Yadier Molina — not sure whether we’re talking one year or multiple years, though.

Put the following pieces together, and a picture emerges:

1. The Cardinals are holding a news conference at 11:30.

2. It was just posted that Molina will be signing at noon, after he hadn’t previously been on the schedule.

You do the math.

As the Dude said, "You look for the person who will benefit, and, uh…"



I hope your math is correct. Locking up Molina for a few years would be great. I dont mind getting rid of all the old guys nearing the end of thier career. (hate to see them leave; but from a winning stand point.) But when you have one of the top players at his position, (the top imo)you need to lock him up.

“I’m the walrus.”

I am happy walrus — if only I had the beard… big honkin’ red/orange squirrel teetering at the and of the crab apple branch outside my window, almost fell trying to get the last of the frozen fruit (it’s single digits out…)

One more to go. Do you see Wellemeyer getting a 1 or multiple year deal at this point?

I’d be shocked if he got more than a year.

Where do you see Wellemeyer fitting in best with the Cards plans this year M? Is he competing for a starting role or is he gonna be a long arm in the bullpen?

What does this mean for Anderson, Dude? Will we trade him?

Can you explain why the club waited until the two sides had to put up arbitration numbers before they made a real effort to make a deal with Yaddi? If they wanted to know from Yaddi how much he thought he was worth, couldn’t they just ask his agent before that time? Or is there some sort of strategy to this. It seems odd.

I think Wellemeyer is ticketed for the pen.

Anderson’s situation is interesting. I don’t think they’re in a HURRY to deal him, but I’d say it indicates that he’s more available to be discussed than he was before.


Actually, this looks to me like a perfect setup for Anderson too. He still needs one year at Memphis to get the fine tuning done, and even if it takes two, he’s still young when he hits the Show. Then give him a couple of years as part of a lefty-righty platoon to learn the pitching staff (which will be different then than it is now), and presto, he’s a full-fledged major-league catcher just as Molina’s contract runs out and he gets expensive (and maybe old).

It’s said that the good teams don’t rebuild, they reload. Poor drafting and excessive enthusiasm for trading prospects has left the team in more of a rebuilding mode than we’d really like to see, particularly at pitcher and middle infield. The catcher situation, by contrast, shows things as they should be. Good work by all concerned on this one!

I think the club may have other priorities SLF. They knew Molina was going to be with the team for the next 3 years at least, so they wanted to work on getting a starter and that Rolen trade perhaps.

Hey M, That picture of Albert makes him look a little old. Is he feeling well, or is it just a bad picture?

So you think it was simply priority, matto? It could be. I could see that. They needed to know how much they would have available to offer to Yaddi and didn’t know until Scott was traded. But, again, it seems to me that they wouldn’t need to wait until figures were exchanged. Maybe they did. I don’t know. That’s why I was asking.

It just takes time, man. They’d been talking about it since March. Once that deadline of a hearing comes into play, it accelerates things, but the fact is that a multi-year deal is not a quick, easy thing in most cases.


Oh,OK. I was just wondering if there was any strategy in waiting til the deadline. Obviously not, though. Thanks Dude.

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