Oh happy day!

The band that produced my favorite album of the last at least 2-3 years has a new one out. Huzzah, Drive-By Truckers!

Thoughts on it will appear in this space in the coming days.

Oh, and some baseball talk too.



Am I correct then in assuming that there will be somethings to talk about in regards to baseball and the Cardinals?

I can’t guarantee there will be anything to talk about. I just guarantee that I’ll come up with something, newsworthy or not.


Ahh, cool. I look forward to the music review.

I mean, how good will they be without Isbell? Patterson Hood’s preachifying might get stale without Isbell to break it up.

Well, if they’re at 75 percent, they’re still better than nearly anybody else out there. But the point is well taken.


I love this band too although I think they’ve yet to top Southern Rock Opera. I’m gonna see them here in LA in feb for the 3rd time.

Enjoyed your talk at the warmup and mentioned you in my warmup wrapup.




Just heads up in case you didn’t know, but I’m sure you did, the Truckers are going to be in STL @ The Pageant on 2/29/08. Happy Leap Day.

Thought you’d enjoy this http://www.jambase.com/Articles/Story.aspx?StoryID=12776 review of the new album.

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